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Viola Valentino Figli With Marito Riccardo Fogli- Does She Have Malattia?

Viola Valentino Figli (son) name is Alessandro Sigfrido Fogli; she is the parent and her ex-husband Riccardo Fogli.

This famous personality started her career as a singer in 1968 in a duet named Renzo & Virginia with her ex-husband, an Italian Singer, Marito Riccardo Fogli.

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Viola Valentino Figli (Son) And Marito (Husband) 

Viola Valentino was married to Marito Riccardo in 1971, and both happen to be a singer. They both share an age gap of around two years.

When they met, Viola was 18, whereas her sweetheart Fogli was 20. Along with that, they both have a son named Alessandro Sigfrido Fogli after their marriage. Similarly, their son’s details are also not out publically, but it looks like he is already married with children.

RICCARDO FOGLI, FORMER HUSBAND VIOLA VALENTINO – “We loved each other so much; the affection remains” [Source- Sussidiario Net]
Only after a year of marriage, the couple had a problem in their relationship due to Fogli’s extramarital affair with Patti Pravo. They were still together until 1992, but Fogli finally left Viola Valentino for actress Stefania Brass. In 1993 they eventually divorced.

However, Fogli has not made any public revelations about his ex-wife, but Viola keeps expressing love for him even though it has been several decades since their separation.

She expressed, “I’m very strict, so men stay away. With Riccardo Fogli, we still love each other. When you love, it’s forever. The good does not go away; that remains”. With her statement, one can feel her undying love even after a long time.

Viola Valentino Malattia: Does She have Disease?

Viola Valentino had suffered from a disease a long time ago, for which she even took surgery. She had expressed that she had Cancer and a tumor was growing within her. 

As per Tips For Women, she checks her health every six months. Many people were shocked after she revealed her Cancer battle on a public platform.

Her new partner Francesco helped her throughout the hardest battle since the early phase, which created ease in recovering soon through emotional support.

Also, Valentino is seventy-three years old as of 2022, and she can be prone to disease with old age. But when scrolling through her social media feeds, it does not seem she is aging and has health difficulties.

She highly shares her work-related posters and information and is engaged actively, so it looks like she is taking care of her health and fitness well, along with frequent checkups. It seems that her cancerous aspect is treated well.

If she has any health difficulties, she may share her problem accordingly so that her admirers will be notified and be very concerned about her.

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Riccardo Fogli on Viola Valentino admits:
Riccardo Fogli on Viola Valentino admits: “It leaves me speechless” [Source- LaNostra Tv]

Viola Valentino Net Worth [current-year]

Viola Valentino has a huge net worth of around 1-5 million dollars as of [current-year]. She can create this fortune from her singing career.

Her first song, “Buy Me,” peaked her notoriety and sold many copies in Italy and Spain. Her other two-piece, “You Are a Bomb” and “We Will Make Peace Too,” was also a huge hit in 1980.

Due to such super hit songs, her singing career took a huge turn leading to a huge amount of income. Even today, she works with the same dedication, making her a fan-loved celebrity.

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