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Who Is Shrushti Tawde Rapper? Age Wikipedia And Family

Shrushti Tawde is an Indian Rapper and is getting famous day by day. She is a contestant in the new Reality show Hustle 2.0. 

A video of Shrushti Tawde performing Main Nahi Toh Kaun on the MTV rap reality show Hustles 2.0 has gained a lot of reshares across social media platforms, delighting and amusing online people.

Your Monday will be improved by the song’s tone, which may even give you the idea of rap and rhyme.

The Hustle 2.0 video was posted to the KaanPhod Music channel on YouTube. Shrushti sings the Main Nahi Toh Kaun rap in various languages in the video.

Who Is Shrushti Tawde Rapper?

The 20-year-old rapper, Shrushti Tawde, is from India. She is regarded as an up-and-coming Indian rapper. Shrushti Tawde rose to fame as a result of an MTV program. 

She has gained recognition as the best rapper singer or upcoming Indian rapper thanks to her exceptional reputation among reality show judges and the general audience. She is one of the best contestants of Hustle 2.0. 

Srushti Tawde
Srushti Tawde Takes Over Internet With Her EPIC Rap Song ‘Chill Kinda Guy’; Netizens Call Her ‘India’s New Superstar’! Source: Spotboy

MTV Hustle is the first rap/hip-hop reality show to air in India. Aspiring rappers compete to become India’s most prominent hip-hop sensation. The show airs on MTV India and is also available online via Voot.

Season 1 debuted on August 10, 2019. Gaelyn Mendonca hosted the show, which Raja Kumari, Nucleya, and Raftaar judged.

Season 2 premiered on September 3, 2022. Krissann Barretto is the event’s host, and the judges are Baadshah and the four squad heads.

She discovered a new talent for herself during the COVID-19 pandemic and began incorporating some rhythm and pulse into her poetry. Srushti put a lot of time and effort into her career, and through her tireless efforts, she built the framework for MTV Hustle season 2, India’s first Rap/Hip-Hop reality show.

Srushti didn’t start rapping until after the lockdown, despite competing in and winning most poetry contests earlier. She has always believed that writing poems and stories to convey emotions allows you to relax.

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Shrushti Tawde Age & Wikipedia

Shrushti Tawde is not yet available on Wikipedia. She is currently 20 years old.

Shrushti Tawde Rapper
Srushti Tawde Hustle 2.0 Viral Girl – Shouting Stars
(Source: Shouting Stars)

In the year 2002, Shrushti Tawde was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Shrushti Tawde loved poetry and suggested that she might someday become a poet, but she wanted to become a rapper-singer instead.

Shrushti Tawde has always loved writing and reading poetry later, as his writing and rhyme abilities improved with practice.

He decided to pursue reality television in Mumbai, where he started his education. She also worked very hard on this and ultimately accomplished her goal.

Shrushti Tawde Family 

Shrushti’s family life is not known. She seems to be private regarding her personal life. However, she has mentioned a few times about her family in her lyrics. 

Rapper Srushti Tawde is self-taught. She writes her song, which she then uploads to Instagram. Srushti’s singing career began with her songwriting and giving those lyrics soul.

Shrushti Tawde Rapper
Srushti Tawde’s Rap Song in Hustle 2 on God and Religious Fanatics is Going Viral ‘Bahut Hard’!
(Source: Latestly)

She also performed on the Fab India stage with her creation, Bilaa-shart. Additionally, she keeps a srushtinahitohkaun Instagram account where she publishes all of her poetry.

In 2022, she also acted in the short film Office. Srushti became well-known after she starred in MTV Hustle 2.0.

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