Kerala Man Thrashes His Wife

Kerala Man Dileep Vijayan Thrashes His Wife: Films Assault, Shares Video With Friends

A Kerala man named Dileep Vijayan brutally attacked his wife after she refused to quit her job, captured the video, and shared it with his friends online.

Holding his wife, who is severely bruised, the man appears to be very proud and remorseless of his actions. He shamelessly announces in the video that he is the one who beat her up, broke her mouth, and caused the blood on her face.

The 27-year-old male has since been arrested under the charges of an attempt to murder.

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Kerala Man Thrashes His Wife Films Assault, Shares Video With Friends

In a shocking case of domestic violence, Dileep Vijayan, 27, thrashed his wife, Athira, after he refused to leave her job. The incident came to everyone’s knowledge after the video went viral.

In the nerve-wracking video of October 16, Dileep, a resident of Thiruvananthapuram, was seen beating up his wife over her working as a staff member in a supermarket. After the attack, the woman is seen bleeding from her face, the New Indian Express reported.

In the video, the wife says that if she did not work, she could not repay the loan, and her children would starve. But she eventually gives in and becomes ready to quit working after being pressured.

Kerala man Dileep Vijayan
Kerala man Dileep Vijayan assaulted his wife and filmed the whole incident. (Source: Mathrubhumi English)

The accused, Dileep, appears to be intoxicated and reportedly shot the video himself, sharing it online. The victim was advised by her friends to file a Police complaint, and she later did so. The Malayinkeezhu Police has registered the case.

We prefer not to display the video due to its sensitive and disturbing content. The preparator recorded the clip on Monday night after coming home drunk and was arrested the following day after the footage rolled on the internet several times.

Dileep And Athira Were Partners-Turned Spouses

Dileep and Athira Vijayan were longtime lovers who married against their families’ will. They lived in a rented apartment in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, away from their parents, and had two children: aged three and one.

The accused reportedly assaulted his wife after coming home drunk every day. Due to this, they had to shift houses very frequently. In the last six months, they moved to six different places. 

Dileep, a former electrician, is currently working at a chicken stall. He has been remanded to judicial custody.

He has been charged under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The pursuant sections include 498 (A) (Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty), 323 (Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), and 324 (Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means).

Another Incident of Domestic Abuse And Violence: Amala Vijayan Killed By Her Husband

India gets marred by cases of domestic abuse occasionally. In another case, a 24-year-old woman, identified as Amala Vijayan, was found dead at her husband’s House in Paravur of Ernakulam district on September 4.

The woman’s family spoke up after her demise. They opened up about the domestic abuse their daughter had been put through at her husband Ranjith Vijayan’s House. A report by The News Minute shared this news.

Further, Amala was reported to be pregnant at the time of her death.

Amala Vijayan
Amala Vijayan, 24 and pregnant, was killed by her own husband. (Source: The News Minute)

The same month, another appalling case was reported in which a young woman, Aishwarya Unnithan, committed suicide after three years of domestic violence by her husband, Kannan Nair. She used to write in her diary, and her diary entries revealed the details of the abuse, TNM reported.

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