Laura Howarth

Laura Howarth Jailed: Mom Of Two Stole £100,000 From Her Boss

Laura Howarth was jailed because of a massive theft she committed. Read till the end to find out the ridiculous reason she decided to steal such a huge sum. 

After being convinced of stealing £100,000 from her boss, Laura was jailed. The mother of two children had a ridiculous reason for stealing such a huge sum. 

She stole this sum over a long time as she explained how she stole every week. She bought luxury items like cars with the money stolen and got expensive makeovers. 

She explained that legally earning was not enough to fund her lifestyle. The bosses were spared only when Laura was on vacation or maternity leave. 

No one had figured out that she was stealing because she cautiously proceeded. After being convicted, she was sent to ten years in prison.

Laura Howarth Jailed For Stealing £100,000 From Her Boss.

Laura Howarth has been sent to prison for ten months as it was revealed that the finance assistant had stolen a sum of £100,000 from her boss. 

Since there was a limit, she could not steal more than £3000 per month without alerting the authorities. Over the years, she did the stealing without anyone figuring it out. 

In Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, Laura Howarth, 41, stole from British Independent Utilities “every week.”

She used the stolen funds to purchase a white SUV, hair extensions, and VIP concert tickets while imitating the lifestyles of other fashionable women, including her boss’s wife, and publicizing the fruits of her shopping spree on Instagram, Preston Crown Court was told.

The mother of two had a payday loan debt of “a couple of thousand” and made over £900 each month.

She allegedly only stopped robbing her employers while on vacation or while taking time off for a new baby.

Laura Howarth
Laura Howarth was jailed for stealing 100,000 from her boss.
(Source: Hull Live)

When Howarth joined the Company in 2013, she managed the spending and petty cash accounts.

She allegedly began stealing “nearly immediately,” according to prosecutor Stuart Neale. Even though the business prohibited cash withdrawals, she took £50 out of an ATM at the Royal Bank of Scotland in August of that year.

To make the books appear in balance, she later added the funds to a valid expense claim when she put them into the Sage accounting system.

She Stole To Fund Her Instagram Lifestyle

It was revealed that Laura Howarth began stealing to fund her lavish demands. The 41-year-old mother of two children had to buy various luxury items to support her expensive life, so she began stealing right from the day she joined the job. 

She proceeded with the utmost caution, afraid of alerting the authorities, and they could not figure it out at first. When they finally discovered that she had been stealing, Laura had already set the Company back by £100,000.

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Howarth started withdrawing an average of £3,000 per month as she realized she could get away with it.

The court heard that she spent £6,000 of corporate money in a single month in November 2016. However, while investigating the business credit cards in August 2018, financial controller Chris Russell found one — used by Howarth — had been used to make a cash withdrawal.

A credit card statement was later discovered on her desk. Howarth’s employment was halted while an investigation was conducted.

A wish for a lush lifestyle led Laura to steal money. She wanted to show off on Instagram.
(Source: TheNextWeb)

The defendant’s attorney, Anthony Parkinson, said that his client had always worked hard and had no prior convictions. Her extended family would be affected by her crime, he said.

She was sent to ten months in prison. Laura Howarth apologized after they finally figured out she had been stealing. 

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