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Waldemar Baszanowski: Career, Accident & Net Worth

Waldemar Baszanowski was one of the famous and prominent athletes in weightlifting. But, interestingly, he was dedicated, strong, and patient to establish himself as one of the greatest weightlifters in history.

Similarly, he was titled the Polish sports personality of the year in 1969 by the Polish government.

Apart from weightlifting, Waldemar was also the national coach of Indonesia.

Likewise, he trained Indonesian weightlifters for Southeast Asia Games, Asian Games, and Olympics Games in Seoul, Korea.

Waldemar Baszanoski during his early days.
Waldemar Baszanoski during his early days.

Moreover, Waldermar had a fantastic portfolio of multiple national championships, Olympics, and World Records.

Furthermore, he was the first person to clean & jerk 2.5 times his bodyweight.

In addition to this, he was also referred to as one of the greatest lifters ever for pound-for-pound.

Similarly, he was voted the third greatest weightlifter in several polls after Turkish’s Naim Sulemanoğlu and Hungary’s Imre Földi.

In the article, you will find detailed information about Waldemar Baszanowski’s early life, career, and total net worth from his weightlifting profession.

Quick Facts

Here are astonishing quick facts about Waldemar Baszanowski:

Full Name Waldemar Romuald Baszanowski
Nick/Celebrated name Polish Hero
Date of birth August 15, 1935
Birthplace Grudziądz, Poland
Death year April 29, 2011 (75 years old)
Death place Warsaw, Poland
Parents Father’s name- Jan Baszanowski
Mother’s name– Elzbieta Klara Pilcek
Siblings Not available
Nationality Polish
Ethnicity Not available
Zodiac Sign  Leo
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Weight 66 kg (145lbs)
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Academic Qualification State Technical School of Agricltural Mechanization (1957)
Warsaw Academy of Physical Education (1961)
Wife Anita (Deceased)
Maria (Deceased)
Children Not available
Profession Weightlifter
Achievements and Titles For Outstanding sports Achievements (1967)
Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia RestitutaCommander’s Cross with a Star of the Order
The Medal of the National Education Commission
Officer and Knight Cross of Polonia Restituta Order
Representing Country  Poland
Club AZS Warszawa
Years active 1961-1972
Retire Year 1972
Net worth $8 million – $10 million
Weightlifting Merch Gloves, Home Gym, Belts
Social Network Not available
Last update [current-month], [current-year]

Waldemar Baszanowski: Family Background and Education

Waldemar Baszanowski was born on 15th August of 1935 in Grudziądz, Poland. Similarly, he was born to Jan Baszanowski and Elbieta Klara Pilcek.

Likewise, it is believed that his father was a former 64th artillery regiment non-commissioned officer in Poland. However, sadly, there is no further more information on his family.

Interestingly, his name was extracted from the Old Germanic name ‘Vald Mari,’ which means famous ruler.

Moreover, this turned out to be accurate as he gained fame through his weightlifting career.

Similarly, he attended the State Technical School of Agricltural Mechanization (1957).

Furthermore, he studied Master of Physical Education in the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education (1961).

Similarly, at the beginning of his studies, he practiced weightlifting in Student’s Sport and Athletics Club.

Waldemar Baszanowski: Body Measurements

Waldemar stood 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed around 66 kg before he passed away.

Similarly, he had black color hair and black color eyes. Likewise, regarding his body type, it was athletic. In addition, his skin was fair.

Furthermore, the April-born weightlifter zodiac sign was Leo.

Waldemar Baszanowski: Marital Status

Interestingly, Waldemar was married thrice.

However, sadly, his first wife, Anita, passed away when they got into an accident in Zabostów Maly’s village on July 8, 1969.

Fortunately, Waldemar and his son, Marek, managed to survive the accident.

Furthermore, his second wife, Maria, passed away because of terminal cancer.

Consequently, he was married to his third wife, and her name is Teresa. In addition, they also had a son.

Waldemar Baszanwski: Career

Everything was different, and his life was full of novelty when he won his first national medal. 

Consequently, he made his international debut in the 1960 Olympics.

Even though he did not manage to win any medal, he won the heart of Polish by finishing fifth in his first debut.

Early Career

Surprisingly, he surpassed all the previous favorites with 402.5 points in the 1961 European Championships held in Vienna, Austria.

Consequently, his story was dubbed ‘Poland’s Surprising Champion’ by S&H.

Moreover, Waldemar finished 2.5 kg ahead of Sergei Lopatin. In addition to this, he also managed to finish 7.5 kg ahead of his long-time rival, Marian Zieliński.

However, sadly, he lost to Marian Zieliński in the 1963 World Championship by 7.5 kg.

Olympic Career

Things were changing, and different challenges were laid ahead for Waldermar in 1964.

Similarly, Waldemar was preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, after consecutive years of podium finishes.

Likewise, he won against Kaplunov despite both of them gaining 432.5 kg since Kaplunov was 350 grams lighter than the Polish weightlifter.

Moreover, the weightlifter set the world record in 432.5 kg powerlifting.

Furthermore, he bagged the gold medal in the 1968 Olympic Games held in Mexico City, Mexico.


The Year 1969 was challenging for him to cope with everything. Due to the unfortunate event of losing his wife, Anita, he was under trauma.

However, despite all of these circumstances, he managed to set four world records.

Furthermore, this event was the climax of his career as he set the records in front of the Warsaw audience.

Likewise, in the 1970 World Championship held in the United States, Waldemar was able to bag only a silver medal.

However, he qualified for the Munich Olympics despite settling for 4th position behind Zbigniew Kacmarek by 2.5 kg.

Similarly, afterward, he announced his retirement from competing in any events.

Waldemar Baszanwski: Weightlifting Style

Interestingly, his weightlifting career is referred to as enigma style. Similarly, the weightlifter switched from split to squat and back throughout his career.

Moreover, no weightlifters have managed to perform the way Waldermar did.

Waldemar Baszanoski during weightlifting event.
Waldemar Baszanoski during weightlifting event.

Furthermore, he began a splitter and is only the athlete to set world records with splitting style.

Similarly, he is the only weightlifter to set the record by both styles.

Waldemar Baszanwski: Retirement

After declaring his retirement in 1972, Waldemar decided to coach. Moreover, he started teaching and instructing at the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education.

In addition to this, the athlete was also associated with the AZS club for training the newbie weightlifters.

Furthermore, he also coached as a national coach of Indonesia for several years.

Eventually, he was the Polish Weightlifting Association’s training director for six years.

Furthermore, the weightlifter was a member of the Council of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Weightlifting Federation. In addition to this, he was also the Sports Director of the Federation.

Moreover, he was a member of the EWF Technical Committee and even vice-president and eventually President.

Similarly, he was a member of the IWF Executive Board and the President of the Scientific Research Committee of IWF.

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Waldemar Baszanwski: Achievements and Titles

Fortunately, Waldemar was awarded many titles and awards for his outstanding dedication and performance in the sports.

Similarly, in late 1967, he earned the honorable title ‘For Outstanding Sports Achievements’ for his outstanding sporting personality.

Furthermore, for his dedicated service to the Olympic movement, he was honored by the ‘Commandeer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.’

Moreover, the title was marked by the then-President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski.

Likewise, the weightlifter was also awarded the Commander’s Cross with a Star of this Order on May 6, 2011.

Furthermore, he was also honored by the Officers and Knight Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

Eventually, he was honored with The Medal of the National Education Commission.

Waldemar Baszanwski: Controversy

Fortunately, Waldemar Baszanwski had managed to keep his profile clean. Thus, he was not part of any controversy.

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Waldemar Baszanowski: Accidents and Death

Unfortunately, he lost his first wife in a car accident. Furthermore, he survived but sadly, he had to go through several treatments due to critical injuries.

Similarly, a tree collapsed over Waldemar in 2007 Warsaw. Furthermore, his spine was fractured, and his spinal cord was damaged.

Consequently, he was paralyzed and was able to raise his head and arms.

Eventually, after years of resting in bed, he passed away in a Warsaw Hospital on April 29, 2011, at 75 years old.

Similarly, a week later, he was buried in the cemetery in the Suewo at ul, Wabrzyska.

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Waldemar Baszanowski: Net worth

It can be estimated that he had earned a lot of fortune through his brilliant performance and popularity.

Waldemar Baszanowski has an estimated net worth of $8 million – $10 million as of [current-year].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the name of the movie that Waldemar Baszanowski acted in 1977?

Surprisingly, Waldemar also acted in a movie name, Return in 1977. Similarly, Filip Bajon directed the movie.

However, sadly, there is no further information about his film.

How many gold medals did Waldemar Baszanowski win?

Interestingly, Waldemar’s total count of medals is twelve, including silver medals.

Similarly, regarding his gold medals, it is seven. Moreover, he managed to win two awards in the Olympic games.

Furthermore, his total count of gold medals in the World Championships is five. In addition, the total number of silver medals is five.

When was Waldemar Baszanowski appointed as a national coach of Indonesia?

Unfortunately, there is no specific year regarding his appointment as a coach in Indonesia.

However, it is believed that he was appointed as coach in the mid-1970s.

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