Luka Samanic: Tattoos, NBA & Net Worth

Anyone who watches the National Basketball Association (NBA) games is already familiar with Luka Samanic. Luka Samanic is a Croatian basketball player who is currently signed by the San Antonio Spurs.

Just at the age of 21, when lots of people are in college and figuring out life. Luka Samanic has already figured out what he wants to chase in life and has already found success in his passion.

He was the 19th overall draft by the San Antonio Spurs. And before his NBA journey, he has already won gold for his country Croatia at the FIBA under 18 Championship.

Luka Samanic for the Spurs.

Luka has become a source of inspiration to millions of young players all over the world. In 2017 he also won the MVP.

Here, in the article, we have discussed everything about the young inspiring basketball player Luka Samanic.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts if you already did not know about him.

Full name Luka Samanic
Date of birth January 9th of 2000
Age 24 Years Old
Birthplace Zagreb of Croatia
Religion Not Available
Nationality Croatian
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Father’s name Marko Samanic
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Height 6 ft 10 in
Weight 103 kg
Spouse None
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Blonde hair
Eye color Brownish eyes
Net Worth $8 million
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Basketball player in NBA
Position Power Forward
Current team San Antonio Spurs
Nickname The Croatian Kevin Durant
Salary $2 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 2016 AD
Merch Rookie Card, Patch Card, T-Shirt
Last Update 2024

Luka Samanic: Early Life

Luka Samanic was born on January 9th of 2000, in Zagreb of Croatia. His father’s name is Marko Samanic, and his mother’s name is unknown yet. Information regarding his parent’s occupation is also unknown.

Luka is a single child. This has helped his parents to focus all their attention on him. It seems as if Luka is very cautious about his personal life and does not say much when asked about it.

Luka’s father, Marko Samanic, was a professional basketball player for Slovenian Club Krka. The club played in EuroLeague. His father was a professional basketball player for 19 years.

Because of his parents, Luka has a nomadic lifestyle. They constantly moved around the world. When he was just nine months old, the family moved to Belgium.

Later they moved to Slovenia and then Germany. Because of his father, Luka already has an interest in basketball, and he often practiced with his father.

In his childhood, he played a variety of sports. Some of them including football, handball, tennis and obviously basketball.

He thanks his football skills for improving his coordination on basketball. He likes watching American football, aka soccer, as a kid.

Luka did not start playing basketball until he was 11 years old. Luka also tried his hands, or should I say legs, at breakdancing. He did not follow through with that later in life.

We do not know where he went to high school. All that is speculated is that he has a high school degree, and he did not attend college as he started his basketball career at a young age.

Luka Samanic: Physical Appearance

The 24 Years Old basketball player is known for his good looks. He is 6 feet and 10 inches tall. He weighs about 103 kg.

Luka has Blonde hair with brownish eyes. He has an athletic build. He has a fair complexion.

Luka Samanic: Personal Life

Luka Samanic, being born in January, is a Capricorn in terms of the Zodiac sign. Pertaining to his Zodiac sign, he is ambitious, loyal, hardworking, and determined.

He has Croatian citizenship. He is mixed in terms of ethnicity. Luka has not come forward with what religion he follows if he follows any.

In the dating part of life, Luka is currently single. He has no love interest, or if he had any, there has been no information about it.

We can all hope that when Luka does find his partner, he will come forth with it to his fans.

Samanic has a lot of young female fans, all thanks to his good looks. He is one of the eligible bachelors in the NBA.


Luka Samanic: Career

Early Career

Luka started his career by playing in the local youth club of Zagreb. This was his hometown club, and he started playing when he was just 14.

He scored 29 points, 10 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 blocks for the Zagreb team in his first match, which was against Sanac Karlovac. He recorded another 43 points and 8 rebounds in his game against Samobar on the 16th of November 2014.

Following his victory against the club Virtuos Roma, Zagreb got the chance to win the Youth League Championship. He won his first Most Valuable Player award. Then, the team dominated the court against the Rudes Junior Team and Cedevita Junior team.

On the 29th of May of 2015, Luka Samanic was named the Most Valuable Player in the Croatian Cadet Championship after his double-double of 16 points and 11 rebounds against the club Sisak.

In June of the same year, he attended the Adidas Eurocamp. It was an international draft for the NBA selection. It was held in Treviso, Italy.

Next year on 16th June of 2016, Luka was signed by the FC Barcelona Team for their junior ranks. He won the Slam Dunk Contest held in Tenerife on December 22nd.

With the Barcelona junior team, he qualified for the Adidas Next Generation Tournament.

In the Adidas Next Generation Tournament, he averaged 8.7 points, 0.6 rebounds, and 3 passes in his games. He earned the Rising Star Trophy. Later that month, he won a slam dunk contest in the EuroLeague Final tour.

By the next year, in the August of 2017, Luka was being approached by the NCAA Divison I programs from Florida, Purdue, Gonzaga, and even Stanford.

FC Barcelona

But he stayed loyal to the FC Barcelona Team, especially considering many of its top players left.

The consecutive year he went to the Ciutat de L’Hospitalet qualifiers for the Adidas Next Generation Tournament of 2018.

Even though the team qualified, it eventually lost to Joventut Badalona. Since Luka had averaged 27 points, 16 blocks, and 3 rebounds, he was named the Most Valuable Player by L’Hospitalet.

Later that year, Luka led the FC Barcelona Basquet B, which is the reserve team for Barcelona, to the second-tier Spanish League.

He won his debut game against the Forca Lleida.  He scored 10 points in 20 minutes at his next game against Caceres, which they won.

The team has a streak of wins by defeating Araberra and Penas Huesca. Luka scored 17 points which was the Leagues’ highest in a game against Palencia.

In the total of 22 games, he averaged a score of 5.1 points, 2 rebounds, and 0.7 assists.

In February of 2018, Luka played the Basketball Without Border in Los Angeles.


After failing to meet terms with the Croatian Club Zadar, Luka signed the Petrol Olimpija of the Slovenian League and ABA League. He signed the deal on May 31st of 2018.

In his debut game, he lost to Crvena Zvezda at the ABA Supercup League of 2018 with a 86-60 loss.

On May 7th of 2018, Samanic secured the season’s highest marks of 22 points and 11 rebounds in a match against Sencur in the Slovenian League.

Luka Samanic in the Olimpija Jersey.

In June 2019, Petrol Olimpija announced that they were letting Luka go. The reasons were not disclosed to the general public, so fans were disappointed.

San Antonio Spurs

In 2019 Luka finally decided he was going to join the NBA draft. He entered with 77 other possible prospects that year.  He became the 19th draft pick-up by the San Antonio Spurs.

On July 1st of 2019, Luka was officially signed by the San Antonio Spurs. He was immediately assigned to the Austin Spurs, which is an affiliate team for the San Antonio Spurs.

But sadly, in his debut game against Utah Jazz on August 13th of 2020, the Austin Spurs lost. Luka played as the starter in that game.


National Team Career

Before his NBA career Luka played for the Croatian National Team in FIBA. He played in the under 16 team.

He made his debut with the team with 17 points and 15 rebounds, resulting in the team’s victory against Sweden on August 16th of 2016.

In the 2016 season, he averaged 17.7 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 2.9 blocks for each game. He won the All-Star Five Honors that year.

Samanic playing for Croatia.

After that, he played in the FIBA under 18 Championship held in Tallinn of Estonia.

He averaged a score of 21 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 4 steals. This resulted in Croatia winning the Gold Medal after its victory against Great Britain in the finals.

Luka took part in the FIBA under 18 Championship in Latvia. He averaged a score of 29 points,10 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Croatia finished in 11th place that year.

Luka Samanic: Tattoos

The rookie NBA has a love for tattoos and recently decided to get one. He met up with Mark Jeezy of ‘Jeezy Tattoos’ to create the masterpiece. The two met in October in San Antonio.

The tattoo appears to be of an angel with a halo and a knife slashing through a skull.

According to the Samanic, Every tattoo has a meaning. The latest one was mostly about good always wins against the bad.

The tattoo is placed on his upper arms. It is speculated that Luka wants to get more ink done throughout his body in the days to come.

Luka Samanic: Net Worth

Luka has played both in the international and national leagues. Even though he was signed in the G League, he is handsomely paid.

Luka has a net worth of $8 million.

Samanic was signed by the San Antonio Spurs for the sum of $8 million for three years.

He gets paid about $2 million each year by the Spurs.

Luka Samanic: Social Media

Luka is very active on Instagram and Twitter. On his Instagram, he has over 35k followers. And on his Twitter, he has over 9k followers.


Why is Luka called ‘ Croatian Durant’?

Reportedly, Luka is compared to the NBA player Kevin Durant, so he is known as the Croatian Durant.

Who is Luka currently playing under?

Luka is currently playing under the Austin Spurs.

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