Sebastien Foucan

Sebastien Foucan: Free running, Acting & Net Worth

Sebastien Foucan is a French freerunner and also the founder of sports itself.

The freerunner is also an actor by profession. He has done several popular movies which made him known to the world.

In addition, Sebastien is also considered the early developer of Parkour. Parkour is a training discipline in which practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment.

The effort is made without using any equipment. And also in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Sebastien Foucan
The founder of Freerunning, practicing the skill while climbing the rock.

The training has roots in military training, obstacle course training, martial arts, and other forms of exercise.

Sebastien is well known for his unique views on the philosophy of Parkour and free running.

Additionally, he also states that both forms require training for the basics to ensure an individual’s safety. The training also assists in maintaining a positive public perception of activities.

Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about the French Forerunner Sebastien Foucan.

Full Name Sebastien Foucan
Also known as Founder of free runner and Developer of Parkour
Date of birth May 27, 1974
Place of birth Paris, France, Europe
Current residence West London, United Kingdom
Nationality French
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christian
Age 47 years
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Body type Athletic
Skin color Dark Brown
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Birthstone Moonstone
Lucky color Yellow
Lucky number 5
Hobbies Traveling, Working Out, Rope Climbing
Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name Not revealed
Siblings Not revealed
Marital Status Single
Spouse/Partner/Girlfriend Unknown
Children None
Education High School
Profession Keynote speaker, Actor, Freerunner
Years active 2005-present
Movies The Antwerp Dolls, Creators: The Past, Casino Royale, The Tournament
Stunts The Tournament, 55 Degrees North (TV Series)
Merch Sportswear, Foucan Apparel
Net Worth $4 million
Social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update May, 2024

Sebastien Foucan: Early life

Sebastien Foucan was born on 27th May of 1974 in Paris, France. He was a curious kind from an early age.

During his childhood, he and his friends developed an obstacle-led style of play.

Moreover, they developed the style in the 1980s and named it ‘parkour’ after the military training ‘Parcours du combattant.’

Sebastien Foucan: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The actor has a fit and athletic body. He looks tall; however, the exact measurements of his height and weight aren’t known.

Additionally, the athlete has dark brown colored skin and beautiful black eyes. And he also has black hair, which gives him a very charismatic appearance.

He holds a French nationality and belongs to the black ethnicity. Also, he is a Christian by religion.

Sebastien Foucan: Educational Background

The keynote speaker attended primary schooling in Paris. He also completed his high school there.

However, he hasn’t acquired any other educational degree.

Likewise, you may also be interested to learn about the Ukrainian wrestler Denis Cyplenkov.

Sebastien Foucan: Family

The actor likes to keep his family away from the media. Hence, he hasn’t revealed any information about the family he was born into.

As well as there are rumors he once was in a relationship. However, there isn’t evidence of who the person was. And as of today, Sebastian is a single man focused on his profession.

Sebastien Foucan: Career

As soon as the actor left his high school, he went into military service. He served as a firefighter in Paris.

 Also, during that career, he used the time to develop his parlor skills.

Later he developed even more inclusive for Parkour along with David Belle. And he named it free running after adding more acrobatics.

Sebastien Foucan
Sebastien Foucan with his co-founder at the beginning David Belle.

Following this, after the release of the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Jump’ released in 2003, and ‘Jump Britain’ released in 2005, Sebastien came to prominence in the Uk also.

He also attributed the name freerunning to Guillaume Pelletier, with who he worked at Jump London.

Also, the name was coined during the filming of Jump London to present Parkour to the English.

Sebastien also explains Freerunning as a discipline for self-development, following one’s one way.

The freerunner also appeared in the music video for Madonna’s single “jump,” released in 2005.

He also accompanied the singer on her musical tour entitled “Confessions tour” in 2006.

Acting career

Sebastien also made his debut in acting in 2006. He began his career starring as Mollaka in the James Bond film “Casino Royale.”

It was James Bond’s 21st film. And the debutant spent three months in the Bahamas for the film.

After the success of his debutant film, the freerunner got the chance to play on other movies on the silver screen.

The actor also appeared in the trailer for the game Mirror’s edge.

He next starred in the film “The Tournament.” It was released in 2009, and Sebastien was playing the role of Anton Bogart, who was an assassin.

Later on January 3, 2012, it was reported that Sebastien would be involved in the seventeenth series of Dancing on Ice. He was one of the fifteen celebrities selected for the series.

However, Sebastien was eliminated on February 19 in a double Ultimate skills skate-off with Heidi Range.

Besides, the athlete cum actor was also offered various promotion and endorsement deals throughout his acting career.

Additionally, he was also sponsored by sports companies like Nika and Fila.

He has also starred in the commercials for the sports brand Nike. Likewise, he has also starred in the commercials for the automobile brand Toyota.

The actor has also assisted K-Swiss in launching the Ariake. It is the first Freerunning and parkour shoe line of 5 models.

Sebastien was also approached for the ad campaign “Follower the Leader’. The campaign was endorsed by the leading provider of entertainment content, BET networks.

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Sebastien Foucan: Social Media

The actor is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

His Instagram account handle is a verified account with over 16.2K followers.

Also, most of them are about his professional life and free running.

And his Instagram bio says, “Foucan Method. Coach @blacklistparkour. Info @1plume.”

Likewise, his Twitter account has over 11.6 K followers.

He joined Twitter in November 2011. It also has a link to his official website and also to his official Facebook account.

Also, his Twitter bio says, ” The official Twitter account of Sebastien Foucan, motivational speaker, coach.” It also has the link to his spotlight and IMDB account.

Similarly, the actor has a Facebook account. The bio says, “Sports and Fitness Instruction.” It has over 7.3k followers.

Sebastien Foucan: Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sebastien Foucan is about $4 million.

Besides from foundation for Freerunning, there are several resources for his income.

His acting career alongside the famous actors has earned him enough money.

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Interesting Facts about Sebastien Foucan

  • Sebastien invented Freerunning along with another credited Founder David Bele.
  • He experimented with the activities displayed in the documentaries like Jump London and Jump Britain, which was his source of inspiration.
  • Sebastien also worked as a firefighter from 1995 to 1997.
  • The actor is also a big fan of art. He is also seen uploading his art on his social media profile.
Sebastien Foucan
The art made by Sebastien Foucan. It is Parkour’s sketchbook that also works as a map.
  • The freerunner has also won World Chase Tag PRO 2 Go Europe with the team Blacklist. He founded and created the team.
  • Sebastien was the star of the tournament as he defeated teams from around the continent. Also, Balcklist finished 3rd/4th in World Chase Tag 4 due to his effort.
  • There is a rumor that Sebastien developed Freerunning due to his dissatisfaction with the limited creativity and self-expression of Parkour Limited.
  • Besides, David Belle from Parkour limited and other enthusiasts of Parkour are often seen criticizing Foucan and Freerunning.
  • Sebastian Foucan has also appeared in Ninja Warrior UK4. He cleared the Heats in the show. However, his run in the semi-final was undecided.


Where was free running invented?

Parkour and Free running originated on the streets of Lisses, the suburb of Paris.

When did Sebastien Foucan perform his first freerunning show?

Sebastien Foucan first performed his Freerunning show in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2001.

Is Sebastian still active in his profession as an actor?

Yes, the founder of freerunner is still active in his profession as an actor. However, he is handling all the professions in a balanced way.

When did the word Parkour start?

Parkour was initially termed as Art du Deplacment. And it was founded in France in the 1980s by a group of nine young men.

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