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Julia Bradbury Health Update: Breast Cancer Surgery, Is She Still Married To Gerard Cunningham? Kids And family

Julia Bradbury Health Update; After being diagnosed with breast Cancer one year ago and with numerous surgeries, she is recovering gradually.

English television presenter associated with BBC and ITV shared her journey and detailed her harsh treatment by people along the way. However, she feels ‘incredibly blessed to have a wonderful life.’ 

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Julia Bradbury Health Update: Breast Cancer Surgery

The television presenter Julia Bradbury, diagnosed with breast Cancer in September 2021, posted a sad post of herself crying and captioned: “This is the moment I found out I had to have a mastectomy. Utter shock, sadness & fear.”

She was also seen in the documentary Julia Bradbury: Breast Cancer and Me earlier this year, where she explained her emotional diagnosis and journey.

'Instinct telling you' Julia Bradbury admits 'rare' symptom helped breast cancer diagnosis
‘Instinct telling you’ Julia Bradbury admits ‘rare’ symptom helped breast Cancer diagnosis [Source- Daily Express]
Her medical supervision included the removal of the 6cm tumor, two lymph glands, and her left breast, and she has opened up about how she feels after surgery and now living with “pneumatic boob.”

After the treatment, even though she had to endure painful treatments, she is happy that she will live and be there for her children. 

Is Julia Bradbury Still Married To Gerard Cunningham? Kids And Family

Yes, Julia Bradbury is still married to Gerard Cunningham for twenty-two years; the couple tied the knot in 2000.

Along with her husband and kids, they helped her battle one of the hardest pain in her life, and without their support, she would have been broken. She explains that now she is recovering, she will be there for her family, which makes her happy.

Likewise, her husband Gerard is a property developer by profession, and unlike Julia, he prefers staying away from the spotlight. She and her husband, Gerard, are lucky to have three children twin girls, Zena and Xanthe, and a son Zeph.  

Their firstborn, baby boy, Zephyrus, was born in August 2011, followed by twin babies in March 2015, resulting in eleven and seven years, respectively.

Parents should raise their boys to be 'more like women', says former Countryfile host Julia Bradbury
Parents should raise their boys to be ‘more like women,’ says former Countryfile host Julia Bradbury [Source- Daily Mail]
Julia shares her sweet moments with their children on her Instagram handle @therealjuliabradbury with thousands of followers.

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Is Julia Bradbury Involved In Charitable Works?

Yes, Julia Bradbury is seen doing many charitable works. Bradbury is an ambassador to many organizations that work for philanthropic causes, including the Pink Ribbon Foundation, The Outdoor Guide Foundation, Bowel & Prostate Cancer, and Keep Britain Tidy.

She also participated in the Macmillan 4-4 UK Challenge with her sister, Gina Fox, raising £7,000 towards the £105,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support in 2009.

Later that year, she traveled from Kazakhstan to Mongolia with Countryfile co-star in BBC’s Around the World in 80 Days in aid of Children in Need.

Furthermore, she never stepped backward to help anyone in need, so she became the Camping and Caravanning Club president and was the first woman to hold this post in October 2013.

In addition, she encourages people to exercise more through British Heart Foundation and serves as an ambassador in many such organizations to bring change.

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