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Who Is Irv Gotti’s Son, Sonny Gotti? Parents And Net Worth

Who Is Irv Gotti’s Son, Sonny Gotti? Sonny’s fame has skyrocketed since his father is a successful record producer. See more about him.

Irv Gotti’s son is Sonny Gotti, and his dad is a famous Record producer, disc jockey, and record executive.

 His widely celebrated work is the BET series Tales. He is popularly known for producing number-one hits with multiple artists like AshantiJa RuleJennifer LopezJay-ZDMX, and Kanye West.

Who Is Irv Gotti’s Son, Sonny Gotti?

As mentioned before, Irv Gott’s son is Sonny Gotti. Among his three children: are Sonny Gotti, Angie Gotti, and JJ Gottie. Sonny Gotti is the first son among two sons f Irv Gotti.  

As the son of a popular record producer, his dad never pressured him to follow his dad’s path. In a well-known interview with Ashley’s Reality Roundup, his siblings Angie and JJ said this. They were also saying that his guardians never placed them in the spotlight. 

Therefore, his exact age is also unknown now, But looking at his picture and his parent’s marriage date. He seems to be in his early adulthood. 

Furthermore, his other details from interests, hobbies, profession, education, and small details are also unknown to the public.

Sonny Gotti Parents

Irv Gotti and Debbie Lorenzo are the parents of Sonny Gotti; he married his childhood friend Debbie Lorenzo. They took the solemn oath in 2003 and had three children. 

Meanwhile, their marriage did not work out. Devvie Lorenzo suspected his husband of having an affair with another woman, Ashanti. 

After a decade, they divorced in 2013. And later, Irv Gotti moved on and married Ashanti. She was a Taz Angel of her time. 

Sonny Gotti Age 

Irv Gotti never placed his children in the spotlight as he wanted to have a decent living lifestyle.

Their actual age is quite unclear. But we can guess that Irv’s firstborn son: Sonny Gotti, is in his early adulthood from his picture.

Irv Gotti with his Children. From left: Sonny , Angie, Irv and JJ Gotti
Irv Gotti with his Children. From left: Sonny, Angie, Irv, and JJ Gotti

Meanwhile, his father, Irv Gotti, turned 52 in 2022. He celebrates his birthday on June 26. He rarely discusses his childhood as he has managed to keep it out of public attention. 

Still, he once mentioned having seven other siblings. Now he resides in Hollis, New York, USA.

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Sonny Gotti’s Net Worth

Being the son of a Multimillionaire always has the chance of inheriting a parent’s wealth.

Irv Gotti has a net worth of $15 million. This accumulation of wealth is mainly from his hard work for many years. He spent his time as a producer, a DJ, and the co-owner of record labels. 

2019 BET Awards - Show - Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 23, 2019 - Irv Gotti, Justine Skye and Elijah Kelley (L-R) present the Young Stars Award. REUTERS/Mike Blake Stock Photo - Alamy
2019 BET Awards – Show – Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 23,

Comparatively, his primary wealth source is his television show, Tales. This show helped him to hit that huge amount.

Recently, his music work is in the Fast and Furious ten movie. He started playing music in childhood and made many single hits for artists. In his name, there are not too many awards. Still, he is popular in his industry.

Certainly, Irv Gotti is a man of sheer dedication and hard work. He had continued to be in the Music industry from a young age. At last, it paid off quite generously.

Sonny Gotti’s dad is one of the oldest singers and producers in the music industry, living up to this day. Sure we all love to listen to his music in the coming days.

Even though Sonny’s net worth is not clear as of now, Sonny may have millions net worth from Irv Gotti’s net worth.

Sonny Gotti’s Girlfriend Or Wife

 Admittedly, Sonny Gott may or may not have a girlfriend. 

Since his childhood, he has remained under the radar of social media. We are not sure of his relationships. 

Besides that, he lives with his mother, Debbie Lorenzo.

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