Natascha Encinosa: Chun Li, Relationship & Net Worth

Natascha Encinosa is an internet celebrity who is widely popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Moreover, she is also very well known for being a fitness trainer and modeling.

Natascha is a fitness freak who loves to take care of her body more than anything.

Natasha Enconisa

It is rumored that Natascha has thighs wider than her waist. From that sole statement, we can imagine how she works out and maintains a healthy diet to be fit.

She is a very hard-working and determined woman.

Apart from being a fitness freak, she has many other unique traits too. We will be looking at all of them in this article.

Let’s look at some facts about Natascha before we dive into her life.

Quick Facts

Full Name Natascha Encinosa
Nickname Natascha
Date of Birth 21 February 1996
Place of birth Miami, Florida USA
Age [calculate_years datestring=”02/21/1996″] Years Old
Zodiac Sign
Nationality American
Ethnicity Cuban
Religion Atheist
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Not available
Siblings Bryan Encinosa (Brother)
Profession Model, Social Media celebrity, Fitness trainer
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 141 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Marital Status Single
Relationship Status Single
Education Unknown
Body Size 35-25-41
Build Athletic
Net worth $500,000
Social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Associated Brands ReppSports and Nutrakey
Featured in World Beauty Fitness and Fashion
Nutrakey’s Merch Protein Bars, Dhea, Energy Powder
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Early life, Family, and Education

Natascha was born on 21 February 1996, in Miami, Florida, USA.

As Natascha grew up in Florida, she supposedly studied in the local school, but there is no information about her educational background.

Similarly, there is no information about Natascha’s parents as well. Natascha has not talked about her parents in any of her interviews or mentioned them in her social media posts.

She seems like a private person and does not wishes to reveal information about her father and mother.

However, even though there is no information about her parents, we have come to know that Natascha has one sibling, Bryan Encinosa, her brother.

Natascha and Bryan both grew up together in Miami.

In her early days, Natascha wasn’t really the fitness freak she is known to be today. She had quite a chubby body, and she was not fit at all.

But she was determined to become a model in the future, and she started working on it.

Before joining the gym and getting into fitness, Natascha was a ballet dancer.

Sadly, She could not pursue the career of becoming a ballet dancer as she shattered her kneecap during a practice session.

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Nationality, Ethnicity, and Horoscope

Natascha is a proud American citizen as she was born in Miami, Florida.

Despite being of American Nationality, she belongs to Cuban ancestry as both her mother and father were Cuban. They immigrated from Cuba to America.

Moving on to her zodiac sign, Natascha is a Pisces under the star sign.

Pisces are mostly very determined people, and we can all agree that Natascha is one hell of a determined person when she puts her mind to it.

Body Measurements and Physical Appearances

If someone has a body like Natascha, of course, everyone would want to know her body measurements and her secrets to be this fit, right?

Natascha stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall and likewise weighs about 141 lbs.

There is no information about her dress and shoe size, but we can bet it’s pretty slim for her curvy body.

Natascha’s figure is measured at 35-25-41.

Her waist is about 25 inches, and finally, her hips are about 41 inches wide.

That’s the body probably every girl wishes to have.

She still works hard in the gym regularly to keep herself in shape and fit.

Furthermore, the stunning American also has luscious black hair complemented with her dark black eyes.

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Natascha Encinosa: Career

Natascha’s hustle to become a model began when she was in her teenage.

After she could not pursue her ballet career, she was deeply affected by it, but she did not give up and rather decided to choose another path.


She fell in love with the workout and started to go to the gym at the early age of 14.

The young diva started working out at an early age and kept her body in shape. She started to maintain her diet and ate only healthy food.

Then she decided to start an Instagram account and document her gym progression there.

She would work out in the gym, video it, and upload them on her Instagram account and post pictures.

Many people from worldwide started getting interested in her content, and she started to get a lot of followers on her Instagram account.

Gradually, as she gained followers, she decided to take it a step further and create her own workout routines and exercises.

Soon she was an internet celebrity that many people were following, and then she got her first clients and Natascha officially became a fitness coach.

Currently, The diva has amassed total followers of 419K.

Rise to Fame

As she got more experienced, more and more people started to go to her for their fitness training, and Natascha eventually started to get tons of new clients.

People would regularly tune in and watch her Instagram stories and posts in the hope of getting her new fitness routine and exercises.

Eventually, Natascha became a brand ambassador for two different brands, ‘ReppSports’ and ‘Nutrakey.’

Then recently, in the December of 2017, she went on to attend her first-ever WBFF competition. Many other astonishingly beautiful girls were attending alongside her.

Natascha in WBFF
Natascha in WBFF

She went to achieve her World beauty and fashion pro card in that competition.

WBFF pro is a prestigious honor and one of the highest awards in the beauty and fashion world.

That day she became an elite in the beauty world at a very young age.

Current works

Natascha currently still posts on her Instagram and works as a fitness coach daily.

She has recently featured in various magazines and worked for different brands as well.

The American beauty seems to be on rising in terms of her followers as she keeps gaining new followers after every other post.

As the pandemic had hit us hard, Natascha was also affected by it, but she came up with the idea of online coaching and meal plans.

She gets in touch with her clients, helps them with their exercise on an online platform, and suggests the best meal plans.

Natascha Encinosa: The real life Chun Li

Most of us might not know who Chun Li is, right? So let me give u a short description of Chun Li.

Chun Li is a character from an online game named ‘Street Fighter.’ She is a well-built woman with a lot of muscles on her body, especially her thighs.

And she is often known for wearing the Chinese traditional dress as her outfit in the game.

On valentine’s day of 2016, Natascha uploaded a picture of herself in a Chinese traditional dress, and in that dress, she resembled Chun li.

Natascha Encinosa looking like Chun Li
Natascha Encinosa looking like Chun Li

That picture blew up, and the media named her ‘The real-life Chun Li

She got a lot of mainstream attention, and many people shared that picture in gaming communities as she became more popular in the gaming world.

In an interview with MailOnline, She stated that she didn’t understand why it blew up, and it was pretty creepy for her as most of her fans were requesting her to crush their heads between her thighs.

To be honest, some fans can really be creepy with that kind of imagination, so we can’t really blame her for thinking like that.

Natascha Encinosa: Relationship

Natascha is not really the type of person to put out her personal or dating life in public, so it hasn’t been revealed if she has any boyfriend or not.

By speculations, it seems like the WBFF pro is currently single and just focusing on her work life instead of her love life.

She seems to enjoy her time alone as she gets the freedom to do whatever she wants to do and pursue anything she is interested in.

But previously, Natascha had mentioned that she used to date someone in the early teens when she was 14 years old.

Unfortunately, that person dumped her for being overweight, and that is one of Natascha’s reasons to thrive for her fitness.

Instead of getting hurt, she used it as a source of inspiration.

As of now, Natascha seems to be not looking for any relationship and just wants to focus on her work life.

Natascha Encinosa: Net Worth

The gorgeous diva has worked on herself since her teenage, and that hard work has paid off for her as she has such a massive following now, and the money keeps flowing in with all those brand deals.

“Natascha Encinosa is estimated to have the net worth of $500,000.”

She gets tons of money from her modeling and brand deals. She also teaches people as their fitness coach, which also adds up to her wealth.

Natascha is also marked as a pro by the WBFF, which also allows her to get more credit for her work, and even big brands try to get her to work with them.

She is a very popular model and a fitness trainer at the young age of [calculate_years datestring=”02/21/1996″]. Her net worth is bound to go higher in the coming years.

Natascha Encinosa: Social Media

As a social media celebrity, it is pretty obvious that Natascha has a large following on her social media accounts.

She made her career from her Instagram page, and she still makes her living off it.

As of now, Natascha is available on three social media platforms. They are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She has amassed total followers of 419K followers on her Instagram account.

Similarly, on her Twitter, she has a total number of followers of 22K.

And lastly, on her Facebook, she has gathered around 49K followers.

She is very active on Instagram, as it’s her main source of income.

Whereas on Twitter and Facebook, she is not as active.

Natascha Encinosa: Fun Facts

  • Natascha was a ballet dancer before becoming a fitness freak.
  • Unfortunately, She shattered her kneecap when she was 14.
  • She is a Cuban-American.
  • She was overweight throughout her childhood but only got into fitness 9 years ago.
  • Furthermore, She is also a graphic designer.
  • She loves animals.
  • She is very fond of art.


Is Natascha Encinosa single?

Yes, Natascha is single.

Are Natascha’s thighs bigger than her waist?

Natascha’s thighs are almost big as her waist.

What is Natascha Encinosa’s star sign?

Natascha is a Pisces under the star sign.

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