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Is Trace Adkins Sick? Does He Have Cancer? Illness And Health Update

Is Trace Adkins Sick? No! he is not. He is mentally and physically fit and fine. Instead, he supports his friend, Toby Keith, who is battling stomach Cancer.

Born Tracy Darrell Adkins, Trace Adkins is a country music singer and actor of American nationality. The actor’s life has been full of twists and turns. He has experienced near-death accidents, a gunshot from his life partner, and a struggle with alcoholism. Not only that, but the Louisiana native has also experienced great heights in his career.

His 35 years of career is filled with bold authenticity, and chart-topping songs and albums, including Something’s Going On, The Way I Wanna Go, Proud to Be Here, Thinkin’ Thing, etc. Adkins has also accumulated a massive fortune of $19 million throughout his career.

Is Trace Adkins Sick? Did Anything Happen To Him?

No! Right now, the musician is happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. However, as stated above, he has overcome many severe injuries and alcoholism in the past.

Trace Adkins, 60, is the son of Peggy Carraway and Aaron Doyle Adkins. He went to Louisiana Tech University in Ruston to pursue his other passion, i.e., football. However, a knee injury forced him to give up on that, and he dropped out of the University.

Trace Adkins
Trace Adkins was born in Louisiana. (Source: Instagram)

Afterward, the musician married his high school sweetheart, Barbara Lewis, with whom he had two daughters, Tarah and Sarah.

He also worked on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana and had a hard time. While on the oil rigs, the handsome singer met a series of scary accidents. In 1982, in a bulldozer accident, he almost lost both legs. In 1989, he was stranded with nine other workers in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Chantal.

In 1992, he moved to Nashville to give his musical career another shot. But he got addicted to alcohol. While fighting over his violent drinking habit, his second wife, Julie Curtis, shot him. Bullet went through his heart and both lungs. Adkins underwent emergency open-heart surgery and survived.

Trace Adkins Health Updates 2022

Trace Adkins has been married thrice. Following the gunshot incident, he divorced Julie after three years. The musician didn’t press any charges against her. He still goes to the heart doctor for regular checkups.

“Physical pains have never really bothered me, as I have a high tolerance. It’s the broken hearts that left the deepest scars”, says Adkins in a talk with People magazine in September 2022.

After releasing his debut album in 1996, the musician shot up to fame; the rest is history. He now lives with his fourth wife, Victoria Pratt, 51, with whom he tied the knot in 2019. The couple shares daughters Mackenzie, Brianna, and Trinity.

Trace Adkins wife
Trace Adkins’s wife Victoria Pratt takes good care of him. (Source: YouTube)

The musician describes his Victoria as an angel. As per the actor-singer, she cooks healthy foods, makes him drink kale smoothies, and takes good care of him. Thus, Trace Adkins is healthy and happy now. In addition, he is grateful to be still standing here.

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Trace Adkins Supporting His Friend Who Has Cancer

The Way I Wanna Go singer is supporting his friend Toby Keith who is battling stomach Cancer.

Adkins gave an update on his pal at the 15th Annual Academy of Country Music Honors in Nashville. The actor said he has not got to talk to Toby, but his spirits are high, and he is doing well. He also joked that Keith is tougher than a $5 steak. Hence, he will be okay.

Many people seem to have misunderstood that Trace is the one who has Stomach Cancer. But he is mentally and physically healthy. However, in 2005, he had emergency surgery for an abdominal infection after a concert in Morton, Minn.

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