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Prashant More: Early life, Championship & Net Worth

Prashant More is a professional Indian Carrom player. He is the back-to-back winner of the 2016 and 2018 Men’s Single Carrom World Champions.

Furthermore, he won multiple medals from playing carrom at district, state, national, and international levels.

Further, he is also an employee at the Reserve Bank of India. He got this job due to the sports quota. Hence, playing carrom has become his livelihood.

Prashant More Returning After Winning 2018 World title
Prashant celebrating his victorious win in the 2018 Carrom World Cup.

Moreover, the gold medalist played carrom from a very young age. Mostly, his passion for carrom came from his father, as he mentored him.

Aside from that, Prashant practices for eight to ten hours daily to stay at the top. He recognizes his strength and works hard to polish them every day.

Quick Facts

Here are few interesting facts about Prasant More.

Full Name Prasant Suryakant More
Birth Date March 1, 1991
Birth Place Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Mumbai, India
Nick Name None
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Hindu
Education K.C. College, Churchgate
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Suryakant More
Mother’s Name Sangeeta More
Sibling None
Age 33 Years Old
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Team Indian National Team
Sports Carrom
Award Shiv Chhatrapati Award
Profession Carrom-player
Coach Arun Kedar
Active Years 2011 to present
Marital Status Married
Not Available
Kids None
Net Worth Above $200 Thousand
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Carrom Equipment Carrom Board, Board Stand
Last Update May, 2024

Early Life, Family, and Education

Prashant More was born in Maharashtra, India. His parents are Suryakant More and Sangeeta More. His father is an income tax officer, and his mother is a housewife.

Further, his father was also a carrom player. Hence, he influenced More to learn and play this sport.

At the age of nine, Prasanth began playing the carrom. Not to mention, at this age, he had already set a dream to win a gold medal for India.

He initially trained under his father, learning his strikes, rebounds, and shot. Furthermore, at just the age of 14, he was offered a player’s scholarship from the Bank of India.

This opportunity opened doors for him to the national level. Therefore, he properly began to train alongside many great Indian carrom players.

Moreover, the world champion went to a local school in Maharashtra.

However, he had a job at an early age because of the scholarship. Due to which he wasn’t required to study further than high school.

Besides that, Prashant is Hindu and quite religious. Likewise, he embraces his culture and is proud to be a Hindu.

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Age, Height, and Weight

Prasant Suryakant More is 33 Years Old as of 2024.

Further, as his job and carrom are both indoor, so, he is slightly overweight. Nevertheless, he tries to include basic workouts in his daily schedule.

Furthermore, he is 5 feet 6 inches tall. However, his weight is not available.

Prashant More: Marriage and Kids

Prashant is married to an Indian girl. However, details regarding her name, profession, education, and many more are unknown.

Nevertheless, we do know that they are happily married couples.

Further, the professional player praises his wife, saying that she is the reason behind his success.

More posing with his family after winning the 2016 Carrom World Cup.

Moreover, she had always dreamt of him becoming a world champion. Hence, she always supported him in every turn of life.

Besides that, the couples do not have any kids till now. However, as happy as their marriage life is, we might hear baby cries very soon.

Prashant More: Carrom Career

Junior Year

More’s journey began with his father being a carrom player. He had every piece of equipment required to learn and practice the sport.

Further, his passion grew even more as he started competing in inter and intra-school carrom competitions.

Additionally, he has won altogether 27 titles across 4 events that are Under-12, Under-14, Under-18, and Youth carrom tournament events.

Hence, he was shining across Maharashtra state. So, due to this amazing performance, he got a scholarship from the Bank of India.

A scholarship from the Bank of India meant a job opportunity. Therefore by the age of 17, he already had a job and was financially helping his family.

Moreover, at the age of 18, he was already selected for the Indian team. Not to mention, that year, the two-time winner was the unanimous district champion, representing Ratnagiri.

Furthermore, he had already shown a lot of potential for the game. However, his experience was the main concern.

Although he was good, he never got to represent India in any international games that year.

Henceforth, he kept grinding to secure a position to win gold for his country.

Senior Year

National Cup

After deciding not to play, he quit practice and took a break for a year. Further, this break came to an end after he decided to play just a single tournament to test his skills.

Notably, he came top 6 in the competition, which was among the top emerging carrom candidates.

Hence, this win made him realize that his talent was a god’s gift.

However, due to him missing a year of practice, he couldn’t participate in any competition. Nevertheless, the banker started his practice immediately.

Furthermore, the carrom player keeps on participating and winning against multiple veterans in the nationals. Nonetheless, he could never reach the finals.

Moreover, some players get invited to the Indian team tryouts even after a loss in the nationals. Regardless of this, his maturity remained the main concern.

As a result, he couldn’t make it further than the nationals. Nonetheless, the grind was still on for winning and heading to the world cup.

2016 World Cup

At the age of 25, his time finally comes during the 2016 Inter-State Carrom competition. Further, he wins this competition and heads to the nationals.

Sadly, the professional lost the nationals in the semi-finals but got invited for selection trials of the Indian team.

More showing his trophy collection.

Moreover, here he beats the previous world champion Srinivas Komaravelli to secure a spot on the Indian roster.

Thus, this made him eligible to play for the 2016 World Carrom Cup in the United Kingdom.

Besides that, the World Cup powder is totally different from those used in the Indian nationals. Hence, he began practicing with the imported powder from the UK.

Also, he began to adapt himself to cooler temperatures as of the winter season in the UK. Finally, with enough practice and preparation, he heads to the World Cup.

Instantly, he dominated the board by winning multiple sets to reach the finals. Similarly, his teammate Riaz Akbar Ali also goes on a rampage to meet him in the finals.

They both had an amazing run. However, More comes out to be the better player.

Hence, he beats his teammate to win his very first gold medal at the 2016 World Cup.

Aside from that, he dreamt of winning a gold medal and seeing the London Bridge as a child. He fulfilled both dreams the same day. Thus, after winning, he headed straight to London bridge.

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2018 World Cup

After celebrating a victorious win, the carrom player then began to train for the next Carrom World Cup. Further, these world cups are held every two years.

Hence, with no rest, he began to prepare for the next tournament.

Like in 2016, he dominated the district, state, nationals, and tryouts to get selected for the Indian Team.

However, the Indian Carrom Federation decided to reject the entry list of the Indian team. This was done as an ad hoc committee member approved the list.

Per the rules, only an ICF member can approve the list. Nevertheless, upon the high court verdict, the judge quashed the rejection.

Thus, allowing the Indian team to participate in the tournament.

Moreover, Prashant was the favorite to win the title that year too. As expected, he successfully defended his title.

Likewise, upon winning the second world title, Maharashtra state awarded him the Shiv Chhatrapati award.

Prashant More Decided to Quit Carrom

During his junior year, the gold medalist was serving in the Bank of India-scholarship level 2011. He was 19-years-old during this period.

Further, due to the bank’s policy, his job was switched, and he worked in ONGC. This also affected his Indian Team selection as he was removed from the team.

Moreover, the carrom player was still playing carrom at the national level. Nevertheless, he remained jobless for 11 months after the removal.

Although he was trying to win gold for his country, he realized they didn’t care about him.

Furthermore, this realization ended with a decision to quit the sport to start a business.

Likewise, it had already been a year since the champion had quit the sport. Nonetheless, his father’s friend changed his mind not to waste his talent and rejoin the sport.

Due to the promise made to his father’s friends, he decided to play one tournament. Hence, with no practice for a year, he still managed to rank top 6.

He was 22-year-old when he decided to get back in the game. Similarly, within six to eight months, he got a job at the Reserve Bank of India.

Three years later, Prasant won his first world title. Hence, he is very thankful to his father’s friend, who changed his mind to rejoin the sport.

Prashant More: Net Worth and Salary

The player has built an impressive wealth amount through his carrom career. Not to mention, he also has a job as a banker in the Reserve Bank of India.

his estimated net worth is above $200 Thousand.

Furthermore, he received 97 lakh for his first title and 90 lakh for his second title from the Indian government.

Besides that, the professional earns a good salary as a non-reporting employee in the RBI.

However, his exact salary is unknown, but an average employee with his rank earns from ₹30,000 to ₹40,000.

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Prashant More: Social Media Presence

The gold medalist is quite active on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, he has over 1.2 thousand followers on Instagram.

The player mostly posts pictures alongside his family. Besides that, he also shares his life as a carrom player.

Not to mention he also has a picture with Sanjay Dutt, his favorite Indian actor.

Aside from that, he also has a Facebook account with over 4.6 thousand friends. He usually shares pictures of him on his Facebook handle.


What sport does Prashant More play?

The two-time gold medalist plays indoor sports named carrom, where he has to play multiple sets to win one round.

For how long does Prasahant practice carrom?

The professional player practices for at least eight to ten hours a day.

Where and When did More play his first carrom tournament?

Prashant played his first-ever carrom match in the year 2000 at Dadar’s Sharda Mangal Karyalay. Further, he won this tournament.

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