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The Voice Kids Runner Up Lucie Origine Parents: Family, Ethnicity And Nationality

After coming first runner up in ‘The Voice Kids,’ netizens who were enchanted with Lucie’s performance are now looking for more about singer Lucie origine parents.

Lucie is a 12-year-old contestant who reached the finals of Season 9 of ‘The Voice Kids,’ a singing competition show presented by Nikos Aliagas on the French television channel TF1.

She is from Seine-et-Marne and got involved in ‘The Voice Kids‘ through a friend who informed her about the contest and the available spots.

Lucie applied by sending a video, which was accepted, and then she was able to proceed to the casting phase.

She was able to grab a lot of attention from the viewers after she sang the cover of a very hit song, ‘Pop Corn,’ in one of the show’s episodes.

Lucie Origine Parents: Family And Ethnicity

Lucie comes from a family that is a wonderful mix of talents and unwavering support, creating a nurturing environment where her skills have flourished and her dreams have taken flight.

Lucie’s dad, Stéphane Cano, is the guy behind the cool clothing brand Henry Essentials, which guys really like.

He’s not just into fashion as he is also skilled at martial arts, like the action heroes in movies.

Lucie Origine Parents
Lucie origine parents are supporting their talented daughter backstage as she impresses the judges with her incredible voice. (Source: Youtube)

Lucie’s mom is rather more private online, but she’s an absolute champion when it comes to supporting her daughter.

Every time Lucie goes on the stage to sing her heart out, her mom’s righttage, being the best supporter a daughter could ask for.

Lucie had this really awesome moment during her first audition for the show. Imagine this: all four judges, all music experts, turned their chairs around because they loved her singing so much.

It was like a big, warm hug of approval, and Lucie’s mom looked like she was about to burst with happiness.

Lucie is part of a twin team with her brother, Arthur. He’s super into making music but not so much into singing.

lucie and her vocal coach
Vonny Marshall Edwards is the vocal coach of the Lucie. (Source: Instagram)

Even though they’re twins and could have done the show together, Arthur chooses to stay in the shadows and cheer Lucie on.

He’s like the number one fan, playing instruments and rooting for his sister from the sidelines.

We can see the heartwarming role of Lucie origine parents in her triumph from turning chairs to center stage brilliance.

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Remarkable Journey Of Lucie: From Turning Chairs To The Finale

During Lucie’s blind audition, all four coaches turned their chairs around after only a few seconds of her performance.

However, she didn’t realize it then because she was focused on her song and was quite impressed by the experience of being on stage.

While all the coaches seemed nice, she felt a better connection with Patrick Fiori and chose him.

Lucie The Voice Kids
Lucie shares a picture with the coaches and ‘The Voice Kids‘ winner, Durel, as she ends her journey with the show. (Source: Instagram)

She appreciated his advice on various aspects of performing, such as articulation, breathing, and interacting with the camera.

Lucie mentioned that she was most proud of her performance in the semi-finals, where she sang ‘Salty Popcorn‘ by Santa.

The production team suggested this song, and she found the lyrics and the song’s arrangement captivating.

Lucie practiced a lot and listened to her songs repeatedly to embody them fully. She was preparing to perform three pieces: one as part of a group, one solo, and a duet with another artist.

Lucie described the atmosphere during the semi-finals as having a mix of competition and mutual support among the candidates.

She enjoyed the experience of getting ready, including the time spent in makeup.

As the final performance approached, Lucie admitted feeling a little stressed, especially as she started realizing the magnitude of the show.

the voice kids finalists
Lucie uploaded this picture before the finale alongside her finalist friends. (Source: Instagram)

Lucie seems to have enjoyed her experience on ‘The Voice Kids‘ and has been motivated by her passion for singing and performing.

In Lucie’s inspiring journey on ‘The Voice Kids,’ the support of Lucie origine Parents played an essential role in her remarkable growth and success.

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