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Missing: What Happened To Eliza Fletcher? Parents And Family – Boyfriend: Where Is She Now?

What Happened To Eliza Fletcher? After the junior kindergarten teacher was allegedly taken, questions about what happened to Eliza Fletcher are raised. Eliza was an heiress to her family’s substantial riches and hailed from an affluent family.

Eliza has been through a highly horrible event. Her late grandpa founded the successful hardware company presently held by her family, Orgill Inc., which has earned a $1 billion net worth.

She is referred to as Liza by her Memphis friends and relatives, and her family is well-known there.

What Happened to Eliza Fletcher?

The terrible kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher has lately been in the headlines. The mother of two children was reportedly abducted on Friday. She was out for a morning jog near the University of Memphis campus.

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Eliza Fletcher has been kidnapped (Source: nypost)

Cleotha Abston, the suspect’s bail was imposed at $510,000 by the judge upon his indictment on Tuesday. After stating to the judge that he could not afford legal representation, Abston was given a public defender.

He will show up in court on Wednesday to face the murder accusation. Soon around 5 o’clock, Fletcher’s body was discovered. Tuesday afternoon’s news conference was held at an empty duplex on Victor Street, according to the police.

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District Attorney for Shelby County Steve Mulroy described the abduction as an “isolated act by a stranger.”

Around 4:20 in the morning, Fletcher was approached. According to an affidavit connected to the criminal complaint, DNA from sandals found near her vanished matched Abston.

The affidavit stated that a security camera of the crime scene showed “black GMC terrain cruising by, waiting for victims to pass.” Sources claimed a guy exited her vehicle, raced toward her Fletcher, and shoved her into the passenger seat.

Eliza Fletcher’s Parents and Family

Elizabeth Fletcher’s parents and family are significantly affected by their loss. Eliza was a very loving mother, daughter, wife, and grandchild. 

Ms. Fletcher was the granddaughter of the millionaire local hardware tycoon and philanthropist Joseph Orgill III. With more than 5,000 employees, his business is now valued at over $3 billion.

Eliza Fletcher’s husband, Richard Fletcher, manages a boat shop. He is also called Richie. They were wed in Memphis. On September 2, 2022, in the morning hours, she was taken hostage in Tennessee while running. The couple had two kids.

Eliza Fletcher with her family (Source: nypost)

At the site of Fletcher’s kidnapping, a small monument has been created and is attracting attention nationwide. There are flowers, candles, and memorials on the side of the road where she was last captured on camera.

To console and support her young students, the staff at St. Mary’s School, where she worked, is going through a difficult time. Counseling sessions with parents are being planned to assist them in talking to their children about the tragedy.

To assist the community, St. Mary’s stated that it would also offer counselors.

Where is Eliza Fletcher Now?

Sadly, Eliza Fletcher is dead as a result of a horrible murder. All the efforts to rescue Fletcher have gone in vain.

Authorities have not yet disclosed Eliza Fletcher’s place of death or manner. However, investigators have offered a chronology of the crucial incidents leading up to and following her kidnapping and demise.

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Eliza Fletcher has been murdered (Source: nypost)

She was a fantastic mother, and the children in her school adored her. She was a joyous individual who looked at the optimistic side of life. 

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Eliza Feltecher is no more. This tragic incident will take a significant toll on the members of her family and community. 

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