Mahsa Amini Parents

Who Are Mahsa Amini Parents? Father Amjad Amin, Mother, Bother Kiaresh Amini

An Iranian Woman Mahsa Amini’s Parents’ name is Amjad Amini and Mojgan Amini. Mahsa took the headline of many news after being killed by the Police for not wearing Hijab. 

The demonstration broke out after Mahsa died in Police custody on September 16. The Police arrested Mahsa for reportedly violating Iran’s strict Islamic dress code requiring women to wear headscarves or hijabs.

Protesters burned headscarves and clashed with Police, who used tear gas, water cannons, and firearms loaded with metal pellets to quell the unrest. 

Who Are Mahsa Amini’s Parents: Meet her Father and Mother

Mahsa Amini was the only daughter of the Amini Family. Mahsa’s Father’s name is Amjad Amini, and her Mother’s name is Mojgan Amini. 

Mahsa got immense love from her parents. Mahsa’s Father, Amjad Amini, serves in a private Company for his family’s livelihood. And her Mother, Mojgan, was a Housewife and looked after House and the children. 

Mahsa Amini's Parents performing her last ritual (Source- Celebsweek)
Mahsa Amini’s Parents performing her last ritual Source- Celebsweek

However, Amini’s family was happy until the death of Mahsa Amini. After her death, Mahsa Amini’s parents were completely shattered. They wanted justice for the end of their daughter.

They together were visiting Tehran when this tragic incident happened. In Tehran, Mahsa was arrested by the guidance patrol for violating the public implementation of Hijab regulations.

Mahsa Amini’s parents are still in shock, and her Father refuses to perform the last rituals on his daughter until she doesn’t receive justice. 

Meet Mahsa’s Brother: Kiaresh Amini

Mahsa was raised with her brother Kiaresh Amini in Saqez, Kurdistan Province, Iran. Mahsa and her brother had an adorable connection. However, Mahsa’s brutal demise kept her brother in great shock. When the incident happened, Kiaresh was with Mahsa.

After the Police arrested Mahsa, her brother waited outside the Police station for her to be released. However, an ambulance pulled up and took his sister to the hospital. After Kiaresh asked about the situation

The Police claimed she had a heart attack, so she was sent to the hospital. Questioning the version of events given by the Police, Mahsa’s brother said that she was normal with no initial heart conditions.

Mahsa’s Brother Kiaresh claimed that he heard her sister shouting because Police beat her. He added that he noticed bruises on her head and legs when Mahsa was taken to Kasra Hospital.

What Is The Mahsha Amin Event?

The death of Mahsa Amini on September 16, who was hospitalized in a coma after being detained by the Irshad patrols known as the ‘morality Police’ in Tehran on September 13, caused great resentment in the country.

Iran’s Communications Minister said there could be problems with internet access in the country for security reasons. Recently, at least three people have lost their lives in protests in different parts of the country.

The protests chanted, “death to the moral Police and women, life, freedom. Women took off their headscarves and burned flags as tensions rose in the streets. The Police responded with tear gas to the demonstrators.

Iranians protest Mahsa Amini's Death while in police custody (Source:Time)
Iranians protest Mahsa Amini’s Death while in Police custody Source: Time

Since the summer in Iran, women have been taking action to oppose the headscarf ban.

According to sharia laws enacted in the country after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, all women were required to wear a headscarf and long, loose clothing in public, while women who did not wear a headscarf were fined and jailed.

However, years after the revolution, it is stated that government officials had difficulties enforcing this law, and women’s clothing was not controlled equally across the country. Women started protests to oppose oppression, and many men supported women.

Eyewitnesses said they saw Amini beaten in a Police van while being detained. Police claim that 22-year-old Amini died of a heart attack. Her family claims that Amini’s body turned bruised due to the torture. Police also released footage of the incident showing Amini holding her face and falling to the ground.

Amini’s Father said the footage was edited, and his daughter had no previous health issues. An Iranian health official also supported the family’s statements, saying that Amini probably died from a blow to the head.

Who Is Mahsa Amini?

Mahsa Amini was an Iranian Girl. Mahsa was born on July 2000 in Iran. She was a well-known media face and internet personality from Saqez, Kurdistan Province, Iran. Mahsa got recognition in the country after being killed by the Guidance Patrol. She took the internet to storm her brutal death.

She was arrested for a dress code violation. She was reported violating the rules of Iran Law regarding the dress code. On September 16, at 22, she died after being in a coma for 32 days in a hospital. 

She had many mysterious bruises on her body and under the eye. The higher authorities claimed that she collapsed in the detention center and was hospitalized. 

Medical reports believed that she suffered a brain injury based on clinical symptoms. Also, medical scans showed her skull, bone fracture, hemorrhage, leaked by hacktivist, and brain edema.

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