Kirstie Jane Bennard Kids

Kirstie Jane Bennard Kids, Hollace Dean & Lilly Jane Killed In Pit Bull Attack

What Happened to Jane Bennard’s Kids? Jane fought to keep her two babies’ two pet pit bulls away from her family.

Kirstie Bennard, 30, is in the hospital after suffering terrible injuries while attempting to stop her two small children, Hollace Dean Bennard, five months, and Lilly Jane Bennard, 2, from being mauled by the family’s canines, two pit bulls.

Authorities claimed that the family’s two pit bulls attacked them outside their Tennessee home, killing two children and injuring their mother. The mother has been hospitalized and is in stable condition.

What Happened To Jane Bennard Kids? Hollace Dean & Lilly Jane

Authorities said two children were killed, and their mother was hospitalized after the family’s two pit bulls attacked them outside their Tennessee home.

Jane Bennard Kids
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Kirstie Jane Bennard, 30, suffered multiple injuries when she attempted to pull the dogs off her 5-month-old son Hollace Dean and 2-year-old daughter Lilly Jane, who were killed in the attack, according to family members.

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Kirstie’s husband’s uncle, Jeff Gibson, spoke to USA Today about the incident. “[Kirstie] put her body on top of Lilly’s to try and protect her after the attack started,” he explained. Both [dogs] began attacking her while lying on Lilly. “

The assault lasted ten minutes. Horace and Lilly were killed on the spot. Kirstie was airlifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Cheech and Mia, the pit bulls, were put down.

For eight years, Cheech and Mia were family pets. At this time, it is unknown why they attacked. “It is still an active, ongoing investigation,” said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office public information officer John Morris.

Where Is Kirstie Jane Now?

Kirstie Jane Bennard was brought to the hospital in serious condition after a brutal pitbull assault claimed the lives of both of her toddlers.

The victim’s Shelby County house is where the incident happened, according to the Daily Beast. The pitbulls, who belonged to Bennard’s family and were the family pets, reportedly started to maul the toddler even though investigators have claimed that it is unknown what sparked the incident.

Kirstie Jane Bennard was injured in her attempt to stop them as a result of this. Kristie is now in stable condition, but she still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.  She is with her family and stabilizing her mental condition.

Jeff wrote on Facebook that she has “an uncountable number of stitches and bite marks all over her entire body, including her face.” Both arms and legs are completely bandaged and wrapped. As of now, it appears that the only permanent damage is a heart that will never heal. “

She has been traumatized and has only told her husband about the accident. She will need extensive rehabilitation to regain her independence.

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