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Marciano Cantero Esposa Rocío Herrán Age: Hijos – What Happened To Los Enanitos Verdes Bassist?

Everyone is curious about Marciano Cantero Esposa in light of his recent demise. Scroll down to see more about the couple.

Marciano Cantero was in charge of the mythological group that quickly rose to become one of the most exportable Argentine musical genres. The well-known Peruvian rock band’s bassist revealed to Infobae that they intended to perform alongside the “Ananitos Verdes” shortly. He plays bass in the Argentine pop/rock band Los Enanitos Verdes and is the lead singer.

Marciano joined Felipe Staiti and Daniel Piccolo to establish Los Enanitos Verdes in 1979; initially struggling, they finally rose to fame in Mendoza as the “Little Green Men” (literally, “Little Green Dwarves”). 

Later, they relocated to Buenos Aires, where they struggled to find work playing in bars and clubs before producing their debut album. The Enanitos started their internationalization with CBS Argentina following a label shift.

In 2018, Marciano and Viviana reconnected in the land of exceptional wine. Additionally, they were able to give that story a telenovela conclusion.

How Old Is Marciano Cantero Esposa, Rocío Herrán?

According to reports on social media, Marciano Cantero’s wife’s name is Rocio Herrán, and he is reportedly married. Cantero’s ex-wife, an Argentine music legend, Roco Herrán, enjoys good popularity.

Marciano Cantero's Rocío Herrán
Marciano Cantero’s Rocío Herrán (Source: USAddetails)

Rocio was born in Argentina. The actual date of her birth is unknown, while her ex-husband was 62 years old when he passed away.

Information about her parents and siblings has been kept confidential. Roco Herrán is of Argentine nationality. 

Marciano Cantero and Herrán were happily wed until their divorce in 2017. Her husband traveled to Mexico after their divorce but eventually settled back in his hometown.

What Happened To Los Enanitos Verdes Bassist Marciano Cantero?

The renowned vocalist, bassist, and bandleader of Los Ananitos Verdes, one of Argentina’s most well-known bands, Horacio Eduardo Marciano Cantero Hernández, passed away at the age of 62. 

Marciano Cantero per performing
Marciano Cantero per performing (Source: NPR)

Due to complications from kidney disease, Marciano Cantero recently died at a Cuyo clinic on September 8. Since August, he has received medical care at the Cuyo Clinic in Mendoza. Juan Carlos Mendiry, the band’s manager, confirmed the sad news to Teleshow.

A few days prior, the artist’s stomach trouble had forced him to visit the hospital. The doctors identified a “kidney issue.” According to his relatives, his condition reportedly deteriorated on Wednesday, September 7.

Only a few minutes after the news emerged, his son Javier spoke with the neighborhood press outside the clinic. Even though it makes me sad, I am 30 years old, and the 30 years I was permitted to spend with my father.

Who Is Marciano Cantero? Career Explored

Marciano Cantero was an Argentine singer and musician (born Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernández; 25 August 1960 – 8 September 2022). He was the bassist and main vocalist for the Argentine pop/rock group Los Enanitos Verdes.

At the Festival de la Falda in 1984, Felipe Staiti on guitar, Daniel Piccolo on percussion, and Marciano on vocals were chosen as Revelation. His finest hits include “The Green Wall,” “I Saw You on a Train,” “For the Rest,” and “Bolivian Lament.”

And it was because of this motivation that the band decided to settle down in Buenos Aires permanently, with the primary objective of producing their self-titled debut album. 

They launched their second LP, Contrarreloj, in 1986, which expanded their reputation and got them on the radio in surrounding countries. 

That album spawned the single “I’m Still Singing,” which wreaked havoc on the airways and quickly established itself as a rock “classic.” They succeeded in achieving their goal in 1988.

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