Karlee Steel

Karlee Steel: Early Life, Career, Tumor & Net Worth

Karlee Steel is an online sensation who is taking Youtube with a big bang.

Karlee Steel is an extremely famous YouTuber from Canada. Besides Youtube, she is also famous on other online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Besides making online videos on Youtube, she also makes short clips on Tiktok and lipsyncs music on various apps.

Karlee Steel striking a pose
Karlee Steel
(Image source – Youtube)

Karlee is a self-made internet star who had made her first appearance on Twitter in 2010.

She then started posting videos on Youtube in 2013, and as of now, she has over 1 Million subscribers on her main channel.

Before getting to know about the life and career of Karlee, let’s look at some facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birth name Karlee Steel
Birthdate 25 September 1998
Birthplace Windsor, Ontario
Religion Christain
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Libra
Father’s name Not Known
Mother’s name Not Known
Siblings Three(Kassidy, Leah, Mya)
Education Unknown
Age 25 Years Old
Height 5 ft 7 inches
Weight 55 kgs
Hair color Light Brown
Hair Type Straight
Skin tone White
Eye color Brown
Marital status Unmarried
Relationship status Engaged
Boyfriend’s name Josh bisschops
Children None
Profession Youtuber, Model
Tattoos Three
Pet Cat
Category Entertainment
Second channel Karlee and Josh
Net worth $700,000
Social media handles InstagramTwitter, Youtube, Younow, Glass up podcast, Patreon
Merch Text You First, Give & Take, We’ll Be Fine
Last Update May, 2024

Karlee Steel: Age and Body Measurement

As of now, Karlee is 25 Years Old.

Karlee Stands at 5 feet and 7 inches and weighs about 55 kilograms. She is quite a tall girl.

She has a slim body type with the measurements of 36-25-34.

Her Bust is 36 inches, her Waist is 25 inches, and Hip is about 34 inches.

Karlee Steel: Early Life and Education

Karlee was brought into the world in September 1998 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

She has three sisters Kassidy, Leah, and Mya Steel.

Karlee and her sister Kassidy
Karlee and her sister Kassidy
(image source -Youtube)

She has not revealed her parents’ names yet, but we can tell that she is always thankful to them in her videos.

Karlee got her education at W.F. Herman Secondary School in Windsor.

At present, she isn’t seeking any degree. It is questionable whether she would think about going back to university, leaving her Youtube channel behind.

She is still very young and does not need to rush and join a university with a set career as she currently has.

She has shown interest in fashion and arts in some of her videos, so it might be possible for her to get a degree in that sector if she is willing to.

Karlee Steel: Relationships

In 2016 she began dating Conner Bobay, who is also a YouTuber.

The couple additionally had a YouTube channel which they used to run together.

They used to post different kinds of content, such as pranks and challenges, and test each other.

However, they separated, and Karlee began to date Josh or known by his Youtube name J Bish, known for his music.


Together, they also have a YouTube channel under Karlee and Josh’s name, where they post their Vlogs, Pranks, and Challenges.

They are still together and in a pleasing relationship, and they even got engaged recently after Josh proposed to Karlee.


Karlee Steel: Career

Throughout her career, her sisters and parents have always shown her full support for whatever she did, and that’s one of the reasons she was able to make it to where she is now.

Her career started in a very subtle way. Let’s get into the story of Karlee steel.

She made her first social media appearance in 2010 on Twitter.

Around 2010 she was also uploading different kinds of lipsync videos on Music.ly, which is now extremely popular as Tiktok.

When she started on those platforms, she never thought that she would be making her living one day.

She was doing it all for the fun and laughs.

Main Youtube Channel

As she continued creating content online just for fun, she started to get deeply invested in it when she decided to start her own Youtube channel.

She made her Youtube channel in 2013 January.

In her first few years of creating a Youtube channel, she did not post much but as her channel started getting popular day by day and many teenagers got very invested in her content.

She got motivated and started to upload content regularly. She now has 1.22 Million subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Her most popular video is a song lyric prank on her Ex-boyfriend, and the video got over 2.7m views. Karlee posted this video on September 10, 2016.

Karlee also has an account for a live streaming platform known as ‘Younow,’ where she has 416.5k Fans.

She streams videos on that platform from time to time and makes her music there.


Associated Youtube Channels

The Canadian is also associated with two different Youtube channels.

The first one is with Conner, who is her ex-boyfriend. That channel’s name was ‘Karlee and Conner’. They made it together in 2016 when they were still together, but they later deleted it after they parted ways.

Her second channel is associated with her current boyfriend, Josh Bisschops, also known as J Bish.

This channel was named similarly to the first one but with the first name of josh. Its name is Karlee and Josh. It has over 135k Subscribers, and they seem to upload videos on it very Frequently.

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Karlee Steel: Podcast

Karlee also has a podcast of her own alongside her Youtube channel.

Her podcast name is “Glass up podcast.” She is the host, and this podcast is specifically only available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Glass up podcast
Glass up podcast
(Image source – podtail)

There are 9 episodes of this podcast, and it is categorized as a comedy. She started this podcast at the beginning of this year with her boyfriend.

The first episode of the podcast was uploaded on January 26 of 2021.

In these podcasts, she and her boyfriend talk about different ongoing things on the internet and portray their opinions.

They talk about day-to-day life while interacting with their listeners by reading emails that are submitted.

Karlee Steel: Music

Karlee is an explorer, and she has branched out from her Youtube channel and does many new things.

Another one of her feats is music, and as of now, she has released four songs on youtube and Spotify.

Her songs mostly portray her struggles and happiness in her relationships and how it helps her or brings her down.

Her four songs are “Text you first,” “We’ll be fine,” “If it ain’t you,” “Give and take.”

Karlee Steel: Tumor

In the November of 2020, Karlee uploaded a video titled “I have a Tumor on my liver,” where she explained how she had stomach issues. Still, her family doctor couldn’t diagnose anything.

Then she went for an ultrasound as she was feeling very anxious with her neverending stomach aches, and that is when she found a tumor growing in her liver.

The doctor who took her ultrasound told her that considering her age. It was not a cancerous tumor.

In her video, she explains how she felt anxious and how no one listened to her. She was devastated by that news and worried about it for a long time.

Karlee has tried to forget about it and move on with her life, and she seems to be doing well.

She posts new types of content very frequently, and she seems to be enjoying her life.

Karlee Steel: Pets

Karlee has three pets, and all of them are cats.

The cat’s names are Looney, luna, and Kappa, and she loves her cats a lot.

People were mad at Steel for buying a cat for $2000, but she defended herself, saying her cat is a mixture between a leopard and a domestic cat, and that is why it’s costly.

Karlee Steel: Net Worth

Karlee’s net worth is almost amassed from her Youtube channel and different collaboration with many brands.

“Karlee Steel’s net worth is approximately $700,000”

Karlee has a huge following across all of her channels, and she even streams from time to time, where fans donate money to support her.

She also has a Patreon page where many of her fans follow her and donate money.

She recently collaborated with some huge clothing brands known as ‘Champions’ and ‘FashionNova.’

Steel got her own merch on those brands, and merch sold instantly as they were released.

The Canadian also became the brand ambassador for FashionNova freshly.


Karlee Steel: Social Media

The beautiful Canadian is available across all the social media platforms with a large number of followers.

She has over 380k followers on her Instagram. She posts many pics with her friends and boyfriends and promotes different brands on her Instagram.

Her Twitter account has over 100K followers, and she is very active on her Twitter.

And as a Youtuber, she has the largest number of followers on her Youtube channel, with a tremendous following of 1.22 Million Subscribers.

She has over 100 Million views gathered upon her main Youtube channel over the years.

Karlee Steel: Facts

  • Karlee’s Favourite color is Lime Green.
  • Her shoe size is 7 inches.
  • However, her dress’ size is only 4 inches.
  • She is originally from Canada but currently lives in Los Angeles.
  • Karlee has colluded with many other popular YouTubers, such as Duhitzmark and Cristian Oliveras.
  • She used to work as a sales advisor before being a celebrity on social media.


Are Karlee and Josh still together?

Yes, Karlee and josh are still together and happy.

Was Karlee Steel in a relationship with Zach Cox?

Yes, Karlee and Zach were together but only for a brief amount of time.

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