Eric Seevers Obituary

Eric Seevers Obituary: A Parkersburg Man Killed In Airplane Crash Marietta Ohio

Eric Seevers Obituary; In the Ohio State Highway Patrol crash, the officers discovered two people’s identities who died in a plane crash in Parkersburg.

Even though no information has been shared about the pilot’s identity, one 45-year-old and another 49-year-old were killed in the crash, OSHP says. They have been identified as Eric S. Seevers and Timothy F. Gifford.

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Who Are The Victims Of The Plane Crash? Obituary

The victim who suffered in the plane crash injury is Eric S. Seevers and Timothy F. Gifford. According to the authorities, the incident happened in Marietta, Ohio, on Tuesday morning at a car dealership parking spot.

Similarly, the official claimed that the victims were the pilot and the other passenger of the plane in the second area. After the investigation of the victim thoroughly, Eric S. Seevers is from Parkersburg, W.V., and Timothy F. Gifford hails from Orient, Ohio.

Officials give update on Marietta, Ohio plane crash leaving two dead
Officials give an update on Marietta, Ohio plane crash leaving two dead [Source- ABC 7 NewYork]
They were both in their 40s at the time of their death, and their family members were shocked by the incident.

Their well-wishers have shared condolences among the family members as they are mourning and grieving their loss. However, both of their obituaries have not been released yet.

When Did The Plane Crash Occur In Marietta, Ohio?

The dangerous plane crash in Marietta, Ohio, occurred around 7 in the morning, three milestones in the direction of the northeast of Parkersburg.

Thankfully, the press release has shared the statement about no injuries and death on the ground; however, various vehicles and properties had faced destruction.

On Wednesday, National Transportation Safety Board expressed at a press conference after having an investigation at the site.

The plane departed from John Glenn Airport in the morning at around 6;40. Similarly, after thirty minutes, the plane took off the accident occurred.

1974 Beechcraft King Air E90 aircraft was heading towards the Parkersburg Airport, which had talked to air traffic control, so the designated runway was cleared for a safe landing.

All the authority has played their roles effectively in the plane crash scene
All the authority played their roles effectively in the plane crash scene [Source- C.T. Insider]
After around a minute, the CCTV video showed the airplane turning down at different angles, steeply leaning toward the ground.

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Further Investigation In The Plane Crash Case

Along with the further investigation into the plane crash case, several media and the investigation authority have taken their place to know about the cause. 

As soon as the crash occurred, the authority relating to Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Marietta Police and Fire Departments, Reno Volunteer Fire Department, and Devola Volunteer Fire Department immediately came into action.

As the team is focused on finding the cause, they will release the information accordingly as soon as any kind of suspect comes out.

The authority is also looking for the root cause, whether it is the plane’s poor maintenance, the environment, or the pilot’s fault in the case. 

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