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Woo Lotti Death Video Twitter: Chased And Stabbed, Who Killed Him?

Disturbing video clips on Twitter show a mob chasing, punching, and stabbing a teenage rapper named Woo Lotti to death.

Glenn Cole, better known by his nickname Woo Lotti, was a rapper and a member of the Bronx group YG from the Mott Haven Houses.

The emerging rapper, unfortunately, lost his life before he could make it big. He last rapped along with Blaccanese and GetBack on a track called 4z Talk, which was released on February 14, 2020.

Less than two months later, on April 7, 2020, Woo faced his death in a shocking and unprecedented manner. The harrowing viral clips show the assailants mercilessly ambushing and killing the youngster. 

Woo Lotti Death Video On Twitter: What Happened?

Woo Lotti, 17, was walking with his YG group members in Sugar Hill, Brooklyn, New York. Around 12:50 am, their arch-enemies followed them.

A car full of OG members chased Woo and his gang with broomsticks, trashcans, and knives. They pulled over and followed.

As other YG members ran for their lives, Woo tripped to the ground, and the group furiously and remorselessly attacked and stabbed him. They also filmed their violence for Snapchat.

The young rapper was left with stab wounds to his torso and thigh on West 154th street, St Nicholas Avenue. Attempts were made to save him, but he sadly took his last breath in Harlem Hospital.

Who Killed Woo Lotti? Age Old Gang Rivalry Took His Life

Members of the Bronx gang OG killed Woo Lotti. Woo’s group YG is known for its long-running beef with the OGs.

The two groups often make diss rap tracks aimed at each other and have an enmity that goes way back in time and beyond music, involving many other killings in the past.

Following the death of Woo, the two groups have made spats at each other through their rap tracks. On April 13, B Lovee put out a track called No Hook, which had gritty lyrics about the dangerous streets and rappers losing their lives to their lifestyles.

Woo Lotti death
A still from the music video of No Hook.
(Source: YouTube)

Before the end of April, the YGs released a song called RPT Bugging PT 2, which talked about killing OG members calling themselves OG Killers or OGK.

Furthermore, they also did not back out from dissing one of OG’s affiliates, called Smelly, aka SlatterBoyz (Esmerlyn Toribio), who was killed at 17 in a dispute over a bike that he had recently sold. Smelly was stabbed 14 times in the chest, tragically losing his life.

K-Flock went outside the building of OG members waiting for them to come out while streaming live on Facebook. He continued doing so even after noticing the presence of the Police.

The saga did not end there. OG further released provocative music with the track Shoot or Get Shot, directly dissing their rival members and threatening to kill them.

Arrests Made Following The Killing Of Woo Lotti

Two people were initially arrested for the murder: 28- and 16-year-old males. The Police identified the former because the Zipcar used in the attack was rented in his name.

They looked at the surveillance footage to recognize Williams Hopeton, who had rented the car just hours before the horrific attack.

The younger attacker is believed to be a boy who goes by the name Rundown. The cops later arrested five people in total concerning the crime.

The heinous scenes show the perils of the deadly gang lifestyle, resulting in a lot of dissing music, violence, and young deaths.

Woo Lotti rap
Woo Lotti (right) in the track Bandz Up.
(Source: YouTube)

The YG group started in Mott Haven Houses, home to many top rappers like French Montana, Blaccanese, etc.

After an altercation, some members from Courtland split from the group and formed OG, which stands for Original Goons.

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