Millie Bobby Brown Teeth

What Is Wrong With Millie Bobby Brown Teeth? Stranger Things Cast Weight Loss Before And After

Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress whose teeth are changed after undergoing some teeth adjustment and whitening. Learn more about the Stranger Things cast teeth adjustment and weight loss journey.

The lady has been portraying the role of Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The story of the series revolves around Hawkins, Indiana.

In this fictional town, the disappearance of a boy is investigated by the Police chief, his mother, and some boys using supernatural forces to get him back.

The eighteen-year lady has already received nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for the role of Eleven.

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What Is Wrong With Millie Bobby Brown Teeth?

Actress Millie Bobby Brown initiated her dental journey through teeth adjustments and whitening. The lady seems to have started the journey in 2020.

Millie Bobby Brown Teeth
Millie Bobby Brown before and after teeth adjustment (Source: Facebook)

A Facebook page Floss Dental Ltd. has posted about the processes of her teeth treatment. According to the page, she has adopted the Invisalign system for straightening her canine/cuspid. 

Likewise, she seems to have two porcelain veneers/composite bonding installed for further improvement of the looks of her two canine/cuspids.

Along with adjustment, she has whitened her teeth. Though her smile was sweet and carefree in the past few days, she has made it more attractive with the new set of washers that are whiter and more aligned than before.

One of the powerful cast of the Stranger Things has transformed drastically since Season 1 and seems satisfied with the dental transformation.

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Stranger Things Cast Millie Bobby Brown Weight Loss Before And After

Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things looks different than before her weight loss journey.

Though she always seems beautiful in whatever shape, she probably has lost some pounds to fit in the character of a lady with psychokinetic and telepathic activities.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown at Enola Holmes 2 Premiere (Source: Instagram)

However, the lady has not talked about the exact amount of weight loss. Though the weight loss does not seem drastic, it is noticeable.

Her weight loss secrets include extreme workout and diet plans. As mentioned on The Things, she performs intense workouts from five to six days a week. Her exercise had plank, jumping jacks, and crunches for one minute thirty seconds with half a minute of squat jumps, squat pulses, and plank hops.

The gorgeous actress often flaunts her beautiful body through her social media account and appeared on various modeling covers, including on the cover page of Vogue magazine,

Millie Bobby Brown Illness Update

Millie Bobby Brown had gone through anxiety; however, she is not ill now. Explaining her mental health condition in Glamour UK in August 2020, she explained how creativity aids her in changing her mood.

She has been open about her discomfort and has spoken about her struggle with being under mental pressure. According to the lady, she gets more anxious when people talk about her appearance.

To overcome the discomfort, she practiced breathing exercises and kept herself away from the toxic people and their words. 

Likewise, she can’t hear anything from her left ear. Millie was born with partial hearing loss & gradually lost all her left ears. She embraces her flaws and has self-love, which helps her to stand stronger than before.

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