Omar Confalonieri

Omar Confalonieri Wikipedia Biography- More On His Moglie And Famiglia

The carabinieri of Milano arrested 48-year-old real estate agent Omar Confalonieri on suspicion of raping a lady in his office via Montenapoleone. 

Omar Confalonieri’s wife witnessed the attack after a drug combination was given to the victim in herbal tea to make him unconscious. The former real estate agent is charged with sexual abuse by four additional women.

Omar Confalonieri Wikipedia: Why Was He Arrested?

The investigation judge in Milan issued a preventive detention order for aggravated sexual violence, kidnapping, and aggravated personal harm. However, the incident occurred on October 2.

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Omar Confalonieri
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The woman had gone to him that Saturday to finalize the purchase of a box with her boyfriend. She had also brought the daughter, who was a few months old. The man offered two to celebrate the deal drink with inside benzodiazepine, subsequently discovered in his home after a search and drugged the two despite the young girl’s presence.

Omar Confalonieri, the former real estate agent convicted in the first instance on allegations of being a serial rapist, has put his wife in danger in his book Drugged Couples and Raped Women. 

Omar Confalonieri Moglie And Famiglia

The woman, who was married to the former professional in the first instance, in the trial held with a shortened procedure in Milan, was sentenced to 6 years and four months. Because he was accused of having drugged a few clients and raped his partner, he was informed of an ordinance of presentation obligation.

The real estate agent is thought to be a known serial rapist. Confalonieri had already been detained in 2009 in Monza, always for committing sexual assault with a narcoleptic medication. The Court later rehabilitated the individual after serving his sentence and going through a re-education program. 

Following their appeal to “contact the Carabinieri for those who met him and subsequently accused him of being in a state of unconsciousness,” investigators have already received two calls from two alleged rape victims who claim they were the victims of similar incidents that are currently being evaluated.

After carefully listening to every victim, the investigators could determine how the man had routinely adopted the same modus operandi. Seen in the sexual violence committed last October, i.e., abusing women sexually only after narcotics were introduced into their drinks or food in two cases with the support of his wife. As previously noted, the man’s wife was required to have the judicial Police sign her documents.

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