Shadman Is Arrested: What Did He Do? Where Is He Now?

Shadman is arrested as he was abusing someone with his deadly weapon. He was detained last October near Glendale, Los Angeles, and was shortly released from the jail through bail.

His real name is Shaddai “Shadman” Prejean, a Swish YouTuber constantly under different controversies. He uploads explicit content featuring his sensual artworks.

Now 31-year-old, he used to upload his content since 2009 and always has his face masked while appearing in the videos.

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Shadman Is Arrested: What Did He Do And Where Is He Now?

Shadman is arrested after being involved in the heinous crime. He was humiliating someone with his deadly weapon, which could have been risky for their life. 

Saddhai Shadman was arrested in October 2021
Saddhai Shadman was arrested in October 2021 [Source- The Teal Mango]
According to the Manshoory law group, this kind of assault with a deadly weapon is a felony, punishable by up to four years in state prison or a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

He was arrested near Glendale, Los Angeles, in October last year, but after some time, he was released under certain bail. However, his previous criminal records are not known.

Speculations were that this content creator had moved to L.A. and become addicted to heroin. However, as he keeps hiding his identity through the mask, people can get confused about the same.

The detailed information for the case file against Shadman has been kept on UniCourt, the Los Angeles County Superior Court at Glendale Courthouse.

Shadman Online Channel 

Shadman Online channel has thousands of subscribers on the platform. His Youtube Channel goes under the name Sh├Ądbase. However, he has not posted any videos recently.

He stopped using the channel after a huge backlash from people due to his arrest. In one of the videos, he has more than a million views which show how often people view his video.

Even though he is not active, he has three hundred sixteen thousand subscribers on the channel. His videos are mainly based on his visual drawing of different kinds of cartoons or anime. Moreover, it seems like eighteen plus contents as he makes seductive poses through such drawings.

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Shadman's arrest has been celebrated by many people online
Shadman’s arrest has been celebrated by many people online [Source- Know Your Meme]

People Reaction To Shadman Arrest

People’s reaction to Shadman’s arrest has come out in memes, news, tweets, reaction videos by other YouTubers and social media users, and many more lines.

As per Know Your Meme, The first post that broke the news on social media was made by the Twitter account of notable lolcow website Kiwi Farms, which celebrated his arrest and earned over 20,000 likes in 24 hours.

Similarly, many people got to know what he had done with the funny videos circulating online. Online users have also made funny comments and reactions to Shadman’s lawyer.

With this trolling, users could get numerous likes in less time, leading to more hype about him. 

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