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Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky Relationship Timeline, Are They Dating? Family And Net Worth

Fans are curious to know about Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky’s relationship. Are They Dating? Read to find out more.

Zoe Chao is an Actress from Providence, Rhode Island. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, Mia Lidofsky is a filmmaker who has worked on films like “Girls” and “Nurse Jackie.”

Mia was also born in Providence, Rhode Island, and presumably brought up there. 

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The two have worked closely in the new show “Strangers,” wherein Zoe plays the main character, and Mia is the show’s creator.

“Strangers” is about 20-year-old Isobel, who tries to navigate her life and queer identity amid the hustle of Los Angeles and New York.

Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky Relationship Timeline: Are They Dating?

Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky met each other when they were three, in kindergarten.

The two are still friends three decades later and have worked closely together on many occasions.

Their latest project is a T.V. show called “Strangers,” which Mia created and Zoe acts in.

Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky
Zoe Chao (left) with Mia Lidofsky (center) at Sundance. (Source: Instagram)

Zoe is the protagonist of the show, Isobel – a bisexual woman with biracial roots.

Because of her role as a queer person, many people have quickly believed that Zoe Chao and Mia Yang are dating.

The two are childhood friends who are very close, but they are not dating.

Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky Family: Who Are They?

Zoe Chao was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on September 19, 1985.

While she has not revealed her parents’ names, she has stated that her mother is of Irish descent while her Father is a second-generation Chinese-American.

However, aside from her parents’ ancestry, the Actress has yet to provide details about their names and work.

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It has not been determined if Zoe has any siblings.

As for Mia Lidofsky, the filmmaker has yet to state her date of birth explicitly, but seeing as how she was in the same grade as Zoe; we assume she was born in 1985 as well. 

Mia Lidofsky is married to film director Celia Rowlson-Hall. The two got married in September 2018. 

Mia Lidofsky
Mia Lidofsky with her wife, Celia Rowlson-Hall. (Source: Vogue)

Mia seems very private and, as such, hasn’t revealed anything about her parents to the media.

In addition, she has also yet to reveal whether she has any siblings.

What Is Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky Net Worth?

According to sources, Zoe Chao’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Her debut in Hollywood was marked by a very small role in “My Girlfriend’s Abroad.”

However, after her first movie, the actress climbed the ranks quickly and made her way to high-grossing films and T.V. shows.

She has worked in fourteen T.V. shows and played the central role in eight of them. As such, her wealth has increased considerably after playing these roles.

Not only that, but her minor roles in movies have paid off very well for the actress.

She has also had a few brand deals throughout her career, which, again, have contributed to her total wealth.

Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky
Zoe Chao (right) and Mia Lidofsky (second from right) at The Metrograph Theatre for the Success Party of “Strangers.” (Source: Zimbio)

As for Mia Lidofsky’s net worth, it is assumed to be $1 million.

She has worked on movies like “Girls” and “Nurse Jackie” with her wife, Celia Rowlson-Hall.

The filmmaker still needs to make high-grossing movies, so her net worth remains relatively low.

However, she has stated that she has many projects up her sleeve, and they are predicted to do well following her success on “Strangers.”

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Both Zoe Chao And Mia Lidofsky’s net worth rose after the release of “Strangers.”

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