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Who Is Ty Gordon From Never Forgotten? Age Family And Net Worth

Ty Gordon is an actor and director currently in the limelight for his role in Never Forgotten. Never Forgotten is a thriller creation created and directed by Gordon.

The story revolves around three best friends, Nick, Donny, and Emile, who grew up and lived in a small town. The story takes a turn where the best friends reach a ten-year high school reunion, where they get haunted by a dark secret of the past.

The lifestyle of Gordon, along with his age and family details, is something audiences are spiced about. Please scroll down to get to know more about him.

Who Is Ty Gordon? Wikipedia And Age 

Ty Gordon has never discussed his age and birth details with the public. Moreover, he seems to be a private person who prefers shining through his hard work and profession.

Ty Gordon AgeĀ 
Ty Gordon’s recent Photograph (Source: Instagram)

Glancing at appearance and education perceiving time, Gordon seems to be around his mid-thirties. 

His Linkedin profile reveals he attended Loyola Marymount University from 2009-2010. Similarly, he also attended the University of Colorado Bounder in 2011.

His upcoming project Farewelling is in the post-production stage, and the audience is excited to witness the result of the long time effort of Gordon’s.

Has Ty Gordon Talked About His Family?

Ty Gordon prefers keeping his personal and professional stuff in separate spaces. Hence, he has never talked about family details with his audience.

Neither has he talked about his parents nor his siblings. It is also not disclosed if he is single or committed.

However, like in the profession, the man seems to be committed to his family. He is probably waiting to tell the audience about his lovely family. 

Though the mutual connection between him and his family is unknown, they probably have positive feelings toward each other. Gordon would probably make his family proud in the coming years.

He considers his friends part of his family and has expressed this in various ways. He also mentioned the fellows to be his family through his various Instagram posts.

Talking about his availability on social media, he is available on Instagram with the @teestorious handle. His account amasses more than thirty-three followers with twenty-four posts.

Ty Gordon Net Worth Explored

The actual amount of Gordon’s income is not known to the general public. He probably owns a few hundred thousand dollars.

Ty Gordon Net Worth
Ty Gordon on his private jet, (Source: Instagram)

He is an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, president, and CEO at Wooden Finger Studios. It’s been more than two years since Ty converted his dream of opening a production company into reality.

Talking about his career in the film industry, he has contributed to three feature films and a short film.

Since he has just begun his dream career, any profession before coming to the film world is behind bars. Undoubtedly, he would share his life moment and the turning point in the coming future.

He prefers describing himself as a capable and ambitious filmmaker with a diverse skill set. Gordon is a hard-working person and has the immense ability to gain a huge amount of wealth in the future.

Moreover, he does not share much about his lifestyle and luxury through social media. He probably is enjoying his modest lifestyle.

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