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Sarah Jade: Dave Bautista, Divorce & Net Worth

Whether it be the world of wrestling or Hollywood movies, you must have heard the name of Dave Bautista. Dave Bautista had three marriages, and one of his recent ones was to Sarah Jade.

Even though Sarah Jade came into the limelight after her marriage with Dave Bautista, she has achieved a lot independently.

Sarah has surely come a long way from practically knowing nothing in dancing and becoming a professional pole and aerial dancer. Jade just started pole dancing at the age of eighteen.

Sarah Jade
Sarah Jade in person.

Sarah Jade never had a head start in her life, and she comes from a home of humble beginnings.

Whatever she achieved in her life, she has worked immensely for it. And in this article, you will find all that you need to know about her.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts, just if you did not know about the beautiful artist Sarah Jade.

Full name Sarah Jade
Date of birth December 12th of 1987
Age [calculate_years datestring=”12/12/1987″] Years Old
Birthplace Tampa, Florida, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of South Florida
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 121 lbs
 Ex-Spouse Dave Bautista
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Profession Professional Dancer
Business name Buttercup Pole Dance Studio
Net Worth $200,000
Nickname Sarah
Salary Not Available
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Debut year 2011 AD
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Sarah Jade: Early Life

Sarah Jade was born on December 12th of the year 1987. She was born in Tampa, Florida, in the United States of America. She was raised and brought up in Florida.

Her father’s and mother’s name are not known, nor has she released any information regarding their professions or whereabouts.

After reviewing her social media posts, it is clear that she is extremely close with her mother. She often writes posts regarding her love for her mother and appreciates her for being a good mother.

There is no knowledge regarding her siblings, and it seems like she was a single child in her family.

Being a single child come with its perks of being more loved and getting a lot of attention. Sarah was well cared for in her childhood days.

Sarah Jade comes from middle-class family background. From what it seems like there were not struggling to make their ends meet but were living a quality life.

From what we could gather, Sarah never took any dancing classes as a teenager. She calls herself a self-taught dancer.

She told the press that while working at a strip club as a bartender, her interest in pole dancing peaked, and she started practicing.

Sarah started watching videos of Alethea Austin and Karol Hems for pole dancing tips.

At first, it began as nothing more than a pastime hobby for Sarah Jade. She even went online to buy her first pole and learned from videos on YouTube.

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We do not know where Sarah went to high school for her high school. But we can confirm that she graduated since she went to college.

Despite developing an affinity for pole dancing and possibly considering a career in it, Sarah still never left her path for education. Sarah went to the University of South Florida.

At the University of South Florida, she studied majors in sociology. She graduated cum Laude in the year 2011; she graduated with a distinction in her degree. Thus, Sarah was exceptionally good even at her studies.

After graduating from college, she wanted to pursue pole dancing at a professional level.

She started taking classes for professional dancing. One of her notable teachers was Zoraya Jude, who is a professional pole and aerial dancer.

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Sarah Jade: Physical Appearance

Sarah is just five feet and three inches, and she weighs somewhere around 121 lbs. She has a perfect shape and a very flexible body.

Sarah Jade Pole dancing.

She has brown eyes color, and her original hair color is brown. But she likes to keep changing her hair colors to vivid colors such as pink or blue. Sarah has a fair complexion.

Personal Life

Sarah Jade is an American citizen. When it comes to religion, Satah follows Christianity. And she is caucasian when it comes to her ethnicity.

Being born in December, she is a Sagittarius. Pertaining to her zodiac sign, she is optimistic, fair-minded, honest, and intellectuals. Sagittarius people love traveling and are very fun to talk to.

They love socializing and are told to be one of the best conversationalists. Sarah is known to be an extrovert, and all of the mentioned traits can be seen in her.


Sarah Jade was married to Dave Bautista. Dave Bautista is a former wrestler and MMA fighter who has now turned into an actor.

He became popular when he signed to the WWF. He is a six-time world champion.

Currently, Dave has been seen in movies such as Blade Runner, Guardians of the galaxy volume 1 and 2, Avengers Endgame, etc.

Before marrying Sarah, Dave was married twice to Glenda and Angie. he has three children from his previous marriages and also has a grandchild.


Despite having an age gap of over twenty years, Sarah and Dave did not care what others thought or said about them. They were madly in love since the moment they met.

Both of them are what people call fitness enthusiasts and are big dog lovers.

Sharing such common interests made them an instant catch to one another. And when Dave got on his knees to propose to Sarah, she did not even flinch before saying yes.

The couple got married in the October of 2015. The wedding ceremony was very private and was only attended by close family and friends.

On her wedding day, Sarah wore a greek inspired wedding gown with a shimmering headpiece.

The wedding dress was an ivory sleek gown that was sleeveless to flaunt her tattoos on her arms. Dave Bautista looked very presentable in his well-fitted black tux.

Sarah Jade
Sarah and Dave at their wedding.

It seemed like all was right with the couple and their married life for the next few years.

However, things were not good as they seemed, and just after four years of marriage, the couple decided to call quits on their marriage.

Despite having such a romantic start to their life together, something went wrong. The couple announced that they were getting a divorce in 2019.

Fans also noticed this before they even announced it since the couple removed each other’s pictures from their respective social media.

Reportedly Dave removed his tweet regarding their wedding.

From what we could gather, the divorce was not due to infidelity as there were no rumors of any sort of affair. They had pets together, but they did not have any kids together.

New Boyfriend

After sharing about their split on Twitter, Dave Bautista did not reveal furthermore about their separation. From what it seems that, he has moved on.

But so has Sarah Jade, since she has been dating someone after a few months of her break-up.

She has not revealed the man’s name but seems to be hanging out with him a lot.

On her social media, she even posted pictures from their trip to France as a throwback on February 2nd of 2020.

She then went on to post about him the same month on the 26th about their trip to Colorado by captioning it, ‘Take me back to Colorado.’

It seems like she is very happy in her new relationship.

Sarah Jade: Career

After taking professional dancing classes for a year, she decided to compete in the Florida Pole Dancing Championship in 2012. In the competition, she won the title of the Most Athletic.

Then in 2013, she entered a similar dancing competition where she got the title of Most Athletic once again.

She took part in the USPDF Amateur nationals in 2011 and 2012. In the 2012 competition, she won second place.

She also participated in the Florida pole and aerial art showcase from 2011 to 2016.

Over the years, she also took part in the Pole show LA Soloist and Nude nite aerialist.

One of her biggest achievements was winning the title of Miss Pole Dance America in 2016. Sarah is also a certified AFAA fitness instructor.

Sarah is also an entrepreneur and opened up her own dance studio by the name of Buttercup Pole Dance.

Buttercup Pole Dance studio is located in her hometown of Florida and started very small at 900 sq. ft in 2011.

But after that, she started gaining more fans, her business also grew, and Buttercup Pole Dance studio had to expand.

The studio has been running for close to a decade now and has expanded to 42000 square feet in its area.

Sarah wants to create not only a business but a family. She wants to create a friend circle between her clients and workers. She even created her own merchandise line for her studio.

Buttercup studio has various apparatus and membership present for the benefit of its clients.

The membership can range from monthly to unlimited. Sarah spends most of her time working on the growth of her studio and promoting the benefits of pole and aerial dancing.

Sarah Jade: Net Worth

Jade earns money mostly from her pole dancing career and her business.

She is also the face of the brand called Bad Kitty. Bad Kitty is a brand that features almost all the materials you need for pole dancing.

Sarah has a net worth of $200,000.

Her studio, Buttercup, has proved to be very beneficial to her financial status over the years. Sarah also endorses the brand called Grata Designs which is a fitness brand.

She is also associated with NightShade Design which is a pole dancing shoewear brand. She lives a very comfortable life in Florida, thanks to her earnings.

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Sarah Jade: Social Media

Jade is very active in her social media game. She has an Instagram with over 46 thousand followers.

She also has a Twitter handle with over 1k followers and a Facebook account with over 11 thousand followers.


Who is Sarah Jade married to now?

Sarah Jade has not tied any knots since her divorce from Dave Bautista.

Does Sarah Jade have dogs?

Yes, Sarah Jade has pet dogs that she owned with Dave Bautista during her marriage.

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