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Alison Young QVC Accident: What Happened To Her? Illness And Health Update

Alison Young is a resident beauty consultant for QVC in the United Kingdom. She has created treatments and educated employees for prestigious companies like Clarins, LancĂ´me, and Harrods. 

She now combines her training and in-depth product knowledge to provide millions of QVC viewers with professional guidance.

It’s no wonder Alison Young is one of the most renowned and skilled authorities in the beauty industry. After all, she treated A-list celebrities before the term “celebrity beauty therapist” was even coined, and she’s been at the forefront of customer service, bespoke prescriptions, and treatments for 30 years.

Alison Young QVC Accident: What Happened To Her?

Alison Young experienced a “minor mishap” in august 2022 that resulted in a fractured neck and other injuries. This incident was reported on his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

Alison Young injury
Alison thanked NHS for saving her life after her neck injury.
Source: Twitter.

The presenter expressed gratitude to NHS London for saving her life in her post, even if she withheld the specifics of what happened and how it occurred.

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Sadly, Alison is always getting sick or having accidents because she has had headaches since she was a young child and also had chronic health problems.

Alison Young Illness And Health Update

Alison Young seldom discusses her struggles with chronic health conditions and migraines, which started when she was a young child after an accident involving a horse.

She also experiences chronic pain daily due to numerous injuries and illnesses. In her own words, she struggles with the medication that keeps her alive.

Due to numerous injuries and diseases, Alison Young deals with chronic pain daily.

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She has been able to control her eczema to a certain extent by carefully checking the components of the products she uses. Still, her psoriasis, an auto-immune disease, worsens with age. Her childhood fall from a horse left her with migraines that have been more difficult to cure.

Alison Young Career

There is no doubt that Alison’s career spans more than two decades and that she has accomplished a lot.

Young has worked with a wide range of clientele throughout her career in the beauty industry, from common people to A-list celebrities. As part of her employment, she has evaluated a variety of cosmetics and served as a consultant to tens of thousands of international customers.

Alison Young career
Alison Young on The Beauty Knowledge chatting about hair Types.
Source: Instagram

Her routine entails working with well-known beauty businesses to test new methods and items for her brands.

Alison is a strong proponent of at-home and natural beauty remedies and is passionately opposed to utilizing injectables and plastic surgery unless they are essential.

She has worked with some of the greatest companies, training the employees at L’Oreal and Lancome in some of her most well-known procedures.

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In addition to acting as a teacher at L’Occitaine, Aveda, and ESPA, she has worked as a facialist for places like Grayshott Hall Medical Spa and Harrods Salon.

Young has developed strong relationships with many of these brands and has become an important team member thanks to her perseverance and hard work.

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