Is Gypsy Rose Dead Or Alive?

Is Gypsy Rose Dead Or Alive? Is She Still In Prison Or Released?

People are wondering whether Gypsy Rose is dead or alive. Read the article to find out about her whereabouts.

After viewing Mommy Dead and Dearest and The Act (and perhaps even perusing a few relevant Reddit threads), you probably already understand Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s life story. 

Do you know what Gypsy is doing right now, even though you might be able to list all the medications Dee Dee was stockpiling in their bathroom cabinet?

Is Gypsy Rose Dead Or Alive? 

Yes, Gypsy Rose is still alive and is doing well. Dee Dee Blanchard was killed, and Gypsy is currently serving a 10-year prison term for her part in the crime.

Gypsy Rose Prison
Gypsy Rose is happy in Prison (Source:

Although it is a common misconception, Gypsy did not technically “murder” her mother. Dee Dee was fatally stabbed, and Nicholas Godejohn, her online boyfriend, was responsible. Despite his plea of innocence, Nicholas was given a life sentence in February. 

As she was the one who persuaded him to do it in the first place, Gypsy is still very much involved. Because she had experienced abuse and had planned to kill her mother, her sentencing was tough.

Is Gypsy Rose Still In Prison Or Released?

Yes, Gypsy Rose is still in prison, serving a 10-year term.

In 2016, Gypsy, then 24 years old, was given the second-degree murder minimum sentence. Just before turning 33 in 2024, she can apply for parole. Gypsy’s stepmother, Kristy, claimed in an interview from 2018 that Gypsy was “thriving” in jail. Kristy updated last month and stated, “She’s still doing well.”

Gypsy also works, goes to school, and likes to take pictures, according to Kristy. Gypsy continues to tell Kristy that she is happier without her mother than she was with her. She said Gypsy would prefer to be in jail over go back to live with her mother.

Is Gypsy Rose Dead Or Alive?
Gypsy Rose with her mother (Source:

Gypsy admitted to Dr. Phil in 2017 that she is relieved to be out of the situation but is not relieved that her mother is dead. In the same interview, she thought her punishment was a little too severe. 

“I firmly believe that murder is never acceptable. But at the same time, Gypsy said to Dr. Phil, “I don’t think I deserve as many years as I got. I also don’t think I’m in the right place to get the help I need.”

Gypsy Rose Health Update: Is She Doing Fine?

Gypsy Rose is in good health despite all the unnecessary medications and procedures she underwent.

According to Kristy, all of the medications her mother gave her have had no long-term side effects. She added that Rose has a perfect medical history.

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She added, “Now, don’t get me wrong, her eyes, she does have a lazy eye if she doesn’t wear her glasses all the time. That was since she was a baby. Everything else was all a lie.”

Gypsy Rose’s Thoughts On “Mommy Dead and Dearest”

While incarcerated, Gypsy Rose cannot watch The Act or Mommy Dead and Dearest. She does, however, have some opinions about both pieces.

Gypsy intends to watch Mommy Dead and Dearest as soon as she is released from prison, according to Mommy Dead and Dearest director Erin Lee Carr, who spoke with Refinery 29. 

She claimed that Gypsy had essentially had the entire movie narrated to her. She is incredibly eager to see it.

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When it comes to The Act, Gypsy isn’t on board. Gypsy revealed that legal action would be taken against the show’s creators because they used her real name and story without her permission or legal right.

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