Tre Mann And Terance Mann Related

Are Tre Mann And Terance Mann Related? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

NBA players Tre Mann and Terance Mann are not directly related. They only happen to have the same last name.

Tre Mann is a 21-year-old NBA player who plays the #23 point and shooting guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He represented Florida Gators in college basketball.

Terance Mann is a 26-year-old NBA player who plays the #14 small forward and shooting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. He previously played college basketball for the Florida State Seminoles. 

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Are NBA Players Tre Mann And Terance Mann Related?

No, Tre Mann and Terance Mann are not directly related. They might have some distant connection but are not brothers or close relatives.

Tre and Terance have never been pictured together, nor have they had any known encounters or interactions. 

It appears that the two have many things in common – their last names, love for basketball, a career in the NBA, position as a shooting guard, and so on.

Besides, they both represented Florida teams in college. Tre played for Florida Gators, while Terance did for Florida State Seminoles.

All these similarities, in addition to the same surname, usually confuse people. Sometimes people get confused that they are the same person, while sometimes they think the two are brothers or relatives.

However, the two NBA stars also have a lot of differences. Tre is originally from Florida, whereas Terance is from New York. Born on February 3, 2001, Tre is 21; Terance was born on October 18, 1996, and is five years older.

Tre Mann And Terance Mann Family Trees

Terance Mann was born to his parents, Daynia La-Force and Eustace Mann. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. His parents are from Saint Lucia. He has a brother, Martin, a forward at Pace University in New York.

Terance’s mother, Daynia La-Force, is also from an athletic background; she played college basketball at Georgetown and is the head coach of women’s basketball at Rhode Island.

The mother-son duo is very close, and Daynia is highly proud and supportive of her son’s basketball career. His mom inspired him to pursue a career in the game.

Tre Mann and mother
Tre Mann with his mother Daynia. (Source: FOX Sports)

It appears that Daynia separated from Eustace. She is now married to Eddie Benton, also a basketball player. He is the all-time highest scorer at the University of Vermont and a member of the Catamount Hall of Fame.

The couple currently own BentForce Basketball, a training business with clients ranging from beginners to professionals.

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On the other hand, Tre Mann is the son of Albert Mann and Tai Bey. He was born in Gainesville, Florida, United States, and comes from a big family with five siblings: Nas, Layla, Aniaya, MJ, and Christian.

Tre Mann And Terance Mann Net Worth Difference

According to ESPN, Tre Mann currently earns $3,046,200 salary, whereas Terance Mann earns $1,930,681. Tre is the 298th most-paid NBA player at this pay, while Terance is at 370th.

Also, in the last season, Tre earned more than Terance. Tre got $2,901,240 in salary, while Terance received $1,782,621. Their exact net worth is unavailable, and they also earn more from sponsorships, merchandising, and other sources.

Tre is currently on a contract until the 2025/26 season’; Terance is signed up until 2024/2025.

Tre Mann Terance Mann Net Worth
Tre Mann plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder; Terance Mann plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Daniel Hazan of Hazan Sports Management Group Inc. represents Tre, and David Mondress of BDA Sports Management represents Terance.

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