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Who Killed Tania Burgess? Murder Case Update

A man who was a teenager murdered 15-year-old Tania Burgess in 2005 when she was returning from school. The man is recently released from jail after almost 20 years.

The killing menace was only 16 years old when he repeatedly stabbed Tania, who was just 15. 

It was a fierce attack that left no hope for the survival of Tania Burgess. 

The attack occurred in New South Wales Central Coast, near Tania’s school, where she went daily.

The perpetrator served 17 years in prison before appealing for a recently shortened sentence.

However, the law protects offenders who committed crimes at the age of below 18. Thus, the information on him is pretty low. 


Tania was born to Mandy and Chris Burgess, who have been raising their voices against the release of their daughter’s killer.

Although Australian law demands that offenders under 18 remain anonymous, Tania’s parents are pleading for the killer’s identity to be revealed.

The convicted murderer is only known to the public as DL and has been in custody since he was 16.

Tania Burgess And DL
Tania Burgess And DL

Ever since the teenage killer has grown, his anonymous identity will allow him to live safely outside.

However, Tania’s parents believe otherwise. With DT now in the open, it should be in the public interest to reveal his identity.

Tania’s parents felt frustrated that the killer got a second chance at life while their daughter had no such luck.

The parents admitted to feeling angered while seeing the killer in court during the sentence-shortening plea.


Tania Burgess’s killer was only 16 years old when he stabbed Tania 48 times, leaving her dead ‘for sure.’

The man is only known as DL, and other details of his identity are kept a secret, other than his age of 32.

DL has been released after 16 years in prison after pleading for a shortened sentence in court. Tania Burgess’s parents were also present at court.

DL underwent a trial which helped him get released. However, he has to stay under intensive supervision.

There are 15 bail conditions to DL’s release, including wearing an electronic ankle monitor to determine his location.

Initially, during the trial, the Jury only took 90 minutes to convict him as guilty.

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DL was jailed for a maximum period of 22 years and a non-parole period of 17 years after the trial.

The sentence period was shortened due to an appeal by four years, leading to DL’s release.

He has been petitioning for an early release since he was eligible in mid-2018.


DL has been released on probation with multiple stipulations in his parole, including community work and an ankle monitor.

During the hearing, Justice James Wood accepted relevant and expert advice from the Serious Offenders Review Council.

The Council suggested to Justice James that DL should be released under strict supervision before the expiration of his full-time sentence.

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The primary focus is to foster his reintegration into society and protect the public.

Although Tania’s parents have vehemently opposed the release of the murderer, his departure is cleared for August 1.

Tania’s parents have also appealed to release DL’s identity and details. The Australian law forbids the release of information on convictions before 18 years.

DL will also go through a treatment provided by a forensic psychologist and other strict conditions.

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