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Tommi-Mäkinen: Early life, Career, Mitsubishi & Net Worth

The Finnish, previous rally driver Tommi Mäkinen is without a doubt among the best rally drivers ever. He has 4 championship title that proves that he is the greatest rally driver.

Similarly, he is the second driver in history to accomplish the 4 championship titles after Juha Kankkunen, who won four titles between 1986 and 1993 with three different manufacturers.

Tommi Mäkinen made his own way, winning four sequential titles from 1996 to 1999, driving just for one manufacturer called Mitsubishi.

Tommi-Mäkinen smiling
Tommi Makinen smiling. (Image Source: The news wheel)

The great car racer Mäkinen ranks in the 8th position among racing drivers in Finland.

Similarly, he is the first individual to win the title both as a driver and manager.

Tommi Mäkinen has made some amazing progress since turning into Finland’s national plowing champion at 18 years old.

He always tries to find new challenges that add some adventures to his life.

Quick Fact about Tommi Mäkinen

Full Name  Tommi Antero Mäkinen
Birth Date  26 June 1964
Birth Place  Puuppola, near Jyväskylä, Finland
Residence  Monaco and Jyväskylä
Nationality  Finnish
Zodiac Sign  Cancer
Marital Status  Married
Wife Mia Miettinen
Child  Two Child
Age  [calculate_years datestring=”06/26/1964″] Years Old
Height  5 feet 6 inches
Weight Not Available
Eye Color  Blue
Hair Color  Light Brown
Profession  Car Racer
Current team  Toyota Gazoo Racing
Active Years 1987-2003
First, win
1994 1000 Lakes Rally
Last Win 2002 Monte Carlo Rally
Social Media Not Available
Mitsubishi’s Equipment Air Intake, Lamp, Transmission Fluid
Last Update [current-year]

He retired in 2003. By the time Mäkinen retired, he had solidified his incredible status in the game.

However, that was not enough for him. In 2016, he got back to the game as head of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) rally crew.

Tommi Mäkinen: Age, Height, Weight, and Nationality

A professional car racer Tommi Mäkinen was born in 1964, so he is [calculate_years datestring=”06/26/1964″] Years Old.

He is 5 feet 6 inches tall. His weight is not available, while his nationality is Finnish.

Tommi Mäkinen : Early Life

The car racer Mäkinen was born on 26 June 1964 at Puuppola, near Jyväskylä, Finland.

He developed his career as a racer by participating in tractor races in his native Puuppola.

Similarly, he gained driving skills by transferring his tractor skills that he learned on his father’s farm in Puuppola, instantaneously becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The racer is considered a legend, as he won four titles during what was seemingly the most competitive time of the World Rally Championship.

He fought with the great – McRae, Sainz, Kankkunen, Burns.

And the sparkles of happiness can be seen in his eyes while talking about his past racing days.

Tommi Mäkinen: Personal life

Tommi is a married man. He is married to Mia Miettinen.

The champion has two children. But the name of the children isn’t available. He is a very private person. He stays away from the media.

Tommi Mäkinen: Career

Tommi Mäkinen first started his career as a tractor racer in his native.

He didn’t complete at the 1994 Rallye Sanremo with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II, yet it was a stage forward to a full-time contract with Mitsubishi Ralliart group for the 1995 season.

However, his professional career in the rally WRC 1000 Lakes Rally Championship began in 1987 in a Lancia Delta HF 4WD Group N.

Even though he couldn’t complete the race, his speed grabbed everybody’s eye.

In 1988, he extended his career to European Rally Championship events and two occasions of the world championship in 1000 Lakes Rally and Lombard RAC Rally.

However, he acquired the greatest achievement in the Finnish Rally Championship, winning the Group N title.

In 1989, he took part in two more WRC occasions, Swedish Rally and 1000 Lakes Rally, driving the Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

However, he actually didn’t complete any of those WRC rallies.

He is a four-time World Rally Champion constantly all through 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999, on all events driving the Ralliart Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

He resigned from the game after the 2003 season, finishing his WRC vocation the podium with third place on that season’s last assembly, Rally Great Britain.

Throughout his career, he participated in 139 WRC occasions, with 24 wins and 45 podiums.

Mäkinen finished a fabulous assembly profession as one of only two drivers with four WRC titles.

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Tommi Joined Mitsubishi

He began the season with fourth place at the 1995 Rallye Monte-Carlo, and afterward, Mäkinen became second at Swedish Rally behind colleague Kenneth Eriksson.

The new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III was used; however, Mäkinen didn’t score any more platform in the world championship.

Tommi Had Joined Mitsubishi in the 1995 WRC
Tommi Had Joined Mitsubishi in the 1995 WRC

He succeeded at 1000 Lakes Rally, yet the occasion wasn’t on the WRC plan.

Toward the finish, Mäkinen was fifth in the WRC classification.

In 2002, he stated that he is going to resign. He left the brand Mitsubishi to change to Subaru. He resigned at the end of the 2003 season.

Tommi Mäkinen: After the Retirement

Tommi Mäkinen Racing Oy Ltd

The racer Tommi, after getting retired, started his own company. The name of his company is Tommi Mäkinen Racing Oy Ltd.

This company of Mäkinen aims to prepare rally cars and provide support to drivers.

The company also provides advisory services for Toyota Motor Corporation.

He provides advice on further advancing the manufacturing of ever-better cars.

Toyota Gazoo Racing and Advisor

In 2016, Mäkinen was appointed as team principal for the Toyota Gazoo Racing.

In 2018, the group figured out how to win the World Rally Championship and granted Toyota the primary maker’s title since 1999.

Tommi Mäkinen became group head at Toyota Gazoo Racing in 2021.

The [calculate_years datestring=”06/26/1964″] Years Old Finn was appointed on Friday (18 December 2020) following September’s declaration.

The declaration stated that Mäkinen would stand aside and perform the job of Toyota’s motorsport counselor in 2021.

Tommi Mäkinen and his group of experts at Tommi Mäkinen Racing Oy assisted Toyota with building up an exceptionally competitive car.

Furthermore, he constructed the group to run in the FIA World Rally Championship in 2018.

The group was named TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team.

Selecting him as a motorsport consultant of Toyota Motor Corporation, the brand anticipates his recommendation on strategy formulation and organizational activities.


Tommi Makinen: Driving Style

Tommi is an experienced car racer.

In his time, they would say a specific car is appropriate for one sort of condition, and another was appropriate for an alternate sort of condition.

But in contrast, Makinen thinks that everyone should know that every car is quick, and they all carry on very well in each condition.

Collin McRae vs Tommi Makinen

Colin McRae was the first British driver to win the RAC Britishrally multiple times with an authoritative drive to triumph.

In 1997 he won five world championship rallies and the 13th altogether till 1997.

But, he could not defeat Tommi Makinen.

Makinen was required only to complete in 6th place to beat McRae, and, regardless of a weakening episode of influenza, he acquired the necessary point in the nearest finish.

McRae was disappointed after this loss but not devasted. And Tommi considered himself a lucky guy because it was a tough rally to win.

Mitsubishi Evolution

Mitsubishi Evolution Tommi Makinen edition is commonly known as Evo.

Japanese producer Mitsubishi Motors actually made it from 1992 until 2016. There have been ten official versions of Mitsubishi to date.

Similarly, Tommi Mäkinen Edition was a limited run scheduled to built 2500 cars from the Evo VI to recognize Mäkinen’s four world championship titles.

Throughout the long term, Tommi has made various ideas for the LANCER Evolution arrangement, focusing on the significance of making it simple to control and amusing to drive and ride, just as giving it undeniable degrees of performance.

Similarly, it won’t be incorrect to say that anyone who buys the LANCER Evolution has made the “Right Choice.

Tommi Makinen: Net Worth

There is no exact data on how much Tommi makes a year or his exact net worth until the date, but he surely must have amassed a huge sum of net worth.

Meanwhile, in 2003, soon after taking a break from his racing career, he established his own company where he earned a good sum of wealth.

Tommi-Mäkinen has earned a huge sum of net worth. (Image Source: Sport Auuto.Ch)

Above all, he is an advisor to Toyota Gazoo Racing and earns a huge amount of money.

Similarly, after his retirement, he has been involved in various sectors, which adds more wealth to his net worth.

Tommi Makinen: Office Building

Tommi has an office building in Takalantie 3, Jyväskylä, Finland which was built in 2009.

However, the structure has been worked with a glulam outline, and the rooftop has been made with Kerto LVL rooftop components.

Similarly, the product used to build this property was Kerto LVL, and its structural design was Metsä Wood building parts.

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Tommi Mäkinen:Social Media

With paparazzi and in this world of the internet and social media, it really becomes difficult to keep yourself away from the public eyes.

Well, Tommi became able to put his life out of the limelight, proving that it is possible to keep your life secret.

Likewise, he keeps his life private, even what his children’s names are not known to the date, and they have not made any public debut.

Likewise, he doesn’t have any official social media account, which means he adores his private life and wants to keep his personal life out of fame.


How many are Tommi Makinen Evo?

Tommi Makinen Edition was limited to 2500 cars only.

What is the rarest Mitsubishi Evo?

The Evo VI Extreme is the most uncommon Evo of all.

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