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Was Tristen Nash Suicide The Cause Of His Death? Drugs Overdose Rumors

Kevin Nash’s son Tristen Nash passed away at 26. Did Tristen Nash suicide? Let’s find out.

Tristen Nash, the 26-year-old son of WWE star Kevin Nash, passed away on October 20, 2022, shocking his family and friends. Even before the sad incident, the legendary wrestler worked on a unique podcast called “Kliq This” with his kid.

The podcast was a huge success and managed to release 16 episodes. Since Tristen was only 26 years old, his sudden passing is nothing short of a shocking tragedy.

Tristen, the 26-year-old son of Kevin Nash, has achieved great success in the music industry. He was one of the band The Builders lead singers.

His principal interests included singing in addition to composing poetry and short stories. Well, the varied individual was also a proficient pianist and guitarist.

Tristen Nash, a son of Kevin Nash, recently uploaded a video on Instagram with the comment, “Writing and writing and writing till this all comes together,” while sitting on a chair and dressed in a white T-shirt, black pants, and a marine blue shirt.

Was Tristen Nash Suicide The Cause Of His Death? Drugs Overdose Rumors

Tristen Nash’s cause of death is not known yet. However, some people have speculated it to be Tristen Nash suicide. 

Some other speculations suggest that Tristen Nash died after a heavy drug dose. However, they are all rumors, and his exact death cause is unknown.

Tristen Nash went away at 26 yesterday, according to a tweet from Sean Ross Sapp of

He tweeted that Tristen had just started producing episodes of Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast, and the two had “enjoyed their time together.” Additionally, he conveyed the request from the Nash family for their “privacy at this time” to be respected.

Tristen Nash suicide
Kevin Nast son, Tristen Nash, died at the age of 26. (Source: AlphaNewsCall)

Tristen, who appears to have chosen a life slightly less out of the spotlight than his Father, is an obscure figure. Tristen was a singer/songwriter in a band called The. Builders, whose music is presently available for streaming on Bandcamp, according to Tristen’s Instagram.

It has a melodic sound and is faintly reminiscent of The Promise Ring and other depressing second-wave emo bands from the late ’90s.

Tristen changed his Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship with Savanna Kern,” a certified massage therapist from Palm Coast, Florida, in July 2022. Tristen started referring to Savanna as his fiancée on September 12.

Tristen Nash Death Has Come As A Shock To His Family

Tristen Nash’s passing shocked the family and everyone who knew him, but the exact cause of death is still unknown, according to People. There has been no news about his passing or the location of his death.

According to FOX News, the pro wrestler and his wife Tamara only had one child. Several news outlets had previously noted that Tristen and Kevin had several past disagreements but that they had been made up in public.

Tristen Nash family
Tristen Nash’s death shocked his family and friends. (Source: The Sun)

The men were detained in 2014 following an altercation at Kevin’s Florida home. The News-Herald of Southgate, Michigan, stated that the two were producing a podcast about Kevin’s wrestling career despite all the unrest.

Kevin, 63, was honored by the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 for his outstanding career. Unfortunately, the news of his son’s passing broke on the day that his longtime wrestling tag-team partner, Scott Hall, would have been 64.

Following a series of heart attacks two nights earlier, Hall passed away on March 14. While Sapp informed everyone of Tristen’s passing, Kevin and Tamara have not made any public statements regarding their son’s passing.

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