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Who Is Dayane Silva? Meet Anderson Silva Wife, Kids And Family

Anderson Silva Wife is Dayane Silva, a Brazilian-American MMA fighter and boxer. She was a former gymnast who competed for Brazil in the Olympics in 2000 and 2004. 

Brazilian-American boxer and mixed martial artist Anderson da Silva. He is a former UFC middleweight champion who held the record for the longest reign with the championship (2,457 days).  

Silva decided to teach Jiu-Jitsu to neighborhood kids who could afford it. His family saved enough money by the age of 12 to start him in Tae Kwon Do courses, from which he progressed to Capoeira before deciding on Muay Thai at 16.

Silva worked as a file clerk at Mcdonald’s before beginning his professional fighting career. 

Who Is Dayane Silva? Meet Anderson Silva Wife

Anderson Silva’s wife is Dayane Silva, a Brazilian-American MMA fighter and boxer. She was a former gymnast who competed for Brazil in the Olympics in 2000 and 2004. 

Anderson Silva Wife
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Dayane Silva was born to her parents on May 8, 1977 in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. She is 45 years old right now. On the other hand, in 1975, on April 14, Anderson Silva was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is now 47 years old.

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Even though no reports indicate when the former gymnast and her husband met, a thorough analysis of her Instagram page reveals that the couple met in 1992. Currently, she is 15, and he is 17 at the moment.

Dayane was a gymnast representing Brazil at the summer Olympics in Sydney in 2000 and Athens in 2004.

There are no proper records of her career and the milestones she has attained as an athlete; wearing her country’s colors at the international level is an enormous accomplishment.

Who Are Anderson Silva And Dayane Silva’s Kids?

The former MMA legend has five children, three boys and two girls. On July 12, 1998, she gave birth to their eldest son, Gabriel Silva. Kalyl Silva, their second oldest son, was born two years later, in 1999.

                                        Anderson Silva And Dayane Silva’s Kids Image Source: talksport

Dayane then had Joao Vitor Silva, Kauana Silva, and Kaory Silva. Their birthdays are on April 8, January 10, and June 29, respectively. Surprisingly, she gave birth to all of them before marrying her spouse in June 2017.

Furthermore, two of her boys, Gabriel and Kalyl, appeared to have inherited their Father’s qualities and skills. Despite daily training at their Father’s Los Angeles gym, they pursue careers outside MMA.

Gabriel, according to accounts, is a kickboxer with two amateur championship belts. There is conjecture that he will become an MMA fighter. Kalyl is also a kickboxer.

Meet Anderson Silva’s Parents And Family

Juarez Silva (Father) and Vera Lucia da Silva (mother) are Anderson Silva’s parents. Anderson Silva has a younger brother named Cristian Edmundo Silva.

Despite being born to modest parents, Anderson grew up to become a renowned mixed martial artist and boxer. His family was so impoverished that he had to live with his aunt, Edith, and uncle, a Police officer in Curitiba.

His childhood experience left him with a strong attachment to his aunt. And another family member also played a vital role in his upbringing.

According to reports, he grew extremely distraught after Aunt Edith died while filming the UFC documentary Like Water(2011), which highlights his battle with Chael Sonnen at UFC 117.

How Much Is Anderson Silva’s Net Worth?

Chris Weidman has a net worth of almost $3 million when compared to his prior opponents inside the octagon.

According to The Sports Daily, Anderson Silva earned $66,000 in his UFC debut in 2006. Silva earned $80,000 after he defeated Rich Franklin for the UFC middleweight belt in 2006. Silva reportedly earned $620,000 in his final UFC bout against Uriah Hall in 2020.

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Silva got endorsement ties with Nike and the Brazilian soccer team Corinthians in 2011. He has also received endorsements from Burger King. Silva has been represented by 9INE Sports Marketing, co-owned by Cristiano Ronaldo.

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