Rutledge Wood Weight Loss

Rutledge Wood Weight Loss Journey: Diet Plan And Workout

Rutledge Wood Weight Loss journey has inspired many fans because of his hard work and determination. Moreover, many are eager to know about his diet plan and workout routine.

Rutledge Wood is a renowned American motorsport auto racing analyst and also a Television show host. He was born on the 22nd of April, 1980, and was a sports car racing enthusiast from a very young age.

Rutledge was a well-known racer who was recognized for his deep knowledge of auto-racing motorsport and expert driving skills. He was the winner of the pro category in Long Beach Toyota Celebrity Race with Adam Carolla in 2013.

Talking about the TV personality’s works, along with Adam Ferrara and Tanner Foust, Wood got the opportunity to serve as one of the three best hosts in the debut of History’s Top Gear on the 21st of November, 2010.

The auto racing analyst became well-known very soon as a TV host when he became one of the hosts for a widely known Nascar race trackside-themed show hosted in 2013. Before that, in 2007, he also hosted a Speed Road Tour Challenge. 

Moreover, the racer’s hosting skills were admired by his fans and followers when he caught the attention of everyone by hosting a show under Netflix, popularly known as Floor Is Lava and The American Barbecue Showdown.

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Rutledge Wood Weight Loss Journey

Many fans of the famous auto racer analyst have noticed his big change in physical appearance, especially his body weight. Based on some web sources, he has drastically lost weight by about 60 to 70 pounds which was a very hard thing to do.

Rutledge Wood’s weight was around 136 Kg before which was a major factor in putting him a risk of negative health conditions.  However, he managed to work out his weight and successfully came down to weigh around 80 kg. 

Rutledge Wood Weight Loss
Rutledge Wood’s first photo after his weight loss transformation. (Source: Twitter)

Also, he shared a picture of himself after his weight loss transformation on Twitter. Moreover, it was all because of his commitment and determination to get healthier and fit which eventually helped him enhance his health and confidence  

The TV show host had to lose weight and become free from obesity as it was causing a lot of uncomfortness in his day-to-day life and it was also affecting his health. However, his hard work was all worth his body transformation and continuity of living a healthy lifestyle.

Rutledge Wood Diet Plan And Workout

After, the successful weight loss transformation of the auto racing analyst, may wonder about his diet plan and workout routine. However, there are no exact details but looking at his physical change he sure had to follow strict diet plans.

Rutledge had to cut off his bad eating habits, he was a very big foodie. however, he pushed hard off the limits controlling his way of eating. He also shared that his wife, Rachel Wood helped him to maintain his diet strictly and avoid getting distracted by the fast foods that he loved to eat.

Rutledge Wood Weight Loss
Rutledge Wood playing golf with his friend. (Source: Instagram)

He also might have got the help of a personal trainer in order to lose weight who gave him correct guidance on fitness plans and different exercises to burn excess fats.   

The TV show host was proud that he pulled off losing weight which was once looked impossible thing to do for him. He had to entirely change his lifestyle in order to change himself. Further, he was thankful to his lovely wife who supported and motivated him in both his career and weight loss journey.

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