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Kenyan Justice Martha Koome Husband Koome Kiragu; Age Gap Family And Net Worth

The Chief Justice of Kenya, Martha, has invited spark over her personal life in recent days. Let’s dig into this article to learn about Martha Koome’s husband and more from this article. 

Martha Koome is a Kenyan advocate and is currently serving as the chief justice of Kenya. Martha was sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya at State House, Nairobi, in May 2021.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, Attorney General Paul Kihara, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, and Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Anne Amadi all attended the ceremony where Koome was sworn in.

The 61-year-old professional judge is appointed Chief Justice of the country and leader of the Judiciary. David Maraga, who retired early this year, is replaced by her.

Following the resignation of Willy Mutunga, who preferred green robes during his time as Chief Justice, Maraga reinstated the red robe in 2016. The fifteenth Chief Justice sparkled in it.

Her three children, son Kelvin Koome, daughters Kagwira Koome, and Nkirote Koome, and Martha Koome’s husband Koome Kiragu, were by her side.

Kenyan Justice Martha Koome Husband Koome Kiragu

Kenyan Justice Martha Koome is married to her husband, Koome Kiragu. But, the year or month they married is unavailable on the web. 

However, in an interview in May 2021, Martha revealed that she has been married for 35 years. So, we can assume that she got married in 1986, based on her statement.

Koome Kiragu, Martha Koome’s husband, is the chairman of Habitat for Humanity-Kenya. 

Martha Koome Husband
Martha Koome alongside her husband Koome Kiragu and her children. (Source:

The Habitat for Humanity group in Kiragu is committed to improving the quality of life through adequate housing, sanitary conditions, secure tenure of land, water utilization, and access to electricity.

As a result, Martha Koome’s husband, Kiragu, oversees several initiatives that assist localities in establishing sound land tenure, water usage, and housing policies.

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In addition, Martha Koome’s husband, Mr. Kiragu, collaborates closely with financial organizations to provide the poor and needy in Kenyan villages with appropriate housing.

Since joining Habitat for Humanity, Martha Koome’s husband, Koome Kiragu, has finished several charitable endeavors. Koome was able to collect a massive Ksh. Ninety-six million in 2018 for the development of affordable housing.

With the Homa Bay county administration, he could finish 120 dwellings, costing him approximately 800,000 Ksh.

Following the events of 2021, Koome contributed to the building of dwellings for displaced people who had nowhere to live in Mai Mahiu.

Martha Koome And Husband Koome Kiragu Age Gap

Martha Koome was born on June 3, 1960, in Meru district, Kenya. She spent the majority of her childhood in Kithiu village. 

Meanwhile, according to reports, Martha Koome’s husband, Koome Kiragu, was born in 1961. However, Kiragu is yet to shed the spotlight on his birthday. 

As a result, we can say Martha and Kiragu have a year gap in their age, Martha being a year older than Kiragu. 

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Martha Koome Family: Ethnicity And Origin

Martha is a member of a household with two wives and 18 kids. Diligent peasant farmers raised Martha Koome from her birth as a little country girl.

Because of this, she had minimal resources for her education and daily needs. Rosemary Kathure, Martha’s elder sister, is a role model.

Martha Koome husband
Martha Koome was appointed as the first female chief justice in May 2021. (Source: BBC)

Dr. Jenifer Riria and Prof. Leah Marangu are two other influential people in her life. Above all, Justice Martha Koome’s biography makes clear that she draws inspiration from her mother.

Martha Koome is a member of the Ameru tribe, commonly known as the Meru ethnicity. Additionally, Martha Koome is a Kenyan citizen. She is a native Ameru speaker and proficient in Swahili and English.

Martha Koome Net Worth In 2022

Martha Koome’s net worth is unknown as of October 2022. However, many sources have stated different net worth for the Kenyan Justice. 

According to Global Answer, Martha’s estimated net worth is $6.7 million, which does not have definitive proof. Neither has Koome shed the spotlight on her salary or net worth.

In addition, Koome has not listed her properties, houses, or cars anywhere on the web. 

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