Pete Dorr: Gaming Career, Personal Life & Net Worth

Pete Dorr is an American gaming streamer who has been on YouTube since 2006.

Besides, he is one of the earliest YouTubers to introduce gaming content on the platform and make a career out of it.

The YouTuber is significantly known to be a lover of console games.

Pete Dorr smiling for the camera (Image Source:

Further, Pete has expanded his reach to Twitch as well, where he live-streams almost regularly.

The content creator is equally famous on both YouTube & Twitch, and he never fails to deliver quality content to the viewers.

To know more about this hard-core gamer who is a massive name in the world of online gaming, be sure to have a thorough look at this article.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Pete Dorr to begin with:

Full Name Pete Dorr
Date of Birth 23rd November 1986
Day of Birth Sunday
Place of Birth Wyoming, U.S.A
Raised In Wyoming, U.S.A
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Local High School
Qualification High School graduate
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”11/23/1986″] years old
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin Tone Fair
Body Build Slim
Distinctive Feature Medium length hair with glasses
Clothing Style Mostly wears T-shirts and hoodies
Favorite Music Band Blind Guardian
Favorite Movies Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Single
Hobbies Playing games
Profession YouTuber
Years Active 2006-Present
Net worth $1.5 Million
Social media YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Pete Dorr: Early Life, Nationality, and Education

The YouTuber celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of November every year.

Moreover, he was born in Wyoming, U.S.A, in 1986. And his day of birth is Sunday.

Pete has not disclosed any information regarding his family.

Hence, there is no information about his parents’ names and professions.

Similarly, it is unknown if the YouTuber has any siblings or not.

Being born in the United States, Pete holds American nationality.

Further, he went to a local high school somewhere in Wyoming and graduated from there in 2004.

However, Pete has not shared anything about studying further, so it is hard to guess whether he ever attended college.

Pete Dorr: Physical Appearance and Zodiac Sign

The gaming streamer is an average-looking guy who has a pair of brown eyes.

Nevertheless, he has slightly curled medium-length dark brown hair, which has become his distinctive feature.

Another distinctive feature of his is his glasses.

Moving on to the horoscope, Pete belongs to the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign whose ruler is the planet Jupiter.

Besides, people born under this zodiac sign include qualities such as optimism, generosity, etc.

They are said to be very curious, enthusiastic, and energetic.

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Pete Dorr: Gaming Career

Childhood Hobby

Pete was crazy about gaming ever since he was a child, just like any other child around.

But, little did he know, that his inclination toward gaming will turn into a passion for him as he grows up.

His father and grandfather were also avid gamers, so we can say the gaming DNA runs in the family.

His father would often join him to play with him on his console, ColecoVision, the first console Pete played.

Further, Pete’s earliest gaming memories trace back to him playing video games in his grandfather’s house when he was four years old.

His grandfather had various games, and kept his SEGA Genesis console, especially for Pete.

Besides, the YouTuber’s favorite SEGA game growing up was Sonic The Hedgehog.

His other favorite game was Super Mario 3, which he never completed as he found it extremely difficult.

Additionally, he used to play games like Donkey Kong Jr., Legend of Zelda, etc.

And he also got into playing many Dungeon and Dragons role-play games with his schoolmates.

YouTube Career

As time passed, Pete realized that he should make his hobby a full-time career.

Further, he decided to make a YouTube channel with the idea of uploading videos related to gaming.

He wanted to review and re-play his collection of old games on the platform.

Pete Dorr with his games collection (Image Source:

On 18th October 2006, Pete created his YouTube channel and uploaded his first video titled “Geometry Wars Xbox 360 Video Review.”

In the video, he explained why that game deserved more attention and should not be underrated.

Following that, he uploaded videos about the PacMan video game and Tempest 3000.

However, the YouTuber remained inactive on the platform for about two years after that.

Then in 2008, he came back again and named his channel- Pete’s Gaming Room.

Besides, his first comeback video was titled “4 RPGs to check out on Wii.”

From then on, he began to post videos regularly. And attended various gaming events to promote his channel.

By 2009, he had more than 5,000 subscribers to his channel, which was huge in those days.

Apart from YouTube, Pete has also worked as a moderator for the GameRankings website.

Moving To Twitch

The YouTuber started a Twitch channel on 4th January 2009.

He began by streaming games such as the Final Fantasy series, Troll and I, and The Legend of Zelda.

Further, he shared his childhood experiences of playing numerous console games like Virtual Boy, Atari Jaguar, Super Cassette Vision, etc.

Moreover, his favorite genres for streaming online are PRGs, Racing, and Platformers.

Besides, he specializes in PS1/PS2 games, which only Japan imports.

On Twitch, he plays multiple types of games, be it artsy, weird, or mysterious.

His fans seem to enjoy Pete’s interest in exploring various genres of games and not sticking to only one or two types.

Also, he has tried playing games as a speedrunner, which means the gamer has to complete a game in a record time.

Pete’s one of the most popular streams is eBay Hunting of Games, in which he searches for unique or rare copies of the games he wants to buy.

And after buying them, he unboxes them in front of his viewers to add to the curiosity.

As of now, he has more than 22.2k followers on Twitch while around 112k subscribers on YouTube.

The numbers are increasing every day, and he is more active on Twitch nowadays than on YouTube.

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Pete Dorr: Net Worth

The streamer is a famous face in the gaming community, and his craze among fans has allowed him to garner a good sum of money.

The net worth of Pete is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

His main source of income is YouTube, while his presence on Twitch also adds up to his existing net worth.

Pete Dorr: Personal Life

Pete does not like to shed light on his personal life.

Fans have time and again questioned his relationship status and whether he is a married man or not.

But all in vain as he only answers questions related to gaming and nothing about his private life.

Nevertheless, a female voice was heard by fans near Pete during one of his streams which led them to speculate that Pete has someone in his life as a girlfriend/wife.

Despite being asked multiple times, the popular YouTuber has opted to remain mum about the situation.

So far, Dorr has managed to stay away from all sorts of controversy and maintained a reputation.

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Social Media Presence

The YouTuber is available on most social media.

On YouTube, Pete has a loyal fan base of 112k subscribers.

Further, he has 21k followers on Twitch.

Talking of Instagram, the YouTuber has more than 1k people rooting for him, where he is rarely active.

Pete Dorr’s collection of games (Image Source:

Moreover, Pete created his Twitter account in December 2008 and has been able to amass more than 7k followers there.

He is quite active on Twitter in comparison to Instagram.

Dorr has been using his social media to promote the project Giana Kickstarter.

Random Facts About Pete Dorr

  • Pete used to be very shy about getting in front of the camera, but his exposure to YouTube made it go away.
  • He is left-handed.
  • One of his favorite movies is Princess Mononoke, which he has watched more than 40 times.
  • The YouTuber also has a blog under the name Pete’s Game Room.
  • The YouTuber is mostly active on Twitch rather than YouTube because it reminds him of how small the YouTube gaming community used to be when he started.
  • According to Pete, the small the audience, the better the interaction between the gamer and the viewers.
  • Pete loves to spend his spare time outdoors, visiting various gaming events such as games, etc.
  • Pete stated that he was thinking of moving to Japan for a few years in 2016.
  • The gamer followed all the new releases, including the first PCs from MS-Dos to today’s Windows 10, PlayStation one, and played on every Nintendo and Xbox console as well.
  • Pete was very close to his grandfather, who has sadly passed away.
  • Pete is not much of an animal person as he has never had a pet before.
  • The YouTuber is a huge Sonic The Hedgehog fan and has one of the world’s biggest Sonic The Hedgehog merchandise collections.


What is Pete Dorr’s clothing style?

Pete Dorr is often seen wearing T-shirts, especially black, and hoodies with prints on them.

What is ‘Retro Game Explorers’?

‘Retro Game explorers’ is a group of YouTube Streamers who search and play old retro games, of which Pete is also a part. His other groupmates are BovineDevine, WhatAboutBrunch, and Futzegovel.

Which is one of the most popular videos of Pete Dorr?

My Video Game Collection Room Tour” is one of the most popular YouTube videos of Pete Dorr.

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