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Kirsty Young Hair And Cosmetic Surgery: Sister Laura Ewing And Parents

Talks of Kirsty Young hair surfaced, bringing her beauty to the frontline of media. The 53-year-old Journalist has been covering the final day funeral of the Queen. 

Kirsty Young is a familiar face on British television. The Scottish presenter has established a name for herself partly due to her extensive career as a BBC broadcaster.

She was one of the BBC celebrities who hosted earlier this year’s coverage of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Kirsty Young
Kirsty Young Reporting At Queens Funeral (Source: MyLondon)

The funeral for Queen Elizabeth, which will take place on September 19 at 11 am, will be one of the century’s most significant events. Kirsty will be covering it along with Huw Edwards and David Dimbleby.

With coverage beginning at 8 am, the funeral will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC News and streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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Kirsty Young Hair And Cosmetic Surgery: What Happened To The Journalist? 

There is nothing wrong with Kristy Young hair. However, she had plastic surgery in 2014. 

2014 saw Scottish television anchor Kistry Young hosting BBC’s Have I Got New For You, and her “strange” appearance sparked rumors that the 53-year-old had undergone plastic surgery.

The Journalist “definitely looks different,” according to Mr. Tze Kong, a consultant plastic surgeon at the La Belle Forme cosmetic surgery facility in Glasgow.

When you looked at Kirsty in the past, you saw her eyes, but today we saw her cheeks, he explained. “I believe that if anything, her cheeks are a little bit too thick because doctors make cheeks fuller by creating a pit in them,” the author said. In the past, Miss Young has acknowledged thinking about getting plastic surgery because “I have rather baggy eyes.”

Kristy Young Sister: Who Is Laura Ewing?

The Scottish television and radio broadcaster Kirsty Jackson Young’s sister, Laura Ewing, is a famous sibling. Although she is the sole sibling of the media figure, she has decided to lead a secluded life, making it extremely difficult to discuss.

She is one of Joe Jackson’s daughters. Kristy’s parental and marital status, as well as her employment, are still unknown.

What she wanted to do with her life was utterly unknown to her. She remembered, “I was cursed with a brilliant big sister who sailed through everything. “My parents were aware of my differences. But they were okay with it as long as I had a job and didn’t stay in bed until noon.

Laura, her sister, attended college. She performed au pair duties for a Stockholm-based family there. Kirsty remembered, “We lived in a tiny little village beyond the French border. I used to converse in a little bit of Swedish with the dog, but I never picked up any French. Kirsty eventually followed the family to Barcelona.

Laura Ewing, Kirsty’s sister, recalls her as a humorous and intelligent youngster who was very much her person from a young age. Laura remarked, “I guess she was listening to a different beat. I adored ballet when we were young. One day, Kirsty showed up to enroll in the class.

She was two rows behind, so I figured I’d help her. She was off performing some sort of Isadora Duncan mimic, though, rather than observing me. The family relocated to Stirling in central Scotland when Kirsty was eight.

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Kristy Young Parents

In 1968, she was born in Glasgow’s district of East Kilbride. Her mother, Catherine, sometimes known as Rena, worked as a secretary and married Joe Jackson when she was 19; Joe was her biological father. Joe left the house and her life when Kirsty was three weeks old. “I could not visit the girls every weekend as I would have liked due to various shift patterns,” he said in a 2008 autobiography. 

“After a while, Rena indicated that seeing them infrequent was causing Laura too much sorrow. Therefore it might be better if I did not see them again. I consented reluctantly.”

At the age of two, Kirsty’s mother wed John Young, a trained carpenter who owned a newsstand.

Kristy Young Husband: Who is Nick Jones?

The MBE Nicholas Keith Arthur Jones is the spouse of Kirsty. He was born on September 22, 1963, and much like his wife, he has achieved success.

Along with being the CEO of the well-known Soho House, which specializes in upscale private members’ clubs, Nick is a restaurateur and the owner of the Babington House Hotel and Health Club in Somerset.

Kirsty Young
Kirsty Young With Her Husband Nick Jones (Source: Express)

In Surrey’s Cobham, Nick was born. Jones is the third of four children; his father worked as an insurance broker.

Nick was sent to a boarding school when he was seven, where his dyslexia caused him scholastic problems. At 17, he decided to pursue a career in catering since “twenty years ago, it was thought of as a sh*t job.”

Nick’s second wife, Kirsty, and he wed in 1999 after first meeting at the Georgian estate the previous year. In a charming ceremony held in the chapel at Babington House, the couple married in September 1999. Iona and Freya, born in February 2000, are their daughters (born in April 2006).

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