Rasika Mathur: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

After watching the latest episode of Wild ‘N Out, you must have already heard the name, Rasika Mathur. She has a recurring role in The MTV2 show.

Rasika Mathur is an American actress who has worked in films such as Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Clover field. Other than that, Rasika has earned her credits in lots of other films.

She has also released a comedic music album by the name of ‘The Sari Wrap,’ which was a hit. Rasika has also starred in Weed, and My Name is Earl and the L-word.

Rasika Mathur up close.

She is not only an actress but also a screenwriter and director. Rasika has her root in the Asian world.

Her parents are immigrants from India, and Rasika was raised in the United States.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the gorgeous actress Rasika Mathur.

Full name Rasika Mathur
Date of birth September 4th of 1976
Age 47 Years Old
Birthplace Houston, Texas, U.S.
Religion Hindu
Nationality American
Ethnicity Indian
Education University of Texas
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Virgo
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Spouse None
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $600 Thousand
Sexual Orientation Straight
Siblings None
Profession Actress and comedian
Current work Wild N’ Out
Nickname Rasika
Salary Unknown
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin
Debut year 2002 AD
Last Update April, 2024

Rasika Mathur: Early Life

Rasika Mathur was born on September 4th of 1976. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario of Canada, but she was raised and brought up in Houston, Texas.

Her father’s and mother’s name are completely unknown. Neither is the fact about their profession or whereabouts.

All that is known of her parents are they were Indian immigrants who moved to Canada and then settled down in Houston, Texas.

They are known to be Hindu in terms of religion and have acquired American citizenship since they move to the States.

The Actress with her family
The Actress with her family

Growing up, Rasika was a single child and was pampered a lot by her mother and father. They always gave her their full attention and care.

Rasika attended the Albright Alief Middle School in Texas. And then, for her high school education, she went to Elsik High School, which is also located in Texas.

She had revealed that it was in the seventh grade when she discovered her love for comedic writing.

It all started when she took care of one of her teacher’s dogs while she was in school, and the teacher encouraged her to take her acting classes.

And after that, her life was never the same. It felt as if her inner weirdo had finally found her home.

In an activity where the kids had to draws masks, she drew a lion. She said that there had always been something inside her quietly waiting to roar.

She soon poured out her silly character, funny voices, and hilarious wit in front of the entire class.

After graduating from high school, Mathur went to the University of Texas at Austin.

She majored in Creative Writing and minored in Japanese. In college, she was a part of the Student Association.

Rasika Mathur: Physical Appearance

Information about her height and weight isn’t available. However, Rasika has a lean and slick body.

She has brown hair. She has brown eyes with a brownish complexion.

Rasika Mathur: Personal Life

Rasika Mathur is an American citizen. She is Hindu in terms of religion and has an Indian background in terms of ethnicity.

Being born in September, she is a Virgo. Pertaining to her zodiac sign, Virgo tends to be a perfectionist and be meticulous and single-minded in their pursuits of improvement.

Virgos are known to be practical, sensible, and Loyal.

All these characteristics are well played out by Rasika, especially the perfectionist part, because she puts her soul and heart into everything she does.

Rasika likes to keep everything on the low and quiet, especially when it comes to her love life. She has kept it very private when it comes to who she is dating.

Despite being in her forties, she had no rumors of dating anyone. She is not married.

Maybe it is the fact that she wants to focus on her career right now and does not need a distraction.

Often after being married females are confined to a single narrative that she does not want to fall into.

Although we do hope when she decides to get married or even start dating someone, she will share the news with her fans.

Rasika Mathur: Career

After graduating from college, the actress moved to the windy city of Chicago. There she worked as a copywriter at a large advertising firm.

Despite her day job, she did not give up on her passion; she has a night class at The Second City Training Center.

In an interview, she said that;

I day jobbed and had an improv affair with the second city by the night and still have hickeys to prove it.

She also worked with the comedy group The Friday Stir Night. They are a Chicago-based Asian-American comedy sketch group that performs live.

Acting Career

Moving to Los Angeles and starting the career was not easy for her. She started her career by working in a noncredited part in the show called Next in the early 2000s.

She appeared on the first episodes of Free Ride and Stacked in 2005. Rasika played the role of Susan in Totally Real TV.

Rasika has starred in the first episodes of many shows. Some of them are My name is Earl, The L-word, the carpoolers, and Weeds.

She then got a part in Cloverfield and an Inconvenient Penguin as doctor Sumi in 2008. Rasika played the role of Fatima in the Taqwacores in 2009.

In 2011, she got a role as Emily’s assistant in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love.

She had been part of the show Wild ‘N Out from 2005 to 2013 until it was discontinued on MTV.

But when it was rebooted seven years later in 2020, she still got a part in it and is currently starring in it.

Music and Comedy Career

She made her debut with an album called The Sari Wrap.

The album consists of sixteen songs. The album starts with a song called I don’t practice enough and ends with The Sari Wrap.

This album has many sarcasm and puns related to the Indian-Americans and is a satire in its ways.

The whole album was released in November 2010. It was released by Rukus Avenue Records.

Rasika Mathur at a stand-up comedy show.

Talking about her comedy career, she works in a comedy sketch with Siblings of Doctor with Danny Pudi and Ranjit Souri.

She also directed, produced, and starred in a short film named Nilam Auntie: An International Treasure. She also wrote a short film.

Rasika has been doing stand-up comedy all over the country.

She says that her influences are Christopher Guest, Chevy Chase, Saturday Night Live, and In Living Color.

Mathur also cites Adam Sandler, Vincent Vaughn, Diane Keaton, and Woody Allen.

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Rasika Mathur: Net Worth

Rasika Mathur has many careers in her lifetime, from being a copywriter to an actress.

She has accumulated a good amount of fortune, all thanks to her career.

In the beginning phases, she struggled to make any money with acting, but her jobs got more steady and good-paying as time went on.

Rasika has a net worth of 600 thousand dollars.

Her actual salary is unknown since her jobs are very varied. But with the wealth she has amassed, we can be sure that she is living a quality life.

Rasika Mathur: Struggles

Life is not a movie, and things do not work out the way you want. After moving to LA, life was very difficult for Rasika. She clearly struggled to make ends meet.

She had opened about her struggles with the public. Rasika said that she was totally broke when she moved to LA and not in the way you’d think.

She had to consider before ordering at the restaurant while going out with her friends.

To make ends meet, she was living straight out of a car and working as a waiter.

She even worked as a clown at kid’s birthday parties and wore Dora The Explorer-shaped mascots.

She had served whiny customers at Starbucks.

Despite struggling so much, she did not give up on her dreams and her comedy. She said the improv classes at Groundlings kept her going through all that.

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Rasika Mathu:r Social Media

Rasika is very active in social media. She has an Instagram account with 14 thousand followers, and her Twitter account is currently deactivated.

She is also active on Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube.


Is Rasika Mathur married?

No, Rasika is not married yet and is still single.

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