Mert Ney sister

Who Is Mert Ney sister? The man’s brother, accused of killing one lady and stabbing another in a fit of rage in Sydney’s central business district, says she is “sorry a million times” for his victims and no longer wants anything to do with him.

Mert Ney was sentenced to at least 33 years in prison in Sydney for the “brutal” murder of Michaela Dunn. Before going on a rampage in the CBD, Mert Ney admitted to killing the 24-year-old in an apartment in August 2019.

A man who killed a helpless lady in a “cruel and horrific attack” and then went on a rampage in Sydney’s central business district has been sentenced to at least 33 years in prison.

After making an appointment, Mert Ney admitted to killing 24-year-old sex worker Michaela Dunn with a knife in a Clarence Street apartment on August 13, 2019. He recorded himself standing over her body at the bloody scene after repeatedly stabbing her and slitting her throat. He then shared the video with a man on Facebook.

Who Is Mert Ney Sister?

The saddest aspect is that people will think, “who cares” The sister of a Sydney knifeman is concerned that because the victim was an escort, no one will pay attention to her killing in a hotel room.

Mert Ney, 20, is suspected of stabbing another person and killing Michaela Dunn, 24.

Mert Ney Sister
Mert Ney Sister. Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Ney’s sister expressed concern to Daily Mail Australia that Ms. Dunn’s passing might go unnoticed. Because she worked in sex, she was concerned that people would disregard her. Other sex workers said she was “ignored” throughout the tale.

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Ney said the kind words before internet tributes poured in. A “lovely, loving person who was deeply adored,” Ms. Dunn was praised.

One of Mert Ney’s sisters sobbed as she described the alleged CBD knifeman’s sharp slide in mental health in the week before his alleged violent rampage around Sydney. Both women were injured in the incident.

Mert Ney Family And Ethnicity

Turkish-Cypriot parents gave birth to Mert Ney in Marayong, Australia, in 1998. He attended secondary school in the Sydney suburb of Blacktown.

He was reserved in high school, but after converting to Salafi Islam, he became inspired by extreme ideologies he had saved on a USB drive.

On August 13, 2019, around 2:00 pm, he fatally butchered a 24-year-old sex worker in her apartment before attacking a second lady in the Hotel CBD.

Then, while shouting “Allahu Akbar,” he leaped onto the roof of a car, but an elderly guy confronted him and pushed him away from defenseless bystanders.

After provoking numerous bystanders to shoot him in the head, he fled down York Street. A firefighter and other bystanders used chairs and a milk box to tackle him and hold him down until Police could come and take him into custody.

Mert Ney Sister of Sydney Stabbing Suspect Speaks Out

The man’s brother, accused of killing one lady and stabbing another in a fit of rage in Sydney’s central business district, says she is “sorry a million times” for his victims and no longer wants anything to do with him.

Less than 24 hours after her brother Mert Ney’s alleged fatal stabbing rampage in Sydney’s CBD, she decided to appear in front of the big media pack on Wednesday.

Speaking in a park next to the family’s residence, Ms. Ney expressed her regrets to the family of Michaela Dunn, 24, who was discovered dead in an apartment on Clarence Street on Tuesday.

Mert Ney sister
Fearless Mert Ney being arrested. Source: ABC

“I’m sorry, but she was younger than me,” I said. Within a few hours, she could have been leaving to go shopping with her mother, have dinner with her partner, or call a girlfriend. Now, can’t she do that?

When asked about her brother’s actions the week before the assault, she replied, “Where do you want me to start? The previous week has seen a rapid slide into insanity. He ran away from the hospital.

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