Messy Mya Shot

Messy Mya Shot To Death: Who Killed Him? Meet His Family And Child

Messy Mya Shot, Many media outlets are going in again with this headline more than a decade after the death of the popular internet personality. 

Messy was a very famous rapper during his prime. In 2010, the rapper was shot and died from his injuries. Even decades after the incident happened, people still recall the event with bitterness because that caused the world to lose a talented musician. 

He made crude jokes about the individuals in his neighborhood and the rampant violence in clips widely watched on YouTube. There are a few more frightening posts mixed in among the laughter. 

In one of the clips, he makes a passing allusion to the fact that young men in New Orleans don’t typically live long lives. He wrote, “I’ll be there soon,” in a Facebook post about a friend who had recently passed away the day before he was killed.

Messy Mya Shot To Death: Who Killed Him?

Messy Mya Shot to death became one of the most controversial cases in the early 2010s. After the internet personality was shot to death, many people questioned the eventual truth of the incident. 

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As Beyonce released a track where she questioned what happened to Messy, people started revisiting that horrific incident. Over the years, people had forgotten what happened to him, but with this new buzz around Beyonce’s track, people’s curiosity has risen again. 

Police in New Orleans claim that Jason Baptiste Hamilton threatened to kill a student at Delgado Community College and boasted about killing YouTube star Messy Mya three days prior while a camera was trained on him.

Hamilton’s weekend schedule included the murder of 22-year-old Anthony M. Barre on November 14, who rose to fame online as the sarcastic comedian Messy Mya.

Barre left a baby shower for the son he and his fiancée were having and was shot dead as he got into his car near the intersection of St. Anthony and North Rocheblave streets in the 7th Ward.

Messy Mya Family And Son

Anthony Barre was Messy Mya’s true name. He had a son named Juelz Omarian Anthony Barre, born a month after his passing, along with two sisters named Angel and Shante.

Social media users reacted angrily to the news of Barre’s passing and cried out for justice in the case. Barre’s nick moniker rose to the top of Twitter’s trending topics, and numerous blog pieces and memorial videos appeared online.

But the confrontation that led New Orleans Police to the culprit occurred at Delgado.

Messy Mya
Messy Mya was a rapper and YouTuber. Source: CBS News

Hamilton visited the Delgado campus at 615 City Park Ave. three days after Barre passed away and spoke with a student there.

She allegedly refused to shake his hand because he made a shooting and killing threat. Then, he reportedly informed her that Messy Mya had just been murdered.

Messy Mya’s Net Worth

Messy Mya became famous long after his death, but even when he was alive, his contents were seen by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Messy Mya is one of the wealthiest and most well-known rappers. Our study of Messy Mya’s net worth from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.

Rapper Messy Mya was born in the United States on December 15, 1988. Rapper and comedian who shot to popularity in 2016 when footage from his own YouTube channel appeared in Beyonce’s “Formation,” one of the most famous music videos in the world.

Beyonce Messy Mya
Beyonce used Messy Mya’s voice in her song ‘Formation’ Source: WGNO

When he was shot while leaving a baby shower in 2010, he passed away before experiencing his celebrity. 

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