Sara Calaway, Ex-Wife of Undertaker

Sara Calaway: WWE, Kids, Stalker, Divorce & Net Worth

Many women are determined to make their way away from their husband’s spotlight. Sara Calaway is one of those phenomenal women who have created a name of her own.

Sara is one of those amazing, strong women who can be an inspiration to many of us.

She is athletic, strong, and will take down anyone who comes in her way (literally).

Despite being married to that one famous man, she did not let her marriage define her. Instead, she was set to create her destiny.

Sara Calaway with her Ex-Husband, Mark Calaway(Undertaker)

Sara Calaway is an American Wrestler, WWE Diva, Actress, and TV star. She is the second wife of WWE superstar Mark Calaway.

Do you want to know more about Sara? If yes, please read this article until the end.

In this article, we will be talking about early life, education, net worth, career, relationships, and more about Sara Chirie Frank, mostly known by her stage name Sara Calaway.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on Sara Calaway:

Full Name Sara Chirie Frank
Birth Date July 21, 1977
Birth Place Long Beach, California, USA
Residence California, USA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Nick Name Sara Charlie
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Education Not Available
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Caroll E. Frank
Mother’s Name Karen Frank
Siblings None
Age 43 years
Height 5 ft 10 inches (1.78m)
Reach Not Available
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Lean, Mesomorph
Profession Wrestler, Actress, Valet
Movies Brothers of Destruction
Awards None
Marital Status Married
Spouses Mark Calaway (m. 2000 – 2007), Jason Schnuit (m. 2009)
Spouse’s Profession Actor, Writer
Children 2: Chasey Calway, Gracie Calaway
Net Worth 200 thousand dollars
Social Media Twitter
Notable Feuds
Diamond Dallas Page
Mark’s Merch WWE: Undertaker-The Last Ride, Funko Pop
Last update
May 2024


Sara Calaway: Early Life, Parents, and Education

On July 21, 1977, Sara was born in Long Beach, California. She was born to her father, Caroll E. Frank, and mother, Karen Frank.

Her full name at birth was Sara Chirie Frank, and it is said that she spent her entire childhood in her home city.

It is said that she does not have any siblings. Besides, she went to a local school in Long Beach and was interested in wrestling from a young age.

However, whether she attended any college or even graduated from school.

Likewise, Sara has chosen not to speak much about her personal life, including childhood.

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Sara Calaway: Body Measurements, Body Type, and Ethnicity

Sara stands about 5 feet 10 inches tall, about 1.78 meters in the American measurement system. She weighs about 60 kg (132 pounds).

Also, she has a lean, slender body like almost all athletic women. Her body type is mesomorphic, which gives her a slim look.

However, she has a robust and muscular body.

Calaway belongs to the Caucasian white ethnicity.

She has blonde hair and is blessed with light brown eyes.

Sara Calaway: Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce, and Kids

Sara lives a very private life. She does not open much about her personal life and whereabouts. Yet, we can gather a lot of information on her through various sources.

Sara Calaway and Mark Calaway

Sara is the second wife of the famous wrestler Mark Calaway, known as The Undertaker.

Who is Mark Calaway?

Mark Calaway is an American professional wrestler. However, he is better known by his ring name, The Undertaker.

He is a seven-time World Heavyweight Champion and has acted in several movies, including Survivor Series, Beyond the Mat, Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon.

He started his professional career in 1984.

How they met

Mark was already an established wrestler when they met. Mark Callaway was at the peak of his career, and Sara was just a girl next door.

She met The Undertaker while working as a babysitter for two kids who were his fan. Those two children wanted to see the wrestler in Sara’s own words.

Thus, she took them to get his autographs in San Diego.

Their eyes met, and they fell in love at first sight. Mark then asked Sara out on a date, and they tied the knot on July 21, 2000.

That day was Sara’s 23rd birthday and her wedding to her first love. How exciting!


Sara and Mark dated for more than a year before marriage. She was Mark’s #1 supporter during the course and was present during his matches.

After marriage, Sara became the Undertaker’s professional valet and came into the limelight for it.

However, she was also threatened by many people after coming to fame.

Consequently, their 7-year long marriage came to an end in 2007. The couple has not disclosed the reason yet.

However, the grounds are said to be misunderstandings between the two.

Mark had Sara’s name tattooed on his neck, which after divorce, he covered up.

He now has tattooed his two daughters’ names on his neck.

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Sara Calaway and Jason Schnuit

Sara remained single for over a year after splitting with Mark. She finally met American writer Jason Schnuit in 2008.

Sara and Jason dated for a year before tying the knot on April 14, 2009.

They have been happily ever after and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2019.

Who is Jason Schnuit?

Jason Schnuit was born in 1972 on August 17. He is an American writer and actor.

Schnuit is not really in the public eye. However, he has acted in several movies, including Virgins of Sherwood Forest and Burning Desires.

Additionally, he has been a part of Tv shows like Lady Chatterley’s Stories, True Lives, etc.

Jason also is a writer; his notable publications include Time Traveller Level 1, My Piano Book’ A,’ etc.

Sara Calaway: Kids

Sara has two kids with her ex-husband Mark Calway. Her two daughters are named Chasey Calway and Gracie Calaway.

Chasey is the oldest of two and was born on November 21, 2002. She is currently 18 years old.

Gracie is Sara’s younger daughter and was born in 2005. Currently, Gracie is 15 years old. These two girls don’t like being in the public eye like their mother.

Nevertheless, Chasey made a video talking about her dad. She also has a Twitter account on which she tweeted, “Mark Calaway is my dad. If you disrespect me, I will block you.”

She is utilizing her dad’s name and fame quite a bit!

Sara, however, has no kids with her current husband, Jason.

Sara Calaway: Career

She has made her name as a wrestling Valet, a one-time Wrestler, and an actor.

Wrestling Valet

Sara worked as a professional wrestling Valet for two years. She was a valet for her then-husband, The Undertaker.

A valet in wrestling is a supporting character paired with a wrestler.

It usually refers to a physically attractive woman accompanying a wrestler.

Being a Valet gave her a lot of fame and sponsorships. However, it also drew her many stalkers, especially those with feuds with the Undertaker.

Yet, her professional career started in 2001 as a wrestler. Sara is not an actual wrestler, but she did make her first WWE appearance as a wrestler.

Sara chose to live a quiet life until a stalker captured a series of footage of Sara doing everyday things. It is how she was known to the public.

It created fear and a sense of insecurity in Sara and Mark, and they decided to find out about the stalker anyhow.

After a week, The stalker was found, and his name was Diamond Dallas Page.

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How it Started

Diamond Page wanted to wrestle with The Undertaker, but Sara decided to take the matter into her own hands.

As said earlier, Diamond did not care about Sara, and he was sorry about the stalking. After all, he only did it to make an impact and be “the biggest dog in the yard.”

However, Sara challenged the newcomer to a match. It came as a surprise cause Sara had never wrestled before.

Fans were not convinced Sara could take Diamond Page down.

But with the help of her husband, Mark, Sara was able to win over her stalker.

It gave her even more recognition, and this time with respect.

Sara, during her match with Diamond Dallas Page.

The win also gathered her sponsorships and interviews, and Sara created her name.

WWE Raw and More

Sara then made her appearance in the American Television Special King of the Ring in 2001. Likewise, she also wrestled in WWE Raw.

She also competed in the TV sports special Summerslam in 2001.

Movie Appearances

Sara made regular appearances in TV shows and documentaries from 2001-to 2002. In addition, she was featured in WWE Divas: Sex on the Beach in 2002.

Furthermore, she was a guest star in WWE-Undertaker: This is My Yard. Additionally, she can be seen in documentaries like WWE: Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain and WWE: Allied Powers- The World’s Greatest Tag Teams.

Recently, Sara appeared in a movie inspired by Mark Calaway and his half-brother Kane.

The movie is called Brothers of Destruction. Mark and Kane were known as the Brothers of Destruction.

They feuded and teamed together on and off from 1997.

Kevin Dunn directed the movie. In addition to Mark, Kane, and Sara, many WWE superstars appeared in the show, including Edge.

The film was released on November 15, 2020.

Thus, the movie documentary gave Sara recognition as an actor.

Sara Calaway: Controversies – Diamond Dallas Page

Sara was talked about daily by the stalker. So, Mark and Sara decided to find the stalker.

After weeks, the stalker was found. His name was Diamond Dallas Page. The man notably wanted to create disputes with the Undertaker.

After this, DDP confessed that he had stalked Sara to create puzzles and confusion in public.

He also said that he knew Mark would be looking for him and would call him over for a match.

In his mind, this would make a glorious debut in his career. And that’s for sure; I mean, who gets to start their wrestling career with a match with the great Undertaker?

Sara decides to wrestle the stalker, and she wins the match. It is how she started her wrestling career.

Sara Calaway: Net Worth

Sara Calaway has an estimated net worth of approximately $200,000.

She made her fortune as a WWE Diva sponsorships, advertisements, documentaries, TV shows, and movies.

Her yearly salary can exceed up to 80K dollars. Now a full-time mom, Sara uses all her fortunes to raise her two little girls.

Sara Calaway: Social Media

Sara has a Twitter account she created in 2012. Yet, it has only about a few hundred followers as she is not active. Her handle is @CalawaySara.

Nevertheless, there are WWE fan pages all over Twitter and Instagram, and they have not forgotten Sara.

Sara Calaway: FAQs

Here are some FAQs on Sara Calaway

Is Sara Calaway dead?

No, Sara is very much alive. But unfortunately, she does not make public appearances anymore.

Where is Sara Calaway now?

Paparazzi have pictured Sara on several occasions in California, so we can say that Sara is currently living in California with her husband.

What does Sara Calaway do now?

As per sources, Sara is a full-time mom now and supports her writer-husband.

Does Sara have any children with his current husband?

No, Sara and Jason don’t have a child together.

We hope the couple will be blessed with a child soon!

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