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Who Are Mihai Pascu And Miruma Pascu Vlad Pascu Parinti (Parents)? Family

The internet has been looking for info on Vlad Pascu parinti (parents) since the 19-year-old made national headlines for his involvement in a tragic road accident.

On May 2, 2023, a tragic accident took place in Vama Veche, Romania. 19-year-old Vlad Pascu was driving the car that crashed into a group of 8 students and claimed two lives.

Reports announced that Pascu was under the influence of multiple drugs when he got behind the wheel on that unfortunate night.

According to police, they had received complaints from civilians about a driver’s reckless driving moments before the tragedy took place.

This, however, is not the first time Vlad Pascu found himself in difficult situations. He seems to have a history with the local police for different crimes, including drugs.

Vlad Pascu Parinti (Parents): Mihai Pascu And Miruma Pascu

Mihai and Miruma Pascu, Vlad Pascu parinti (parents), were shocked, to say the least, after learning what their son was responsible for.

After being in the spotlight post-May 2nd’s accident, Vlad Pascu parinti gave their official statement to a news portal.

The teenager’s parents, who are at a loss for words, expressed grief over the permanent damage and suffering their son has caused.

They said they are aware that nothing can fully replace the loss of a child. However, Vlad Pascu parinti (parents) declared their willingness to help the victims and those who are hurting by paying for medical care.

vlad pascu twitter discussion
This tweet discusses Vlad Pascu, the driver responsible for the tragic accident on May 2. (Source: Twitter)

Mihai and Miruma Vlad Pascu parinti stated that the family struggles to balance after the horrible tragedy.

In an official statement, Vlad Pascu parinti made it clear that they will not shield their son from the law.

They expressed being aware of the consequences of Vlad’s action. They said,

We are not trying to absolve him from responsibility for his actions.

After being under scrutiny for the accident on May 2, Mihai Pascu’s video of himself driving chaotically has gone viral.

In the video, Mihai, who is fascinated with cars, is seen driving recklessly at full speed while filming himself.

He is accompanied by a man who looks terrified and can be heard telling Mihai to let it go and that he (Mihai) is killing him.

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Vlad Pascu: Details Of May 2 Accident

Vlad Pascu made national headlines on May 2, 2023, for being involved in a tragic accident in which two lives were lost.

Recent details about the case made public have helped people understand the events of that ill-fated night. However, it also raises a lot of concerns and questions.

It was confirmed that the police were receiving complaints through 112 about a person’s reckless and dangerous driving before the horrific accidents.

According to sources, police did flag down Vlad Pascu’s vehicle and talked with him and two friends in the car. It is unclear how the police dealt with them.

Vlad, who was under the influence of multiple drugs and driving carelessly, crashed into a group of 8 students, killing two and severely injuring three.

Vlad Pascu parinti
19-year-old Vlad Pascu often finds himself in trouble. (Source: Playtech)

The 19-year-old drugged driver was born into a wealthy family and has connections with powerful and influential people.

It turns out that Pascu has a history of getting out of trouble with zero consequences. People are concerned that he might get away again.

Though Vlad Pascu was arrested for drugs and murder, people are invested in the case and are hoping for a fair investigation and trial.

Vlad Pascu’s girlfriend, whose identity is not known, is also receiving a lot of backlash in this tragedy.

Pascu’s girlfriend sent text messages to him, showing love, affection, and support despite the crime he committed.

She was quoted saying problematic things supporting what Vlad did and has received much hate.

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