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Who Is Dante Zia Partner? His Unrequited Love, Dating And Relationships

Dante Zia partner and love life are equally interesting to fans, as is the life of the talented and handsome chef. Ever since gaining popularity from the Swedish Master Chef, Zia’s fanbase has only grown.

Born on the 19th of February 1993 in the Hyby parish in Malmöhus county, Dante Zia is a Swedish chef and presenter.

Zia was raised in a Swedish-Italian home in Holmeja, Scania, with five other siblings. He is the elder brother of popular Swedish singer Oscar Zia.

In 2022, the brothers co-hosted a reality show for TV4 named Weekend hos Zia. Though Dante is a civil engineer by profession, he was always interested in cooking.

Zia’s talent for food and cooking was recognized when he bagged sixth place in the Swedish Master Chef. Since then, he has continued making appearances on TV shows.

He was a presenter on SVT’s Summer Vacation (2021–2022) and a baking expert in Fixarfesten, among other kid-friendly shows. He has also prepared meals for TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon.

Who Is Dante Zia Partner? His Unrequited Love And Relationships

Information on Dante Zia partner and whether he is single are questions fans have been looking for answers to for a long time.

However, there is not much known about his love life or relationships.

Despite being very active on social media and extremely good at keeping fans and followers up-to-date with his life, Dante has done a spectacular job keeping his personal life private.

Dante’s social media platforms include tons of videos of delicious food, his lifestyle, friends, and family.

One can learn a lot about him from his online presence but not much about Dante Zia partner. In February 2016, Dante’s brother Oscar Zia came out as gay.

Dante has been very supportive of his younger brother’s truth from the moment Oscar revealed his truth.

Dante Zia and Oscar Zia
Apart from working together now and then, the Zia brothers share a beautiful and strong bond. (Source: Instagram)

Seeing how compassionate Dante was towards Oscar, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Dante Zia partner was also male.

Dante has never confirmed or denied these assumptions fans seem to have.

After some serious intensive research, we came across an interview with a short dialogue about Dante Zia partner and love life. The handsome chef briefly talks about his love life, saying it is complicated.

Though he does not disclose names, Dante hints that what he had was unrequited love and that his feelings were not mutual.

As there is no information about his current partner or previous partners, it is pretty clear how important privacy is for Dante.

He has truly made a lot of effort to protect the identities of people involved with him.

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Everything To Know About Dante Zia

As mentioned above, Dante Zia is a Swedish chef and a broadcaster.

Even though Dante is a successful chef now, he was trained as an engineer and would probably have a career there if it weren’t for the Swedish Master Chef.

Dante and his brother Oscar, a popular singer and TV host in Sweden, co-hosted a reality show called Weekend hos Zia, which translates to ‘Weekend with Zia’ in 2022.

Dante and Oscar Zia's reality show
Weekend hos Zia premiered on October 4, 2022. (Source: Instagram)

The show was filmed at the Zia family farm in Feltre, northeastern Italy.

The brothers would invite famous celebrities to their farmhouse for a weekend full of good food, music, and philosophical conversations.

Other than his work in TV, like the Swedish Master Chef, Summer Vacation, Fixaräventyret, etc., Dante has also written and published two cookbooks.

As it is aimed at children and young adults, these books, Pasta al Dante (2020) and Dante’s Best Food (2023), are easy to follow and helpful for beginner cooks.

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