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Meghan Landowski Parents And Family

Megan Langowski was a dancer who had a huge career in stage performance. Landowski started her career as a ballet dancer.

From her parents, it is found she was a very friendly person who didn’t take long to make new friends and enjoyed every moment being a friend to everyone.  

Megan Langowski was assaulted sexually and got killed on 10th April 2008. Landowski was just 16 years old when she got murdered. On that day, She got home early from her school and while making lunch for herself. She left a voice mail for her mother, saying she reached home safely.

However, things got changed very soon. When Meghan’s stepfather returned home at noon, she found her daughter collapsed on the floor, and soon he called 911 for help. But it was too late, she was declared dead, and while medical examination, it was found she was sexually abused. 

Meghan Landowski Parents

Meghan Landowski
Meghan Landowski (source: NMB)

Meghan Landowski’s parents are currently living in Dimondale, Portsmouth. Losing their child is the hardest thing to bear for any parents.  Landowski’s mother and step-father Angela and Chris Shortt had suffered a tragic experience when they found their own daughter dead his their house. 

Landowski’s Stepfather had a big part in her life. As he fulfilled all the roles of a father in every way. Meghan Landowski’s shared an incredible bond with her father and had a loving childhood. 

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Meghan Landowski father

Even after the horrible news of his daughter’s death, Meghan Landowski’s biological father has stayed mute in the media. 

She was sexually abused and stabbed to death 43 times at her own home in 2008, her untimely death has caused a terrible breakdown in everyone’s hearts. 

Mr. Landowsk, Meghan’s biological father, was yet to be exposed to media even though she was well raised by her mother and stepfather, Angela Shortt and Chris shortt. 

Meghan Landowski Mother

Angela Shortt was the biological mother of Meghan Landowski. She was determined to bring justice to Meghan’s murder case. Angela even stated she wanted her beloved daughter’s killer to acknowledge her crime.

Nevertheless, it appears that Angela and Chris Shortt has built a life around her other childerns and trying to let go of their past. They found to be living in Virginia and keep Meghan alive in memories. 

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Who Are Meghan Landowski’s Biological Parents?

Mr. Landowski’s biological father did not reveal to the public, and it is also not found why they got divorced. But Meghan Landowski’s had a loving family with her mother and step-father, and siblings. She had a sister and a brother, Elizabeth Gable and Corey Landowski, respectively. Her parents described Meghan as loving, friendly, outgoing, easily connecting with people type. 

The killer of Megan Landowski is under incarcerated at the Red Onion State Prison in Wise County, Virginia.

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