Simon Dorante Day Wikipedia And Age: Parents Family And Wife

What is Simon Dorante Day Wikipedia? People are curious about Simon because he has publicly stated that he is the illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla: Continue reading to learn more.

Simon Dorante-Day was born in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom. He grew up in Queensland. Simon Dorante-Day, who lives in Queensland, Australia, claims to be King Charles III and Camilla’s secret child.

He’d been saying it for years. Now that the queen has died, he has revealed new details about the DNA paternity test. Simon has long claimed to be related to the royal family. Simon defended his claims in an interview with the Australian newspaper 7NEWS.

Simon Dorante Day Wikipedia And Age

Simon Dornte-Day will be 56 years old in 2022. On April 5, 1966, he was born in Gosport, Portsmouth, England. He has spent over ten years attempting to establish that he is an heir to the British throne and a Blue Blood.

It’s worth noting that he started claiming it long before Charles III became king. Simon Charles works as an engineer during the day and builds guitars at night under the name Royal Riffs.

Simon Dorante Day Wikipedia
Simon Dorante Day (Source: theaustralian)

He founded his guitar company in Queensland, Australia, in 2020 and has stated that he is uninterested in a royal title, preferring to be recognized by his biological parents.

He has been making a guitar from a very young age. He lives with his family and wife – he has nine sons and has been living peacefully and making a good living with his money.

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Simon Dorante Day: Parents & Family 

The British-born Australian claims he was handed over to Karen and David Day, two locals. Karen and David Day, Simon’s adoptive parents, took him in when he was only 18 months old. 

Simon Charles Dorante-Day claims his biological parents are the King and Queen Consort, Charles and Camilla.

He also claims that if Princess Diana had died in August 1997, the truth about his parents’ identities would have been revealed.

Diana, Princess of Wales, he claimed, was aware of him and had deduced his identity from clues. Dorante claims that if Diana hadn’t died in a car accident, she would have revealed the truth to the public.

Dorante claims that finding his biological parents has always been his life’s work and that all his leads have led him to Camilla and Charles.

Is Simon Dorante Married? Meet Elvianna Dorante

Dr. Elvianna Dorante-Day, Simon Dorante-wife, Day’s is an aboriginal woman from Australia’s Torres Strait island. She is also the mother of nine of their children. She is an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman with several qualifications.

Dr. Elvianna has made headlines recently, not for her work but for having Simon Dorante-Day as her husband.

Simon Dorante Wife
Simon Dorante Wife (Source: efocus)

Simon and his family later relocated to Queensland, Australia, where he worked as an engineer and met Dr. Elvianna, with whom he has nine children.

The wife of Simon Charles Dorante-Day has a Ph.D. in public health and science. She earned her bachelor’s degree in 2013 from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Dr. Elvianna has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and a researcher in public health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, and law.

She has also worked for over 30 years as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medicine woman and traditional healer and for seven years as a public health doctor.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day Net Worth Details

According to reports, Simon Charles Dorante-Day, an engineer in Queensland, Australia, earns $102,728 annually. As a result, it’s reasonable to believe Simon has assets worth at least $700,000.

Prince Williams, who has a net worth of $30 million and recently inherited a $1 billion estate that dates back 685 years, makes $700,000 look like peanuts.

King Charles III’s wealth. In addition to the $42 billion in assets he now manages, the late Queen Elizabeth left the future King of England a fortune of $500 million, which included her castle, jewelry, and a horse farm.

There are also no additional taxes to pay. If Simon is the son of Charles III and Camilla, he misses out on a great opportunity.

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