Tufts Doctor Sex Trafficking Case

Tufts Doctor Sex Trafficking Case Update: Where Is He Now? Arrest And Charges

As per the investing authority, the Tufts Doctor Sex Trafficking case has caught the attention, and the anesthesiologist was arrested Wednesday. 

Along with the arrest, his criminal activities have been addressed, and now the judicial body is preparing for his punishment in response to his heinous crime.

After the disturbing allegations against Dr. Quraishi, there has been an immediate suspension of his medical staff privileges, and further information will be provided when he is regarded guilty.

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Tufts Doctor Sex Trafficking Case

Dr. Sadeq Quraishi, an anesthesiologist who worked at Tufts Medical Center, is accused of being involved in the sex trafficking case. He was instantly caught in the sting operation where he asked a teen to have physical contact with him.

Doctor At Tufts Medical Center Entangled In Child Sex Trafficking Scheme:
Doctor At Tufts Medical Center Entangled In Child Sex Trafficking Scheme [source- WHDH]
The girl was an undercover federal agent acting as a mother, involved in the secret mission to find his deeds. He initially started chatting as he responded to an online ad showing what appeared to be two young females.

An undercover agent learned about his deed when he started talking and asking for sex in exchange for money. He paid $250 so she would be pleased to have sex with him. To have such contact with her, Quraishi asked her to be at a Greater Boston hotel. 

Where Is Dr. Sadeq Quraishi Now? Arrest And Charges

Dr. Sadeq Quraishi was immediately detained after officials found sufficient proof of his sex trafficking case. Along with the investigation, the Police found out that he had been involved in the crime previously, which resulted in his arrest.

Similarly, he was held without bail in Boston on Thursday in the federal court. The charge involves a compulsory minimum of 10 years in jail, and could also place on a life sentence if he is convicted.

Immediately after the case opened, the medical Center Sadeq worked for suspended his medical responsibility and placed him on leave until further information came from the authorities. When he was arrested, the agents made sure the doctor had the phone they had been texting by calling it.

A Tufts Medical Center anesthesiologist was arrested
A Tufts Medical Center anesthesiologist was arrested [Source- Daily Voice]
However, this criminal denied the allegations against him to the law firm. He wants to contest these claims in court, where he is sure he will be freed soon. Moreover, he has a date in court for a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, NBC10 Boston reports.

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Was Dr. Sadeq Quraishi Arrested Previously?

Dr. Sadeq Quraishi does not seem to have been arrested previously, but when investigating his records, he was involved in a similar criminal case.

The detailed information has not been out yet, which may soon come out as he has due for the court hearing on Tuesday for a pre-trial, and his deeds would come out.

Previously, he was not suspected of his crime, but now he is detained and shall be punished for the previous acts. Also, the victims may raise their voices who had not reported to Police.

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