Stephanie Hayden: Career, Crimes, Father & Net Worth

Women can undoubtedly do anything that a man can. This isn’t just a simple sentence but a proven statement. And countless women have kept this statement accurate. One of such women is Stephanie Marie Hayden Ford.

Stephanie is more than just a simple American woman. She is a professional gunsmith, firearms expert, entrepreneur, and actress of a fantastic reality show.

Stephanie Hayden Holding An AK-47
Stephanie Hayden Holding an AK-47

On the other hand, there has also been some negative news on the rise that involved Stephanie, her father, and her husband. As a result, the entire Hayden family has been criticized by the people.

Having said that, let us dig a little deeper into her personal life and unearth the events that took place in it.

Quick Facts

Before that, here are some quick facts about Stephanie Marie Hayden Ford:

Full Name Stephanie Marie Hayden Ford
Birth Date 22nd December 1984
Birth Place Louisiana, USA
Religion Not available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Not available
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Will Hayden
Mother’s Name Rachel Hayden
Siblings Not available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”12/22/1984″] Years Old
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 63 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Not available
Married Yes
Spouse Kris Ford
Ex-spouse William Scott
Children Three
Profession Reality Show Actress, Entrepreneur, Manager
Net Worth $500,000
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Stephanie Hayden: Early Life and Education

Stephanie prefers to keep most of her childhood information private due to various reasons. As a result, there isn’t much detail about it.

However, we know that this Caucasian grew up in the suburban parts of Louisiana, US. Moreover, it isn’t sure whether this American has any brothers or sisters.

Her father, Will Hayden, and her mother, Rachel Hayden, birthed her just days before Christmas.

To be more specific, Stephanie was born on 22nd December 1984. It is said that both her parents were separated when Stephanie was at a very young age.

From a very young age, Stephanie followed her father and learned about manufacturing and using guns.

She was deeply invested in firearms that she was appointed as her father’s guns showroom manager soon after completing her education.

As far as her education is concerned, Stephanie hasn’t shared this information with the public. Nonetheless, she appears to be very educated.

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Stephanie Hayden: Age and Body Measurement

Stephanie is currently [calculate_years datestring=”12/22/1984″] Years Old and is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs around 63 kg.

Her dark black hair and light brown eyes embellish her appearance even more. Above all, this firearms lover is blessed with impressive beauty.

Stephanie Hayden: Career and Interests

This [calculate_years datestring=”12/22/1984″] Years Old beauty has a wide array of professions and hobbies.

Reality Show

Many people and Stephanie’s fans recognize her as that badass character from the Discovery Channel’s hottest reality tv show, “Sons of Guns.”

This show aired back in 2011 and aired for five seasons until it came to an abrupt end in 2014.

Along with her husband and father, Stephanie played their respective characters extremely well in the show.

Family Business

Besides her career as a reality show star, she is also an independent entrepreneur and manager of her father’s gun manufacturing company, ‎Red Jacket Firearms.

She handles most of the paperwork involved in purchasing and selling firearms and keeps track of the orders.

Stephanie Hayden Ford standing
Stephanie Hayden Ford Standing With a Gun

She has been in this business since she was a teenager. Her father appreciates her love for guns.

As a result, she was appointed as a manager for Red Jacket Firearms.


After the TV series came to its end, Stephanie now runs her podcast called The Unbroken Truth on Spotify.

There, she shares her struggles with her fans and gives room for them to have their say.


Apart from her professions, Stephanie is also associated with the Voice of the Wetlands; a non-profit volunteer group focused on preserving wetlands in southern Louisiana.

This active American is also skilled at handling and using guns. She has been training in using guns ever since the age of five, taught by none other than her father.

Therefore, she is business personnel and a firearms expert whose favorite gun is the suppressed AK-47.

Furthermore, she has many other interests as well. She is fond of horse riding, rock climbing, photography, and blog writing.

Stephanie Hayden: Spouse

Stephanie has been married twice in her life. The American’s former husband was William Scott, with whom they had a son together.

The couple’s marriage couldn’t last very long as they both split due to unexplained reasons.

Later in 2011, Stephanie married her now-husband and the co-star of Sons of Guns, Kris Ford.

Stephanie Hayden posing for a photo with her husband kris ford at Red jacket firearms
Stephanie Hayden Posing For a Photo With Her Husband Kris Ford At Red Jacket Firearms

Much like Stephanie, Kris is also a gun expert who is currently working for Red Jacket Firearms.

He rose to the limelight due to his role in the series Sons of Guns, portraying a production manager’s character.

The former cast members tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

Stephanie Hayden: Children

The gunsmith’s daughter has a total of three children; two sons and a daughter. However, their children’s names have not been publicly disclosed.

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Stephanie Hayden: Father and Accusations

The father of this firearm’s specialist is [calculate_years datestring=”06/24/1965″] Years Old William Michale Hayden.

This former American gunsmith is the owner of Red Jacket Firearms. Moreover, he is also a former US Marine and television personality.

Sons of Guns

Sons of Guns is also known as the brainchild of Will Hayden as he was the one who came up with the idea of making a reality series.

This series mainly covered the gun manufacturing and selling process.

However, his reality show was canceled due to multiple allegations that hit Will and his family individually.

This created a negative impact on the stars and the show itself.

As a result, the show was canceled in 2014. Their last episode was “Red Jacket Rises.”


In 2014, the Hayden family was struck with multiple charges. Stephanie’s father was convicted of numerous sexual assaults on underage girls.

Although Stephanie initially denied her father’s accusations, now she has opened up about her father’s misbehavior toward her and other little girls.

She accused Will of molesting and forcible rape to her when she was only 12 years.

In an interview in Dr. Phil, shе brоkе dоwn іn tеаrѕ and tried to ѕhоw rеmоrѕе аnd ехсuѕеѕ fоr nоt рrоtеѕtіng аgаіnѕt her father’s аbuѕе.

It is not sure if her sentiments were genuine at all because many реорlе have slammed her for ѕhеddіng fake сrосоdіlе tеаrѕ on the set.

In the beginning, it may have seemed as if Stephanie had a good relationship with her father, but this wasn’t entirely true.

No matter what, Will Hayden is currently receiving three life sentences and is now spending the rest of his life at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Apart from this, in 2014, Stephanie and her spouse ran into trouble when they were charged for child abuse of Stephanie’s son from her previous relationship.

The couple was accused of assault by none other than Stephanie’s ex-husband, William Scott.

William claims that Kris used his belt to hit his child, leaving a heavy bruise on the child’s thigh and buttocks, while Stephanie stood and watched without caring or attempting to stop the abuse.

The couple went to jail, but the case never reached trial. Hence, they were later bailed out.

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Stephanie Hayden: Net Worth

From her profession as a tv series actress and by being the manager of her family’s business, it is estimated that Stephanie Hayden’s net worth is roughly above $500K.

Likewise, her husband’s net worth is also estimated to be the same margin as his wife’s.

Stephanie Hayden: Social Media Presence

The [calculate_years datestring=”12/22/1984″] Years Old is actively present and vocally open on her social media accounts.

On Instagram, she has gained over 9.3K followers. There, she mostly posts her selfies, glimpses of her work, photographs, and pictures of her family.

On Facebook, she is found by her blog name, “Walk Unbroken.” She shares motivating thoughts and quotes with everyone. Also, she promotes her podcast and her non-profit organization.

Speaking of the non-profit organization, Walk Unbroken is a newly opened entity by Stephanie Hayden.

She shares the struggles of her life and encourages other people to share their difficulties. In addition, she also sells apparel with unique graffiti.

The firearms expert also has her own YouTube channel named “Stephanie Marie.”

Her YouTube channel has short videos of her performing her daily life routine.

Apart from this, the American once had her own official TikTok account, “Hey Stephanie,” where she made videos with her buddy Michelle Bullard.

However, her account was unexpectedly banned around the end of August 2020. The exact reason behind this is still a mystery.

From being groped by her father to being held in custody for alleged child abuse, Stephanie Hayden has been through many highs and lows in her life.

Moreover, the personal life of this multitasking woman is complicated.

Nonetheless, Stephanie now lives a serene life away from the media and spends plenty of quality time with her family.


What’s the new name of Red Jacket Firearms?

The new name of Red Jacket Firearms is Meaux Guns and Ammo.

Why was Sons of Guns canceled?

Sons of Guns is a reality Tv series that aired between 2011 and 2014 on the Discovery Channel.

Moreover, the show was canceled on 27th August of 2014 after five seasons due to the arrest of Hayden on sexual charges.

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