Linzey Ronzon

Linzey Rozon: Tim Rozon, Career & Net Worth

Linzey Ronzon is the wife of American actor Tim Rozon. Linzey does not belong to the entertainment industry but found the love of her life in it. 

She works as an equestrian and breeds horses while competing them in races. She is handling her professional and personal life like a boss.

Linzey Rozon striking a pose
Linzey Rozon is striking a pose.

Apart from her professional life, Linzey has recently become a mother. And many people have been looking for the name of the baby boy, but the couple has kept it a secret.

In this article, you will find detailed information that there is to know about Linzey Rozon.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts in case you did not know about the talented Linzey Rozon. 

Full name Linzey Rozon
Date of birth 16th of May in 1985
Age 39 Years Old
Birthplace Montreal of Canada
Religion Christian
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Not Available
Father’s name Peter Govan
Mother’s name Catherine Govan
Zodiac sign Taurus
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight 65 kg
Spouse Tim Rozon
Children One son
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $500 thousand
Siblings Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Profession Equestrian
Current team Not Available
Nickname Liz
Salary Not Available
Social Media Instagram
Last Update May, 2024

Linzey Rozon: Early Life

Linzey Ronzon was born on the 16th of May in 1985. She was born and raised in Montreal of Canada. 

Her father’s name is Peter Govan, and her mother’s name is Catherine Govan. Unfortunately, she has not revealed any information about their profession or whereabouts.

Her parents had actually named her Lindsay; later, she changed her name to Linzey.

Linzey has two younger siblings; one sister and one brother. 

Since they were younger, Linzey often had to take care of them. As a result, she acted like a second mother to her siblings.

Despite being apart in age, Linzey and her siblings still have a great bond to this day.

There is no information on which high school Linzey attended. But it can be confirmed that she has graduated high school but did not go to college.

As a kid, Linzey has always loved horse riding. She was very adventurous and took part in extracurricular activities. 

She was defined as a lively person by her friends. Her parents were very supportive and attentive towards her.

They trusted her to make her own decision and supported her career choices.

Linzey Rozon: Personal Life

Linzey Rozon is a Canadian citizen. She is of Christian faith and is caucasian in ethnicity.

Being born in May, Linzey is a Taurus in the zodiac charts. Taurus is an earth sign. The sign is represented by the animal bull.

Taurus people have loving, helpful, kind, fun, and honesty traits.

Linzey is the perfect example of Taurus’s passionate side, as she puts all her efforts into her family. 

Linzey is a family person, and despite being busy with her work, she always makes time for her family.

The equestrian is quite an adventurous person and loves playing various sports. 

Linzey also loves a good read and soothing music in her leisure time. In addition, she is a natural person and loves going hiking and trekking in her free time. 

When it comes to her professional career, Linzey is an equestrian by profession. She breeds horses and takes them to compete in races. 

She is highly trained for races and is one of the best in her field.

Since she was a child, Linzey has been an animal lover, especially horses. She also had a pet dog and preferred dogs over cats. 

Linzey is very empathetic towards animals and treats them like humans. She believes in animal rights and the humane treatment of animals. 

Linzey also uses only organic products. She uses the freshest and the healthiest products for her family.

She has not gotten into any controversy in her career and maintains a good image in public.

Linzey is very extroverted. She loves being around people and is often seen hanging out with her friends.

Married Life 

While Linzey was in her twenties, she found the love of her life. 

Linzey met Tim Rozon in the early 2000s. The exact details of how they met and the year has not been revealed.

They sparked a flame and immediately started dating. After dating for some time, Tim knew that Linzey was the one for him.

So in 2010, Tim dropped on his knees to pop the ring out. And Linzey statically said yes. 

The couple got married on 6th September in 2015 after much delay of the wedding because of their careers.

Linzey Rozon with her Husband Linzey Rozon

Moreover, the wedding was a private ceremony held in the presence of loved ones and family.

The couple seems to be happily married. There have been no rumors of an affair or conflict of any kind.

Linzey is the most supportive wife anyone could ask for. She has supported Tim through the thick and thins of life. 

Being in the movie industry is always not the most stable thing in the world. But Linzey has always encouraged Tim to go on.

After being married for five years, the couple decided that it was the right time to have a family. They soon were blessed with the news of pregnancy.

Then on the 26th of April in 2020, Linzey gave birth to her first child, a baby boy.

They shared the news of the pregnancy via their social media accounts.

The couple also shared a photo of their baby boy on father’s day of 2021. 

Linzey has said that Tim has been a great husband and a good father. However, they have not shared their child’s name yet.

Linzey Rozon: Husband

Tim Rozon was born on the 4th of June in 1976 in Canada. He initially did not set out to be an actor but was a model. 

Then he made his debut with the role of a handyman in the TV show The Great Gatsby in 2000. In 2003, he played the role of a waiter in See Jane Date

After that, he made his debut in the movie Pure in 2004 in the role of Sam.

The following year, he appeared in TV shows like Crimes of Fashion, Naked Josh, I do, and Fries with that for just one episode in each.

Then the actor got his breakthrough role of Tommy Quincy in the TV show Instant Star.

This show ran from 2004 to 2008, and he was featured in the leading role in 52 episodes.

Then he played the role of Briggs in the show Wild Roses in 2009 in a recurring role. 

Tim played in various shows such as The Listener, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint, Against the Wall, Lost Girl, and so on. 

Then he played the recurring role of Andrew in Being Human in 2014.

He also got the role of Mutt Schitt in the famous TV show Schitt’s Creek.

One of Tim’s most notable roles came in Wynonna Earp, where he played the role of Doc Holiday. 

He was the central role in Vagrant Queen in 2020 and Surreal estate in 2021.

Linzey Rozon: Net Worth 

After working as an equestrian and breeding horses for a long time, Linzey has earned not only fame but also fortune to her name. 

Linzey Rozon has a net worth of $500 thousand as of 2024.

While her husband, who has been in the industry for over a decade, has a net worth of $2.5 million.

Horse breeding is often costly, but the reward afterward sure is well. Linzey mainly earned from her equestrian profession.

The couple does not indulge in a lavish life; instead, they enjoy a quaint life.

But it can be safely said that Linzey has a comfortable life because of her earnings.

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Linzey Rozon: Physical Appearance

When it comes to height, Linzey is five feet and five inches tall. She weighs somewhere around 65 kgs. 

Her body measurements have not been revealed. Neither has any information about her shoe size been detailed.

Linzey has brown hair and brown eyes. In addition, she has a fair skin complexion. 

Linzey has a good bone structure and flawless skin. She does not have any visible tattoos. 

Despite being a new mother, Linzey has maintained her body figure.

She has a toned and curvy figure because of her healthy diet and workout routine.

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Linzey Rozon: Social Media

When it comes to social media, Linzey Rozon is very active. 

She has an Instagram account that is not verified and has more than 3.9K followers.

She shares pictures of her adorable baby and the horses that she breeds.

While her husband uses both Instagram and Twitter.

Linzey Rozon enjoying a vacation her Husband

His Twitter account is verified and has more than 86 thousand followers. In addition, he shares tweets about his professional life.

His Instagram account is also verified and has more than 151 thousand followers.

Moreover, he often shares pictures with his family and works colleagues.

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Is Linzey still married to Tim Rozon?

Yes, Linzey is still married to Tim Rozon. Moreover, they got married on 6th September in 2015

Does Linzey Rozon smoke?

No, Linzey Rozon does not smoke.

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