Mia Randall: Family, Net Worth & Brother Patrick Mahomes II

Born on July 12, 2011, Mia Randall is a celebrity kid who is mostly famous for being the half-sister of Patrick Mahomes II.

Besides, she is a fortunate kid to be born in a family that loves her immensely. She is an adorable kid who is sure to grab people’s attention with her charming personality.

She is popular on social media and frequently appears on her brother’s social media posts. Being influenced by her sports star brother and father, Mia shares her passion for sports and enjoys practicing regularly.

Mia Randall
Mia Randall

We are devoted to letting you know more about Mia’s life with her loving family through this article. 

Quick Facts

Let’s take a quick look at Mia’s basic facts. 

Full Name Mia Randall
Known as Mia Bliss
Nickname Mia
Birth Date July 12, 2011
Birth Place United States
Residence United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Education Unknown
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Patrick Mahomes Sr. (Stepfather)
Mother’s Name Randi Gail Martin
Siblings Patrick Mahomes II and Jackson Mahomes
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/12/2011″] Years Old
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Social Media Instagram
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Family and Education

Mia was born on July 2, 2011, to Randi Mahomes. However, any detail about Mia’s biological father is unknown, which is why Mia is mostly known as Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s step-daughter. 

Likewise, Mia has two older stepbrothers, Patrick Mahomes II and Jackson Mahomes. She is very close with her brothers and frequently appears in their social media uploads. 

Mia Randall with her family
Mia Randall with her family

Mia is a school girl focusing on her school like any other kid and is also very passionate about sports.

She often practices basket and football and shows great interest in sports. Also, she appears in many of Patrick’s games. 

Mia’s Stepfather, Patrick Mahomes Sr. 

Despite being a stepdaughter, Mia’s popularity is mostly associated with Patrick Mahomes Sr. Mahomes, a former pro baseball player, and made his debut in MLB in 1992 and retired in 2003.

Furthermore, he began his professional journey as a baseball pitcher by playing for Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates at the end of his career.

He was athletic from an early age and was already pitching during his high school senior year. 

Over the years, Mahomes has been part of seven different MLB teams with forty-two total career win records.  

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Mia’s Brothers

Details regarding Mia’s brothers are mentioned below:

Patrick Mahomes II

To the fan of American Football, there is certainly no need to introduce Patrick Mahomes II.

The twenty-five-year-old Patrick is a professional American football player and the oldest son of baseball star Patrick Mahomes Sr. 

Patrick has been actively playing as the quarterback for NFL since 2017 when Kansas City Chiefs picked Patrick in the first round as the 10th pick. 

Born in Texas, Patrick was fascinated by sports early and has played sports since his college years.

Patrick explored his sports enthusiasm by playing different sports such as baseball, basketball, and football.

Patrick Mahomes II
Patrick Mahomes II

Soon, he realized that he was more interested in football than any sport and began focusing on improving football skills.

However, he also said that the skills he developed by playing baseball and basketball have helped him become a skilled football player.

During his freshman year in college, Detroit Tigers selected him in the MLB draft in 2014, but he refused to sign the contract as he was devoted to playing for Texas Tech.

Patrick’s NFL Journey

However, in 2017 after the Chiefs selected Patrick in the NFL draft, he announced dropping the last year of the college to join the NFL. 

After three years of playing in college, he started his professional football journey in 2017. 

Nevertheless, Patrick being a brilliant player has made remarkable achievements throughout his career.

Sports Illustrated magazine once titled him as the second-best quarterback. During the NFL draft in 2017, Patrick was the fastest rising prospect with most NFL officials’ visits. 

With his fantastic performance, he received multiple awards in the 2018 season, and in 2020 he was titled Super Bowl MVP. In 2020, he signed ten years extension contract with the Cheifs.

Unfortunately, in the recent game with the Cleveland Browns, Patrick got injured with a concussion due to a tackle with Mack Wilson.

However, the Chiefs won the game, and Mahomes will recover soon and resume the coming games. 

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Jackson Mahomes

Born in 2000, Jackson is a famous American personality popular among youths as an Internet celebrity. Besides grabbing attention as the younger brother of Patrick, Jackson has a charm and talent of his own.

The twenty years old is very active in social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube. He is a social media influencer with thousands of followers waiting for his posts on social media. 

Jackson is very close with his family members and shares an affectionate bond with his little sister Mia. As Jackson is an active social media user, he often posts pictures and videos together with Mia. 

Mia's brother Jackson Mahomes
Mia’s brother Jackson Mahomes

Jackson was already quite popular as brother and son of famous sports stars. However, after entering into social media, his popularity has grown vastly.  

As Jackson is born in a sports stars family, he might also be expected to follow the path taken by his brother and father. However, on his Youtube video, Jackson talked about his dream job.

He said that he is interested in making a marketing career where he will work with many people, including social media influencers.

Jackson has over 200k followers on Instagram, over 23k followers on Twitter, more than 600k followers on Tiktok.

And, recently in 2020, he joined Youtube posting his first video on May 16, which currently has more than 300k views; also, his channel has over 20k subscribers. So, we can tell he is pretty big on social media. 

Right now, he is a full-time student focusing on his studies; however, with his outspoken and charming personality, he will undoubtedly have a brighter and prosperous future no matter what career he takes on.  

Mia’s Bond with her Family Members

It’s fair to say that Mia has a perfect family who loves her unconditionally. Her bond with her family members is so deep that anybody would want that kind of relationship in their lives.

Despite being a step-sister, Mia’s brothers Patrick and Jackson love her dearly. Furthermore, the family members are always together at most events, and they seem to enjoy each other’s presence very much. 


Being born in fame and spotlight, she grabbed attention as the family member of famous sports personalities such as her brother and father.

However, her charming nature and passion for sports will gradually create a name for herself.

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Mia Randall Sports Interest

As the sports run down the Mahomes family’s blood, Mia is also very athletic and passionate about sports. Instead of just playing with dolls and watching cartoons, she spends hours practicing sports from such young age. 

Furthermore, she is more inclined towards basketball, and her mother posts her basketball practice videos on her Instagram account from time to time. 

Below is an Instagram post of Mia playing basketball in school.


Having two well-known athletic figures in the family has impacted Mia’s inclination towards sports. Furthermore, she is present in most of her brother Patrick’s games with her family as an audience and supporter. 

She enjoys sports very much, and her family completely supports her passion. In short, Mia might have an aspiring future in sports as a career because she will have the necessary guidance from her sports figure family members.  

Based on her Instagram posts, she seems to be interested in many sports; however, she loves to spend time with her family members and play around like any other nine-year-old kid when she is not practicing.

Also, she is lucky enough to be born in a family where she is provided with all the required resources to shape her future into whatever she desires to. However, she still has a long way to go until she is a professional in any field of her interest.  

Mia Randall Net Worth

Mia Randall is only nine years old and has not reached an age to be making her own money. So, without any income source of her own, she does not have any wealth possession. 

However, her mother, Randi Mahomes, has an estimated net worth of over 200k dollars. Her brother, Patrick Mahomes II, has a whopping net worth of approximately 30 million dollars. 

Nonetheless, Mia is lucky enough to be born in a family with plenty of wealth, which allows her to have a comfortable life with all the needed resources.

Mia seems to be very enthusiastic about sports and practices basketball and other sports as well. 

In conclusion, Mia has the possibility of picking a career in sports just like her brother. But, whatever job she decides, she will grow up to be a successful person. 

Mia Randall Social Media Presence

As Mia is only nine years old, she is not mature enough to be using any social media on her own. So, her mother is the one who has been handling Mia’s social media account. 

However, Mia is active only on Instagram with Mia Bliss’s username with over 9k followers and over 350 posts. 

 Mia’s mother handles her Instagram account and posts Mia’s pictures with her family members, enjoying her family time as any other nine-year-old kid.

However, based on her Instagram posts, it’s clear that she is living an extraordinary life with her loving family members.

Below is the Instagram post of Mia Randall posing with her family, including her mother and brothers.


In conclusion, if you are interested in taking a peek at Mia Randall’s jolly life, then make sure to check her Instagram account. 


Is Mia Randall Patrick Mahomes’ sister?

Yes, Mia Randall is the half-sister of the quarterback player Patrick Mahomes II

How old is Mia Randall?

Born in 2011, Mia Randall has turned nine as of 2021. 

What is Mia Randall’s relation with Patrick Mahomes Sr.?

Patrick Mahomes Sr. is Mia Randall’s stepfather. 

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