Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov

Valery Polyakov Death Cause: What Happened? Wife Family And Net Worth

The internet was devastated as soon as the Russian Space Agency confirmed the shocking news of Valery Polyakov Death, making several headlines with tributes and condolences.

Valery Polyakov was a Russian cosmonaut with a record of the most prolonged stay in a single-stay combined space experience of more than 22 months. 

The cosmonaut stayed aboard for more than 14 months (437 days 18 hours) during one trip to the Mir space station. As per records, later, he returned to Earth after conducting research for 240 days aboard Soyuz TM-7.

Although Valery was selected as a cosmonaut in Medical Group 3 on March 22, 1972, he made his first flight into space aboard Soyuz TM-6 in 1988.

Dr. Polyakov volunteered for his 437-day flight specialist in space medicine to learn how the human body would respond to the micro-gravity environment on long-duration missions to Mars. Now, Valery’s research data is used by researchers to determine a healthy mental state during long-duration spaceflight for humans.

Valery Polyakov Death Cause: What Happened?

According to Russia’s space agency, Valery, the Soviet cosmonaut who set the record for the most prolonged single stay in space, has passed away at 80.

Dr. Valery Polyakov, a physician and astronaut who held the world record for consecutive days spent in outer space, 437, has died.

According to New York Times, Russia’s space agency announced the death without specifying when or where it occurred or the cause.

Valeri Polyakov Death
Valeri Polyakov a Russian cosmonaut who went to space for so long to prove that humans could be physically capable of working on the surface of Mars dies at 80 Source: News9live

According to ABC News, he declined to be carried out of the Soyuz capsule after landing, and it is common practice to allow readjustment to the pull of gravity.

 On March 22, 1995, he took off for the Russian Mir space station on January 8, 1994, and returned to Earth 437 days, 17 hours, and 38 minutes later, according to the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

During his trip, The cosmonaut orbited Earth 7,075 times and traveled nearly 187 million miles.

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Who Is Valery Polyakov’s Wife?

According to Wikipedia, the cosmonaut has children and a wife whose details are unveiled in the media.

He specialized in astronautics medicine and dedicated himself to space medicine after earning a doctoral degree at a Moscow medical school.

Valery held the title of Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR. He published several works about life sciences, medical aspects of space missions, and research results on long-duration spaceflights.

The cosmonaut was a member of organizations related to astronautics, including the Russian Chief Medical Commission on cosmonauts’ certification.

Valery Polyakov Family 

Valery Polyakov was born Valery Ivanovich Korshunov, on April 27, 1942, in the Russian city of Tula. However, His stepfather changed his name after his stepfather adopted him.

The cosmonaut who developed his expertise in the field at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems in Moscow was inspired to specialize in space medicine by Boris Yegorov, the first physician to fly in space. 

Valery V. Polyako
Dr. Valery Polyakov, a physician, and astronaut who held the world record for consecutive days spent in outer space, 437 days Source: Phy,og

Dr.Polyakov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for his first space flight from August 1988 to April 1989, where he spent 240 days and 22 hours in orbit.

Besides this title, he holds numerous accolades for his spaceflight and academic achievements, including the Hero of the Russian Federation, the Order of Parasatx, the Order of the Legion of Honour, and the Order of Parasat.

How Much Is Valery Polyakov’s Net Worth?

According to Paycheck, the annual salary of a Russian cosmonaut is USN 4,50,000.00, monthly USN 37,500.00, weekly USN 8,653.85, and daily USN 1,730.77.

The basic salary is 60,900 rubles for short-listed candidates, 63,800 rubles for trained cosmonauts, and 88,450 rubles for cosmonaut instructors. But, the pay rises to 69,600 rubles after a cosmonaut’s first trip into space.

Besides astronautics, Valey was the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Public Health in Moscow.

According to salary explorer, the salary of a Medical Director in Russia ranges from 107,000 RUB to 349,000 RUB. And the median monthly salary, including housing, transport, and other benefits, is around 222,000 RUB per month.

The Russian Chief Medical Commission member, Dr.Valery Polyakov, held membership in the International Space Researchers’ Association and the International Academy of Astronautics.

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